Friday, November 14, 2008

Traffic for blogs – are they harder to get ?

I have seen so many blogs with barely 1 or 2 visitors everyday –  shocking of all is that i have even visited some blogs where the posts are so good [ even better when compared to mine …….. just kidding ] but the optimization is very poor .Unbelievably poor ! I  always try to inform those bloggers who impress me by their posts , about their poor optimizations .Some listen to me but others ……. hope you might know how to complete that sentence .

So why dont  these bloggers just take some time to analyze the strategies in building up a good blog .Here are some tips that you bloggers can follow in bringing traffic for your blog : participation in forums and blog networks :

This is what many bloggers miss .Developing an active community regarding your niche is very important for niche bloggers .It might be a superb idea if you plan to create a new group in the blog network for your niche and share your ideas .

2 .keyword analysis for your post titles :

I always stress this in almost 50% of my posts that my regular readers might find this tip boring . Always take time to visit the “adwords”  website wherein you may get the keywords for your niche .

note : But do not post after selecting the post title – just blog about what appears in your mind – let it be natural .But yeah it is also important to have Pillar posts in every blog [ pillar posts are ones for which you rank the top spot in search engines ] .These can be much easily attained by means of deep keyword analysis .

3 . Appropriate keyword density in post body :

Make sure that you place appropriate keywords in the posts – sometimes it is even more better if you mark the main keywords as “bold” .

Remember that google takes  lots of factors in to account while ranking sites for keywords – so you should have a lot of patience in using every oppurtunity so that some day your blog appears at the top spot for your niche keyword .


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