Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to add a photobucket slideshow to a blogger blog

The process to add a photobucket slideshow to  your blogger blog is very simple.let me take you through the process :


Login to photobucket account and create a slideshow as you normally would.


now choose which slideshow you need to show on your blog [ if you already have several slideshows in your account ] .for example these are my slideshows in photobucket:


Iam going to choose the second slideshow for demo purpose.when you keep your mouse  over the slideshow,you will get 4 options – select “HTML code” and the code gets automatically copied to the clipboard [simple but  really nice feature in photobucket].





Now login to blogger account and select the blog to add the slideshow.

move on to “layout” and click on “add a gadget”


now scroll the new window that appears and click on the plus button on the right side of  “HTML/javascript” section.


now give a title and  paste the code you copied on the photobucket page [ press ctrl+v].now click on the save button.thats it.your photobucket slideshow is now ready in your blogger blog.you can then position the slideshow widget whereever you want.



How to add a new blogger template/theme to blogger blog

When i first started blogging , i knew nothing about web designing, blogs etc,.i was a complete noob and it was harder for me to know how to add a custom template – even harder to know how to edit them.So let me show how you can add a new template to your blogger blog.

STEP 1 :


There are so many websites offering nice looking ,well organized blogger templates .just google them and you will get a huge list.select carefully which one to choose.

I recommend you visit these pages and see if you like them:



After you choose which theme you need , download the xhtml file .for example this is what i have selected :


You could see a link stating “ download xml “ .click there and download the file.




now login to blogger –>layout->edit html

click on the browse button at that webpage and select the xml file you had downloaded [ in this case the xml file is named “colibri”.after selecting it click on the upload button.


After you click on the upload button , you will get a message  as shown below :



click on “confirm and save” .

Your new blogger template/theme is now ready.Generally instructions are provided on the website from where you downloaded the theme file on how to customize the template.so make sure you see it.

NOTE:always make sure you backup your template before editing it .To backup you may either copy paste the xhtml file [ the contents within the small window when you visit the “edit html” page] in to a notepad text file or you also have an option in the same page stating “Download Full Template” [ just below “Backup/Restore Template ] .so now you know how to add a custom template to a blogger blog.cheers pals .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

how to add sitemap of your blogger blog to Google


This is what the http://www.sitemaps.org/ says :

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.

I have seen so many bloggers being lazy to add a sitemap to google.well that is not a complex process so never hesitate to add one.It just takes 5 to 10 seconds to add it.So here are the steps to add a sitemap of your blogger blog :

1.login to webmaster tools and visit the site profile whose site map you want to add ,

2.after visiting the dashboard click on “sitemaps->overview” at the left side of the webpage.

here is the snapshot :



3.you might find a blank box there .now type :



atom.xml    in the blank text box  and click “submit sitemap”.

Thats it :)

Now google bots will crawl your blog cleanly and report all errors to you.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to create stylish tooltips in the blogger blog

What are Tooltips ?

Tooltips are the contents you see in a small box when you roll over a hyper link .for example :


But it is not a stylish one.Lets add some impressive styles to the tooltips .After you finish implementing this tutorial here is what you will see :

Roll over for tooltip

If you dont the font colour to be green within the tooltip dont worry its fully customizable within seconds .Before i continue with this tutorial i want to thank Alen Grakalic (http://cssglobe.com) for the script used for the tool tip.Thanks Alen.

Creating Tooltips in blogger :

STEP 1 :

go to blogger –> edit html

add the below 2 lines in the html  [ below the <head> tag ] :

<script src='http://h1.ripway.com/itcoll/blogger%20tooltips/jquery.js'/>
<script src='http://h1.ripway.com/itcoll/blogger%20tooltips/main.js'/>

screenshot  :



Step 2:

add the below lines now in the  html code :

    border:3px solid #333;
    padding:2px 5px; 
    font-size:large ;
    color:green; }

screenshot :



you have to add it below the <style> tag as shown in the screenshot .

STEP3  - final step :

Whenever you want to add a tooltip in your blog post , you just have to add two things in the html page.It will just take 20 seconds – very effective in giving your readers valuable information .So dont be lazy in implementing this guys.

so lets say i want to tell my readers the definition of “blog” with in my blog post.So instead of directing them to a wikipedia article and making them crazy , i will let them know what it is , in simple sentences without loading any other foreign site .here is how you should do it :

<a href=”#” class=”tooltip” title=”blogging is blah blah blah …”>WHAT IS A BLOG ? </a>




3.remember to change the anchor text – (i.e) change “what is a blog ?”  in the code to whatever you want as a link .


    border:3px solid #333;
    padding:2px 5px; 
    font-size:large ;
    color:green; }

you can  change the font-size ,font style to your desire by changing the code above.If you want the font colour to be yellow instead of green  , just change tis line in the above code :

CHANGE :          color:green;     



hope the tutorial was nicely explained.Pls give me your comments and tell me if you had any trouble implementing it .

It is also possible to show images and snapshots of  a URL in the  tooltip boxes.I will cover those topics soon .Take care pals .

how to create stylish blockquotes in your blogger blog or wordpress blog

It is always best to showcase your important points in the blog post within blockquotes.The blogger templates donot give such a stylish stylesheet to have an impressive blockquote.But dont worry it will just take you 10 seconds to do the process of forming a stylish impressive blockquote in the blog template .

After you make the changes in the blogger template this is what will happen everytime you use a blockquote :

This is an example of a blockquote.Stylish isnt it ? so bookmark this blog :)

Here is the procedure to add stylish blockquotes to the blogger template :


blockquote { font: 1.2em/1.6em Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
width: 340px;
background: url('http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg285/itcoll/close-quote.gif') no-repeat right bottom;
text-indent: -18px; }
blockquote:first-letter { background: url('http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg285/itcoll/open-quote.gif') no-repeat; padding-left: 18px;
font: italic 1.4em Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;


Just add the above lines under this line in your blogger template :

‘ <style type=’text/css' > ’

To find this line you may go to the blogger "edit html" page and then press 'ctrl+f' and search for the following string :"style" .

After knowing its location just add those lines [ indicated yellowish ] under that location in your template .

here is the screenshot showing you what i mean :



NOTE : please backup your blog before doing any changes to the blogger template

see you soon guys :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top firefox add-ons for SEO and bloggers to check page rank and keyword density

SEO is not only about learning things in forums like digitalpoint but it also requires you to closely watch your competitors.Learn whether they do keyword density or not , find where they have their precious backlinks.All these can be done with the help of google.But these two add-ons make it easier for you to check page rank of a site,sitemaps,robots.txt,backlinks and keyword density.

I mostly use the add-on to check keyword density and backlinks.

here are the add-ons :


This add-on is one of the most popular add-on.It gives you a complete report on backlinks,keyword density,indexed pages and lot more.

download search status

Live PR

This add-on is just for knowing the page rank.If you dont want to watch the backlinks ,keywords and want to just have an eye on PR ,this is for you.

download live PR

Monday, December 8, 2008

cool emotion – windows live writer plugin for posting emotions in your blog posts

Cool Emotion is a windows live writer plug-in for posting your blog posts along with some stunning emotions .

There are lots of varieties of emotions .Let me just list out some of them :

Iam especially amazed by the gif images [ posted just above this line ].really cool arent they ?



Google Adwords guide to bloggers for traffic enhancement to blogs

Iam not a personal user of Google Adwords but have heard a lot about it.Iam especially stunned by the geo-targeted advertisements.Most of the time the ads are perfectly contextual.So for all those people who want to learn about adwords before trying them out , here is a slideshow explaining what is adwords , steps to register in adwords ,what is a campaign and how you can effectively manage your adwords campaigns.you can read it here :

Saturday, December 6, 2008

have you noticed this fact in Google china domain ?


Why does Google use a red color highlight to show the keyword of the search term ? And the bad thing is that this makes it look like a spam site [ just kidding ] .But it does seem odd .

here is the link to google china domain :


My blog post gets included in google SERP in 2nd page within 7 minutes

I really dont know what is going on in google.There are so many oscillations in SERP ; webmasters talking about algorithm changes – we can never believe in all these guesses unless one of the google employess reveals the truth and iam sure this is not going to happen .

But here is something i noticed recently.Google indexing and then including my blog post in their SERP within 7 minutes .

This is a snapshot of the google SERP.the search query was “google algorithm +change 400” .I made a post ;submitted them to two of the social sites [ humsurfer.com and indianbytes.com ] and when i checked the SERP this what i saw [ see the 3rd result in the snapshot – that shows my blog and that the post was included 7 minutes ago ]:




But yeah the post later lost the SERP – i dont know when it lost the ranking .But what i want to point out is the abnormal way in which the google bots have acted by including a fresh post in the 2nd page of google SERP within 7 minutes .

Firefox NoDoFollow add-on to detect nofollow backlinks and dofollow backlinks

Usually whenever i wanted to check whether a particular social site gives a dofollow link or nofollow link to its postings , i would see the page source and then see whether there is a “nofollow” attribute value for “rel” or not.

But here is a cool ad-on to our rescue.The add-on is called “NoDoFollow” and when selected , it highlights the links that are noDofollow and the links are dofollow .

To see the results of the add=on just visit any webpage , and right click any link you see in the webpage and select “nofollow” – you may then see the highlights in the webpage – a red and a light blue highlights .To discard those highlights again right click on any link and select “noDofollow” .


RED – NoFollow link

BLUE -  Dofollow link

here is a snapshot showing the highlights indicated by the add-on after right clicking a link in my digg home page :


nodofollow add-on

The snapshot has blue-highlights everywhere in the webpage indicating that they are all dofollow links .

Download the add-on from the link below :

Firefox Add-on to detect dofollow links and no-follow links

google ads about terrorism – bots have probably gone crazy

I am an active reader of mashable and i just came through a post that really made me think if the google ad  systems still need a bit of tweaking by google staff.I have always thought google was perfect in every department they are in.But this post suggests that nobody is perfect and constant improvement is needed to adapt to different situations.Hope google notices the story here or in other sites regarding these ads and starts tweaking their algorithms .

So here is the link to a mashable article which shows you two ads by google stating “Pursue a certificate in terrorism 100% online , Enroll today” .All thanks to the author Pete who wrote the article in mashable .



what to do when google reduces your blog pagerank because of selling links ?



Every webmaster knows that google has started to think seriously about the paid links .So there might be many of you who were seriously blogging , aiming to come to the top place at google SERP one day and suddenly got slapped by google .So what can you do if google reduces your pagerank from 5 to 1 ? well if i had been in that  situation , i would have had a mild heart attack .Although there are so many discussions and threads in forums regarding the fact whether Page rank is really important , i still think that it is not true.

Google definitely considers Page rank as one of the factors for ranking a webpage in the google SERP . i even have a strong belief that it might be one of the top 50 factors in the google algorithms.But that is  a different story.lets have that discussion another day.

Court has a very interesting post about what she did when google reduced the pagerank of court’s blog .I had always thought that google never considers our requests .But after reading court’s blog post , i feel that i may be wrong.But there is another possibility that google will consider our request only if we are serious bloggers.There is nill percentage doubt that court is a serious blogger and so google restored the pagerank .But iam not sure about this.My suggestion to all those bloggers who got slapped by google is that you should definitely follow court’s advice given in this post :


Thank you court for all the amazing posts in your blog.

wordpress dashboard gets a new look

Wordpress dashboard has undergone changes and looks quite different now.Although no new additional features have been introduced , the new look is a bit refreshing after looking at the old dashboard for years .

here is a snapshot of the new wordpress dashboard :


wordpress dashboard

readair – best software to manage all your feeds

Readair is a software built using the Adobe Air platform for managing all your feeds easily .

To run readair , you need to have the adobe air installer and the readair application [ .air file ] .This is really a cool software that can be synchronized with your googe reader account .

Although the web google reader is nice , i hate the small screen it provides but this particular application could be expanded to have a nice view of all your feed posts .

here is a screenshot showing how “readair” looks :



As you could see the feed post titles are at the top and the feed posts are at the bottom ; the size of both those windows can be adjusted .

here is the link to download the readair application :


And if you dont have the adobe air installer , you have to download and install it first before installing the readair .download adobe air installer here :


Thursday, December 4, 2008

google friend connect gets released - bloggers can start building your network

Google Friend Connect lets users sign-in to participating Web sites through their Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID accounts .
google friend connect has been released and it does seem to be quite interesting.Apart from forming a network of bloggers interested in your niche , it does seem to bring some traffic to our blogs.with just a  click of a button the gadget shows your entire profile along with your blogs.
Since i have not yet started building the network , iam providing Mr.Amit’s blog as an example to show you how google friend connect might help bloggers :
video showing google friend connect features :
With continued use of this gadget , i feel its possible to build loyal readers and helpful friends in the blogosphere .
And here is the link to friend connect :
note For blogspot users , there is no need for any addition of html files.but for people running web servers you need to upload two html files in order for google friend connect to work .
And dont forget to add me as your friend  :)

A collection of interesting information about the search engine giant Google

Google has always been improving in all their departments - particularly in the search algorithms.Constant tweakings , slight changes in the factors of algos and even slight additions to already existing factors .You might be a great fan of google and might closely follow what it does and know lots about it  . But there are lots more things about google that you did not know .So here is a presentation that is sure to amaze you.It clearly tells how much effort google puts in order to be at the top of everything we know of the web :
 Key points in the slide :
1.The slide clearly points out why google bought doubleclick .It says that doubleclick has all the major websites in its bag – those that got above 1 million visitors per month.so this is what prompted google to buy doubleclick [ see slide 15 ] .
2.one more thing that was fascinating in the slide is that google is more keen in advertising in other media than the internet.amazing isnt it ?
go through the slide and tell me what you were fascinated about google the most !

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

google pigeonrank ? what is that ?

Iam always in search of some nice topics in the web .i get easily bored at home – so i have dozens of feeds in my browser – check them almost every minute  for updates .But since i could not find any updates , i just googled “ google technology " and tried to see if anything new has come in the web regarding Google .

I came across this particular page :


I could not understand what it was .pigeonrank – > oh my god ! is that the real name of  “pagerank” ? i was astonished initially . But when i scrolled down this is what i found – “………………….” .Hee hee . see it for your self by visiting the above url .

Just look at these sentences - >

“Brin and Page were the first to recognize that this adaptability could be harnessed through massively parallel pecking to solve complex problems” .

Ha ha .i have never ever come across such a joke .hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …. [ uncontrollable laughter ]

Google needs only fresh content and not duplicates

I have come across so many blogs where i find duplicate posts of famous blogs and websites – some of them use the “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” and hit the post button .

But some of them change the “and” to “for” , delete 2 or 3 sentences here and there and then hit the post button .Those bloggers are unaware of the vast complex unknown google technology . Do they think that just by modifying the preposition in the blog and deleting one or more sentences are going to cheat google ? ha ha . not at all guys . never ever think of doing those things .

Google is a cute bot expecting nothing more than the fresh content .

Do you know what google bots would want to say to us , bloggers  ? – “ Give me fresh content everyday   and i will send you millions of unique visitors every month .iam tired of you spamming me and am tired of myself banning you ” .This is what those bots want – fresh , unique and quality content !

Why do bloggers produce duplicate content ?

* Laziness

* Nill patience – every blogger must remember that “rome was not built in a day” .It defintely has taken time for all the popular bloggers right now in the web to reach a top place in their niche . You should never expect miracles to happen .

Hope this post sheds light on this topic and all those bloggers stop doing such foolish things .And please do not duplicate this :)

So never hesitate to produce fresh content on your blog.Whenever you find an interesting news in the web , note it down and when you find time , post them on your blog  .thats what the bots require .

how to start a blog – setting it up in the web


Starting a blog has been made much easier now and especially with blogging  platforms like blogger and wordpress , starting a blog is like a walk in the park nowadays .So here are the steps that you should take  to create a blog :


1. There are two best options for you to start a blog :



2.if your intention is to earn money through blogging , then free wordpress blogs are not for you.

3.so if your desire is earning money then you should go for blogger.com .


1.And for those of you who dont mind spending money so as to create a beautiful well-designed professional looking blog , WORDPRESS is the best !! No blog platform could ever reach the customizations that wordpress offers .

2.So first of all decide a host for your blog . here is a list of them [ provided by wordpress ] :


3.You should now choose your niche – the topic on which your blog is to concentrate.it is always better to take up a little bit less competitive niche and a very narrow niche .

4.by a “narrow niche ” , i mean to say that it is always best to start a blog about “windows tips ” than starting a blog about “operating systems” .

5.Take longer time to decide on the domain name – people are always ambiguous about whether google considers it as a factor or not .But there is no harm in spending a little more amount of time on deciding your domain name .

6.After you purchase the domain and the file hosting , start your blog by selecting a neatly designed wordpress theme.There are so many of them available for free .for example here is my favourite :


It is called “structure” wordpress theme .

7.Then you may also try adding plugins – for adding various functions to your blog .

Always have faith in your yourself and never give up – keep posting and keep using social sites.one day , there is higher chance that you will become a pro in blogging .All the best .

blogging advice to get you at the top of google

Blogging is going to infinite heights nowadays especially due to the wordpress software and other blogging platforms.iam particularly impressed with wordpress ; although i dont have a self-hosted blog , i run it in my pc locally and everytime i find a nice wordpress theme , i try it out on the apache server .

So here is my blogging advice so as to get yourself some google love and inturn build a better money making blog .

1. Build keyword rich posts ,

2. make internal link building where ever possible,

3. dont overdo keyword stuffing,

4.always try to minimize the no. of javascripts in your blogs / keep an eye on the time it takes for your complete webpage to load .

5. never hesitate to link to your neighbourhood blogs ,

6. try to make your points crisp –problogger is the best example ,i could say ,who makes his articles very interesting – every sentence of his blog post is a treat to read ,

7.submit your blog posts to dofollow blogs – dont waste your time by posting your comments on blogs [ if your intention is back links ] where the links are nofollow .but if your intention is building better relationship with fellow niche bloggers then you may use all the blog comment forms ,

This is just a small list of blogging advice that you could keep in mind – remember to follow every point  listed here .more advice on blogging and blogging tips tricks are available all over the web.never be lazy in searching for them :)

google algorithms and their changes – how many factors are there in google algorithm ?

I just went crazy on hearing a statement in one of the website . do you want to know what it is ? wait till i tell you something more about the google algorithms. google’s founders page and brin developed a superb algorithm named BACKRUB and it is the main factor ….. blah blah blah .i know you know about them already .thats why there were so many blahs over there.

But nobody knows how many factors  are there totally in the google algorithm .And i also came to know that google algorithm was tweaked about 400 times last year !! But this isnt the statement that made me crazy . Because this isnt a surprise to me since google has always competed with itself.I dont think there will ever be a competitor to google search ever in the history of web .




Image courtesy :http://andheblogs.andyrush.net

atlast -  this is the statement that made me crazy :


I really dont know what those might be . If you have any idea , just list them out [ excepting the usual back links ,age of domain etc ,. ]

But i think that the initial algorithm developed by page wouldnt have contained so much of them .May be that they developed only later on when there was so much competition in the web for every possible niche . you know : “necessity is the mother of invention ”

Whatever be it  -  Google , you are rocking ,bot !

Monday, December 1, 2008

how to check page rank of a blogger blog [ for blogging noobs ]

The page rank is the main factor by which google rates our blogs and websites.Every blogger / webmaster aims at achieving a decent page rank via constant and quality link building .So for all the blogger noobs reading this article , you can check your blogger blog page rank or any other site’s page rank by the following link :

Discover blog or website page rank 

Just enter the url of your blogger blog or any other site and the page rank will be displayed .If the page rank of your blogger blog is displayed as zero , then dont worry i have given a list of tips wherein you can learn about increasing your page rank .

Blogging guide – how to really blog in order to drive organic traffic ?

Although you might be a great creative writer and are better at making people stick onto your blog posts , it is never going to help you unless you drive traffic to your blog via organic means .If you dont do that it is going to be a great loss to both you and your would-have-been readers .So let me give you a few tips to blog effectively so as to get the organic traffc easily to blogs :

1. Always start with the blog post – never decide on the complete title first

2. After you finish writing the complete blog post  [ always do the internal link building in all your blog posts if they really require them but dont stuff them ] , visit the following site :


Note down the possible titles and use them  in the above url so as to see which keyword has got the maximum competition and which keyword has minimum ones.

3.But dont try to fool yourself by selecting a title that is in noway connected to your blog post just because of the reason that the keyword has little competition.never do it .

4.If you dont find any suitable title then use your own.Always spend more time on deciding upon your blog titles .they are very important !

5.so after writing down the possible titles with the help of adwords , it is up to you to decide whether you want to pick the most competitive keyword or the least competitive keyword .

I always prefer the medium ones ; but thats up to you .

6.Now hit the post button !

7.wait ..  but this is not enough . Submit your blog post to popular blog directories .That would ensure a little bit of traffic provided your blog post is not rubbish .

8. You may see my earlier  blog posts wherein i have given tips on how to increase page rank by submitting on dofollow websites .

Saturday, November 29, 2008

facebox wordpress plugin is amazing

When i was a blogger noob , i have always wondered why is there so much hype about the wordpress software .But later as time progressed i came to learn about several unimagineable customizations that wordpress might offer to a blog.So for those of you who are noobs and wondering about WP hype , just like i did , here is a short plugin that transforms your simple blog to a dynamic one and it is one of the best examples which might  make you understand why wordpress is considered the best blogging platform .

FACEBOX  wordpress plugin :

what does this do ???

Whenever you create a link , for example an image and if someone clicks on it it doesnot open in a separate page .

It opens in  a small window in the same page , with a stunning window  . here is the snapshot of the plugin’s use :


wordpress plugin facebox

Above image is in my blog running locally in my pc using wordpress software [ and yeah i have already installed the FACEBOX plugin ] .The blog post . as you can see, contains a image of my favourite actress asin .so lets see what happens when i click on this image :


wordpress plugin facebox2



1. Download the plugin from here :


2.  go to the following directory :


copy the downloaded plugin and paste it in the above PLUGINS folder .

3.Now login to the wordpress blog – on the right side , you may find “ settings plugins users “ .

click on plugins – scroll down to see the “WPfacebox “ pluging and activate it .

The installation is now over :)



There is no need to change anything – just upload the images and then visit your blog and click on the image to see the magic of the plugin .

Why waste bandwidth of your file host when google provides you infinite bandwidth ?

I just came through  a fantastic method to save your bandwidth and inturn a few bucks.Those of you who might use extensive javascript libraries will see this method very interesting.Whenever you want to use script libraries you might have either used your file hosting or might have used the original source url.But i dont think that referring to the original  source file url [ like the jquery website ] is a better option than using a service like google code provides .

“google code” gives you all the javascript libraries – almost all the popular ones.So you may just include the url they provide in your files in turn saving you immense bandwidth and i dont think they would be much slower than the other original source file url s you might be using .



For example , if you need to include the jquery library , use :

<script src="http://www.google.com/jsapi"></script>

google.load('jquery', '1.2.3')


                                     [  OR  ]


<script src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.2.6/jquery.js”></script>

Friday, November 28, 2008

smart link building – list of dofollow sites to increase your pagerank

Although there are several factors google considers before ranking a webpage for a keyword as the no.1 , webmasters always consider the pagerank as the primary ones.But blogger noobs , unaware of the real meaning of link building ,just constantly submit their posts to dozens of social sites where the link is not at all considered during the page rank calculation.Thats because those sites give you only nofollow links and not dofollow links .



NOFOLLOW – links arent considered during your blog’s PR calculation

Let me give you some technical stuff regarding what is “nofollow” tags .

When you submit a post to social bookmarking sites , you get a link to your blog post.But the link is termed nofollow because when you see the html of the page where your blog post link is available you may see this :

<a href=”your blog post url” rel=”nofollow”> blog post title </a>

As you may see above , there is a sentence “rel=nofollow” which instructs the google bots to not consider this link during the calculation of page rank.hope its clear to you.

But dont worry if all these days you have been wasting your time in such social sites .You still havent lost anything.Lets start now doing effective link building.Here is a list of sites having “dofollow” tags ::


A complete list of social bookmarking sites offering nofollow and dofollow links are given in the above site .

NOTE : although submitting blog posts to nofollow social sites doesnt increase PR, it leads to fast indexing of your blog posts in search engines .

Internal link building plug-in for wordpress is quite amazing

I just came through this plug-in .Although  i dont have a paid wordpress blog , i used it in my wordpress software running in my pc and is quite amazing .

The only thing we need to do is give the “keyword” and the “url” to which the keyword should point to and the rest is done by the plugin .This might be very useful for people who get tired of doing the link-buildings in their vast network of blogs .



tutorial on developing money making sites with wordpress

As far as blogging is concerned , wordpress has always been the preferred platform for many of the bloggers .One major reason i consider for this is the availability of vast number of themes and customizations for wordpress .I have personally used the free wordpress blogs and was happy using it .I was also able to get quite a bit of traffic due to the wordpress tags.But i have the wordpress software in my pc – so i try out every new wordpress theme using easyphp .

I just came through a ipaper slide in scribd which discusses about the wordpress installation and managing plugins and ads in it .There are lots more discussed here :



Here is the link to the ipaper :


how to target the most competitive keyword of your niche

There are certain steps to be taken by a blogger before starting blogging . First write down all your interests in a page . It might be great if the niche / interest has quite a bit of advertisers in the web .Some people blindly select one of their interests after certain bloggers advice them to do so .They are probably misled because although it is one of their interests , it is always better to select the best of all our interests as our blogging niche. By ‘best’ , i mean those niches which have atleast quite a bit of advertisers . What do you think is the use of starting a personal blog if your aim is to earn 1000’s of dollars via adsense ?

yeah for those of you who primarily dont concentrate on earning via adsense , personal blogging might be the best one.But for others , it would definitely suck .

So just starting a blog of your interest is not the best way of choosing a niche for blogging .You have to do analysis and then start building you blog steadily .

so let me give you some tips on how to select the best niche among all your interests and how to target the most competitive keyword in your niche :

1. do a usual search on google for all the top paying niches in adsense ,

2. compare them with the list of your interests and filter the overlapping ones ,

3. now visit adwords.google.com and see which niche has got advertisers .

4. decide on which one to target – either you can target the most competitive ones or target the moderate ones .Its up to you to decide on your niche from your filtered list.

5. regarding the selection of the most competitive keyword of your niche , you have to constantly monitor your CPC of the ads in your blog . One day when you get some extraordinary eCPM or CPC , note down the ads served on your site / blog. [you should  find the CPC of individual channels  ]

6.This is the best way to know which ads perform best on your blog. Then you may concentrate more on posts related to that particular keyword .

Always remember to form adsense channels whenever you plan to place a new ad in your blog .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

google presents “Myths and misconceptions about SEO” – informative slideshow

Google has been a bit active in providing webmasters and noobs tips on seo and others, for the past one month .This particular slide shows us the popular myths and misconceptions about seo .Some of the topics covered are meta tags, keyword stuffing,duplicated content and many more .Google clearly tells us that just because of keyword stuffing and social bookmarking , we might never reach the top of SERPs .

Thanks google ! go on and provide us more tips .It would be great if you give us the google algorithmic factors ... Lol .

And you could see in the slideshow that google has clearly stated that there are over 200 factors in google algorithm.i had initially thought it might be just around 100 .

" Google also uses over 200 other factors. " - IN SLIDE 13 .

Wordpress tags are very important for blog traffic

Wordpress is the best platform as far as blog creation is concerned . Its due to the amazing resouces of templates available in the web and so many other factors.many people are also engaged in free wordpress blogs although the count is a bit less than the blogspot .

But as far as the traffic is concerned , i would say there is a major advantage in these wordpress blogs .Its because of the wordpress tags.In every post , you might seen an option  for the tags related to your post . certain people understand the importance of tags .But other just leave them blank or fill it with unrelated keywords .

But let me show you the importance of wordpress tags :

have a look at this snapshot :


wordpress tags importance


As you could see above , i made a search in google for “womanizer lyrics “ and the SERP shows the page for “wordpress tags” at the ninth position in the first page !!

Wondering how much is the search volume for “womanizer lyrics “ ? . its just 36 .

but wait donot underestimate it. as far as traffic for blogs is concerned every single keyword is important .there are high chances that you may get 5-7 visitors via those wordpress tags .



And the “wordpress tags” page for the search query lands on the first page , at the seventh position .

And the search query is “pamela anderson b**bs” .iam sorry about that search term .. because some of you might be pam’s fans and may not like me talking that way .. but dont hate me guys .i did it only to explain the importance of tags .I could not think of any other search term getting nice traffic from wordpress tags .

here is the snapshot :


sshot-1222 copy





So , do you agree with me guys ? wordpress tags are very important than some of you thought it was.so in your next blog post , take a much longer time to think about the wordpress tags you could use .or just do an analysis on adwords and then use them .

Google gives tips to all webmasters and site owners on search engine optimization – releases a pdf file

This is the hot topic in the web – google atlast giving some nice tips  on seo .But the fact is ,  for those who are already involved in a bit of seo , it may seem very very boring.The same tips about the alt tags,header tags , meta tags … blah blah blah .

But for those who have just learned the expansion of the acronym SEO , it might seem interesting .

So here is the link to the pdf file :[ 548 KB and 22 pages ]


Go through  it thoroughly because every point is important .

How to embed or add videos from youtube , metacafe or any other video sites to your blogger blog

This question might seem very silly for so many bloggers and webmasters .. but i had very huge problems in adding videos to my blogs.i did not know where to find the procedure to add videos to blogs .But that happened when i was a blogging noob and now i think iam a bit knowledgeable about blogging …. ummm …. yeah iam !

So here is the procedure :

1.go to “youtube.com “ and click on your favourite video

2. the video will now start playing .. meanwhile look at the right side of the video .you may see a little rectangular box containing these :






Do you see it ?

if there is any difficulty have a look at the below snapshot :

youtube video embedding

Look at the right side of the video in this snapshot  .. do you find “Embed” – just above “MORE FROM :usman99 “ .

click on the box and press “ctrl+c” to copy the text within the box .


1.Sign into blogger

2.click on “new post”

3.now just paste the code there [ use “ctrl+v” ] .

4.visit your blog and you may see the video has been embedded in to your blog :)

How to add meta keywords and meta description tags to your blogger blog

As far as the meta tags are concerned there are several rumours that google does not consider the meta tags as important anymore . some say its a major factor in the google SERP [ search engine result pages ] . But whatever it is , adding those meta tags does not take 40 hours .just takes 1 minute 5 seconds [ hee hee … well that includes your ‘sign in’ time in to blogger . its slow these days now  you see ] .So here is how you must add meta tags for the blogger blog – it also applies to any other site :

1.login to ‘blogger’

2.visit the ‘blogger dashboard’

3. click “ layout” for the blog to which you want to add the meta tags

4.goto “edit HTML”

5.after “ < head > “ in your html file , you must add these 4 lines ::::



<meta name='keywords' content=’ seo,search engine tricks,blogging tips ,blog tools' />
<meta name='description' content=’ get blogging tips and tools for your blogger and wordpress blogs' />

BUT WAIT ……………. Dont add the same lines as above .you got to do a bit of editing .

as you could see those lines contain words like “seo,blogging tips” – these are good meta tags for my seo blog .

So suppose your blog is a celebrity blog , you may use it like these :::


<meta name='keywords' content=’ hot wallpapers,pictures,pamela anderson,angelina jolie' />
<meta name='description' content=’ get hollywood movie stills and wallpapers , celebrity gossips and pictures everyday ‘/>


Similarly modify those lines depending upon the topic of your blog [ we usually call them ‘NICHE’ ] .

Google seems to be updating their backlinks index

As you all know google regularly updates the backlinks index which tells us about the number of backlinks our blog/site has . So there have been many discussions in several forums regarding this update .i dont see any updates for me but you better look at them to see if there are any improvements for you .To check it , follow this procedure :

1. go to google

2. type “link:http://www.domain.com” in the search box and hit enter .

here type your ‘blog / site name’ instead of “domain” .

example :


But wait ……. dont worry if there are too few backlinks because you cannot rely on this search .The best way to see your backlinks list is to use the google webmasters tools .

To use google webmasters  :



2.then visit “links –>  Pages with external links “

there you may find the number of links you have got for each blog post along with the post url .

when you click on the number count , you will also be shown the urls where you have your backlinks .

cool features , arent they ?

You could also go to “ links –>  Pages with internal links “ and see if your internal linking is correct .remember that internal linking also plays a role in seo .we call them the “on-page optimization “ seo is not just about keywords and backlinks .Its a collection of factors together .

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blogging tool – Memo keys – create shortcuts for frequently used words

memo keys


I just came to know about this tool via the problogger and wanted to share it with you . Memo keys is used for creating shortcuts for words you frequently use during the blog posts or in the comments or in any social sites .

You just need to give a shortcut and a word and the software will save them for you.The next time you want to use that word , just use the shortcut you had given in memo keys .

But for all this to work , you need to have the software running . Dont worry it just takes 5.216 MB of your precious ram .



Friday, November 14, 2008

Traffic for blogs – are they harder to get ?

I have seen so many blogs with barely 1 or 2 visitors everyday –  shocking of all is that i have even visited some blogs where the posts are so good [ even better when compared to mine …….. just kidding ] but the optimization is very poor .Unbelievably poor ! I  always try to inform those bloggers who impress me by their posts , about their poor optimizations .Some listen to me but others ……. hope you might know how to complete that sentence .

So why dont  these bloggers just take some time to analyze the strategies in building up a good blog .Here are some tips that you bloggers can follow in bringing traffic for your blog :

1.active participation in forums and blog networks :

This is what many bloggers miss .Developing an active community regarding your niche is very important for niche bloggers .It might be a superb idea if you plan to create a new group in the blog network for your niche and share your ideas .

2 .keyword analysis for your post titles :

I always stress this in almost 50% of my posts that my regular readers might find this tip boring . Always take time to visit the “adwords”  website wherein you may get the keywords for your niche .

note : But do not post after selecting the post title – just blog about what appears in your mind – let it be natural .But yeah it is also important to have Pillar posts in every blog [ pillar posts are ones for which you rank the top spot in search engines ] .These can be much easily attained by means of deep keyword analysis .

3 . Appropriate keyword density in post body :

Make sure that you place appropriate keywords in the posts – sometimes it is even more better if you mark the main keywords as “bold” .

Remember that google takes  lots of factors in to account while ranking sites for keywords – so you should have a lot of patience in using every oppurtunity so that some day your blog appears at the top spot for your niche keyword .

Importance of long-tail keywords

I just started a celebrity blog [ almost 2 months old ] and have just been receiving organic traffic from google . But the problem is i have not yet ranked for any major keywords – the traffic i receive are all long-tail keywords .when i logged on to google analytics today , it showed that i have received traffic from almost 1500 keywords [ and they are all 99% long-tail keywords ] .So that means , i have almost got  4000 visits from long-tail keywords in 2 months !

interesting isnt it ? This is what  i recommend to all my fellow bloggers , just do not concentrate on the competitive keywords – some of the bloggers might not even know that they are constantly using the competitive keywords .They just think that by posting regularly they would be considered highly by search engines – regular posting does matter but your blog has to be visible to the web .if not then all your posts are going to be wasted .

So the next time you make a post make sure that you think patiently for the best post title – keep this in mind ::

“ if it takes you 30 minutes to write a post , take atleast 3 to 4 minutes to think about the post title” .

By being lazy about thinking a good post title you are missing out 100 ‘s visitors everyday which you could have gained if you had concentrated on the title and the appropriate keywords for the post .so think twice before hitting the “post” button , bloggers .

Is there any disadvantage in using long-tail keywords ?

Initially when i was using competitive keywords  , the CPC was quite good [ for a celebrity niche ] .But when i started  using long-tails , the CPC became quite low .So this is a little bit of a disadvantage but iam ready to sacrifice a few dollars as those  long-tails are sure to bring me 1000’s visitors to my blog one day .

Too many ads equals too many $$$ ?

MY ANSWER  : NO ! too many ads might not give too many $$$


The title is very cool , isnt it ? When i was a blogging noob , i actually thought that why not people just fill their websites with maximum possible number of ads ? why are they restricting on the number of ads ? It was days later that i came to know about the reason in one of the SEO forums .

Initially i thought that the blog/site admins were concerned about the aesthetics .yeah it might be the reason in some of the cases .But the main reason in most of the blogs is this ::

when you have too many ads [ ad slots ] , the CPC bid for a particular slot becomes  less .so how much ctr you generate really doesnt help you in earnings .But where as when you have just one ad slot , the CPC bid for the top position is very high [ compared to when you have 2 or more ad slots ] .Hence the earnings definitely increase .

So always try experimenting with the number of ad slots and the position of ads plus the colour blending of ad slots .The colour blending has increased my earnings to about 200% in one of my celebrity blogs.So dont think that iam just giving you a  lame advice .


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

nautanki.tv – seems interesting !

Well everyone knows that the celebrity niche is the worst of all adsense niches and gets the least eCPM .But this website seems interesting as it provides the publishers video ads – definitely clickable ads !!

But the website has just started and has a limited amount of advertisers in its bag.But it definitely looks promising .As far as the earnings are concerned , the site claims that it’d pay 15% of the earnings  it receives via us .i have just added the code and  i will be telling you how much i earn via it ?

Currently the channels available are [ as on 11 nov.2008 ] ::::


fashion tv

bollywood hungama

zoom  and a few more …..




Show a “ thank you ! ” message to your readers after they leave your blog

Well , you can use this code to show any message – a simple “THANK YOU PAL :) ” message or you may also use it to alert the reader to register or to subscribe to your blog/site.The message will be shown in a small window after the reader clicks the "close button" in the browser [ i.e., immediately after leaving your blog ] ..Here is how you should do it ::::

1 . sign into blogger.com –>go to “layout” –> “edit html” ,

2 . find this piece of code in the html :::::


3.replace this with the below code :

<body onunload=’alert(“I THANK YOU FOR VISITING ”)’>

note : you may change the message to whatever you like .

4.Its a very simple script but yet very effective – isnt it ?

Top repeated questions regarding adsense and blogging in forums

I like forums a lot since i find them a place where we can exchange our ideas about everything we have always wanted to discuss with the world . But people always  waste their time by asking the FAQ in the forums . too lazy to search , arent they ?

So here is the list of questions repeatedly asked [ or should i say stupidly asked ? well is there a word in the dictionary - “stupidly” – oh i see its an adjective ] ::::

1 . how to get traffic from google ? – THIS IS THE most FAQ  ON EARTH , I THINK .

2 . Very low CTR .Please help guys !

3 . how can i increase my adsense income ?

4 . earn $1000 from adsense now ! [ although this isnt a question – this is FPT in all forums ]

wonder what is FPT – > frequently posted thread ; i coined that term .cool isnt it ?

5 . how can i increase my eCPM ?


so the next time you think of posting any of these threads in the forums , please use the search bar and then think of posting  them .bcoz there are trillion billion trillon …. questions out there like these !!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Top 3 Social bookmarking sites for indians

There are so many social bookmarking sites out there for indians , but i prefer these three bookmarking sites as they have brought me massive traffic till date [ i have rated them out of 10 ] :

1 . BOOKMARKS.ONEINDIA.IN - 9 out of 10

2 . HUMSURFER - 7 out of 10

3 . INDIANBYTES - 6 out of 10

Indianpad is also good but i hate the fact there are restrictions in the number of posts you submit . i really hate that very much and have stopped using it . But as far as the traffic is concerned , it does bring you lots .

So never ever forget to post your blogs in "oneindia" . And as far as the traffic is concerned , i just submit 2 to 3 posts over there and get about 30-40 visits per day .You may also bring those posts to the top by asking your friends to vote on your story .That would definitely increase the unique IPs to your blog .

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blogging for Dollars

I have been blogging for about a year and have learnt several things about blogging –thanks to the vast resources on blogging in the web.So i just thought of giving you some tips on blogging for money .It was great to receive the first cheque via the web , from widgetbucks . Hope you too find success in blogging along with me .


blogging for money


To earn via blogging there are following networks ready for you to accept and give you their client’s advertisements :


This is the best program according to me – it works perfectly unless you dont try to cheat them like fraud clicks etc ,. .never ever try to cheat google .its a very bad idea .


I havent tried this but heard of several positive reviews in the digitalpoint forums and in the blogcatalog .


I have personally tried this myself and its superb . It gives you a very high CPM ,almost comparable to adsense .But the only problem is that the sites have to meet certain high-requirements like pageviews etc ,. Otherwise its great .Try it out guys .


There are so many affiliates in the web which you could google and find them .One affiliate i would suggest is AMAZON .


These are well-known networks in the web .but the problem is that the CPC is very very low that you would start hating it right from the first day.people always keep this as a secondary earnings to the major adsense account .

Adwords is very helpful to bloggers

Hope all of you might have across the google adwords program and some of you might be even trying it out .Besides the marketing , its very helpful for bloggers to do keyword research . I have been doing keyword research for one of my photoblogs in wordpress and the results were 200% fruitful . Instead of targeting the competitive keywords which your competitors have already got a kilos of those words in their sites , think in a different perspective .Why not aim at the less-competitve ones and get the top spot in google  for those words .


google adwords seo

This is what i did and i succeeded in less than 45 days .I got top positions for 4 keywords which had about 100 searches everyday .The result  - i could easily get 400 visitors everyday without any hercules effort .Cool , isnt it ?

So stop aiming at those competitive keywords primarily and head straight to the following url ,


Do a complete research on the keywords of your niche  and its better to have a database of those keywords near you , so that the next time you make any posts , you see to it that you use them in your blog posts , whereever possible .

Bloggers complaining about google not indexing their blogs

Iam an active member in digitalpoint forums and  have recently come across many posts regarding “google not indexing the blogs” .I myself have come through this .yeah , i started a photoblog recently and it was very hard for me to get it indexed . I kept on submitting my posts to social bookmarking but was of no use .

google indexing blogsJust when i came to conclusion that google is not going to index it anymore , i finally found it indexed one day .It was really great to see my blog indexed .I primarily aim for the search engine traffic and so had become frustrated at one point of time . But now its all fine .

There were even rumours that Google has stopped indexing the blogspots and free wordpress blogs … LoL ….. I did not believe it and kept on submitting my posts to social sites and the result was fruiful .

So there is no such thing about google not indexing the blogs – just keep on posting and use the social sites .Do what you love   :)




I have always wondered why so many people  blog .One  thing that i think would be the best reason is “ presence in web " ( i.e ) people feel proud in showing their blog to others saying  ------




Ha ha – it was just an  attempt at comedy .so this must be the main reason according to me .But yeah , there are several other bloggers like Darren Rowse , John Chow etc ,. who have a strategy .These are the people who inspire me and many more bloggers around the globe .Although several of them start their blogs aiming to make some income out of it , they mostly fail to do it .

It would be apt if i say that they fail in keeping  a strategy in mind . Its not that they cannot do  that job .Even in real life , people who have a strategy in their mind have a higher probability of success than others who dont .

People make just 10 to 15 posts and submit it to adsense  - get approved then wait for the cheque to arrive at their doorsteps   ? This is crazy , isnt it ?

So when you start blogging  , have this in your mind  :

1 . “ ROME  WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY  ” – Patience is the much-needed quality in you , that would  bring you success .Never ever give up blogging thinking that you could never attain your strategy .

2 . Always look for what is going wrong in your blog – why is that your competitor is getting traffic and you are not ,

3 . A Deep-analysis of your competitor’s blog is one of the major ways you can gain traffic to your blog ,

4 . Dont feel bad if you are a noob in blogging , we were all noobs in the web at 1996 ; we were all noobs using a pc during 1990 ‘s ; werent we ? Learn about blogging by participating in forums and other blogger social networks .

I would be giving you more news about the forums and social networks you should participate , in the coming weeks . Have a good day .



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Google learns to crawl Flash

Recently this post has been made at the google blog stating that google bots will now be able to better crawl the flash and index them without any problems .

Flash content has always been the first choice for several people for giving their websites a neat and gorgeous look .But the problem was google bots were not able to crawl them as they did with text and images . Instead they had to include relevant links and some text to make sure that their contents are indexed and not sandboxed .But it seems that the problem has been solved but yet we cannot say if the algorithm is really efficient or not .

But wait -- there are limitations :

1.google will recognize only the text within the flash files and not the images

2.Googlebot does not execute some types of JavaScript. So if your web page loads a Flash file via JavaScript, Google may not be aware of that Flash file, in which case it will not be indexed.

3.google does not generate any anchor text for Flash buttons which target some URL, but which have no associated text.

visit webmaster blog for more information .

Monday, June 30, 2008

Keyword analysis ,keyword position and keyword difficulty check tools

Googling for the term "seo tools" returns several SERP but choosing the best is very important. Let me give you a few tools that i use :

For Keyword Analysis :




Know your keyword position in google SERP :



Keyword difficulty check :


The above tool is more interesting because its very difficult to get top positions in SERP for specific keywords and you may try to concentrate less on them .Instead go for "less difficult" keywords and see to it that they are somewhat preferred keywords by googlers if not the top ones .

Is "Keyword Density " needed for SERP ?

Is "Keyword Density " needed for SERP ?

My answer is YES ! keyword density plays a very important role in getting the top position in SERPs .I could even say it is the top technique in gaining traffic from Google . shocking ?

All these days many of you might have been concentrating on gaining a good page rank ; submitting your posts to social bookmarking sites , using social networks etc ,. But the truth is its waste but not completely . Having a good PR definitely makes google agree that your blog is indeed worth indexing .But there are 1000's of websites/blogs who have got a PR 2 or pr 3 or above and competing with yours . The google bot needs some other technique to give the googlers the best SERPs .so its not only about getting indexed but getting the top positions in SERP and that is what we all want ; dont we ? And there comes the importance of KEYWORD DENSITY .

Is there a limit for Keyword density ?

yes .Keyword density is important but if you overdo it , your blog may face serious consequences . So how much is the limit ? well , this is a big question for every webmaster . i have searched for thie answer in several forums but still could not come to a conclusion . some forums say it has to be about 5-7% and others say it can be up to 10% and some 25% [ maximum ] .

If you ask me to suggest a density value i would go for 10%[ maximum] .not more than that .And there is no need for calculating the density in your mind as several keyword analysis tools are available online .

If you have more questions about keyword density , you could check the digitalpoint forum .It contains valuable information .I always use this when i get doubts in SEO .

And one more thing when using keywords make sure to keep the "KEYWORD PROXIMITY" in mind .

Keyword proximity measures the closeness between two keywords. In general, the closer the keywords are, the better.

For Search Engine Optimization,the proximity of the keywords or keywords included in a phrase in relation to each other and one another is of great importance and is the basis of using the appropriate combination of the words in the page titles,headers,paragraphs and page content.

for example suppose you run a celebrity blog and using keywords like :

" hot and sexy wallpapers of angelina jolie" could be replaced by "hot angelina jolie " and "sexy angelina jolie" etc ,. And make sure to limit the keyword density under 10% .Here the word "and" and "of" are called "STOP WORDS" .

Thursday, June 26, 2008

SEOTechniques for getting more traffic from "google image search"

What is a google image bot ?

As you know google manages the indexing of content on web using several bots :

4.mediabots [for managing ads on your site/blog],
5.adbots [ newest ; for adwords ] .

But let us not get in to this .what we want is the technique to get our site's images indexed on google image search .

How much traffic can you get from image search :

Hope you all know the web analytics site - histats.com .
Iam using this currently to analyse my blog traffic [ on both my celebrity and this blog ].For the past 6 months i have gone a long way in increasing the traffic ; and histats shows my stats like this :

search engine :175
no referrer : 409 [ SEE BELOW ]

I initially thought that the "no referrers" were those who had visited my site already, liked it and visiting it repeatedly ; but i was wrong ; When i used another tool " hittail.com " , i understood that i am getting about 1200 visitors in 3 days , from google image search . Now i understood the real meaning of "NO REFERRERS" and the importance of google image search .Actually "hittail.com" shows the keywords that your visitors had searched for and a real-time traffic analysis of your visitors .what histats referred to as " no referrers " were actually "google image search visitors + a little bit of my blog fans " .

What are the Techniques for indexing images in google ? :

Open the above picture in a new tab :


i have uploaded a pic of angelina jolie to my celebrity blog and you could see that i have used appropriate file names ; if i hadnt changed it , my filename would have been "fcke3hqvegpv6p5qozz5" ! And the google bot would have thought it to be non-sense .
Remember they are bots and not humans ! see everything in their perspective .


This is another important technique for image indexing ; you may see that in the above picture i have used the alt tags ;


Hope everyone would have been familiar with the webmaster tools ; in the tools you would see that there is diagnostic tab; click it and select "Enhanced image search" and click on the checkbox" and click ok .

By this way your images will available for those using the "google image labeler" , where googlers label the images and inturn help in their indexing !

4.Use relevant text around your images.

It is recommended that descriptive text with your targeted keywords be placed immediately before or after the image itself. If you do a search for any term on Google Image, you’ll find that a short description of 20+ characters beneath every image. You’ll probably notice that the keyword is listed in bold as well.

7. Use Internal and Social Site Tags for your Images

If you are using images with little or no textual content, it might be helpful to tag your images using internal tagging functions or social tags like Technorati. This may add more weight to your image and help it to rank better. If you are uploading your images using Flickr, remember to use the appropriate keyword tags as well.

Important info :

Also understand that normal google bots [ used for ranking your webpages] are different from your google image bots .Because image bots do not search for backlinks for indexing your images ; they search for the information that tell them what a particular image is all about .

and secondly , google image indexing are done rarely [ almost twice a year ] .while the page ranks are updated every 3-4 months !

if you have any other techniques , post them here as comments .

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