Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two less used Google search operators

Here are some search operators which people normally forget to use but could be very useful for essential stuff.Here they are:


1.Tilde for knowing LSI keywords:

The SERP is or will soon be depending on the LSI too.So if you want to know what google thinks are the right LSI keywords for a particular keyword,you can google like this:

~buy :

Here are the LSI keywords for “buy” :shop,store,price etc ,.


2.Define operator for quick access to definitions:

Format of the google operator:


A lot more operators can be read here:

Hope that helped a bit.see you soon.

Who said affiliate marketing sucks? It still works

Every one is buzzing about the CPA now and many people have forgot the riches made through the affiliate marketing.Well,is it true that affiliate marketing is losing its charm?Not at all.But i agree that CPA marketing has captured most of the buzz and it is easy to make money through CPA too.


Why most people fail in affiliate marketing:


=>No action,but just buying e-books again and again.What is the use of reading a Guru’s e-book.Whether it gives unique and useful information is a separate matter.Whether you take action after reading a specific MMO method plays the most vital role.

=>”What you think you become” – This is quote by Buddha and is one of my favorite ones.But does this suit the affiliate marketers?If you are not going to do anything about affiliate marketing but just surf around searching for niches and think about becoming rich through internet,nothing is going to happen,

=>Picking the right niche and scaling it up – not every niche works well for affiliate marketing.Choosing the wrong niche will demoralize anyone,let alone immense frustration to the newbies.


You can search a lot of business directories for more information regarding the online marketing.Remember that you must scale up all your campaigns if you want to become a IM guru.There should not be any instance of getting stagnant.Keep improving everyday and you will find enormous success in every online campaign you do.

25th anniversary of the first domain in the world wide web

Have  you ever wondered which was the first domain registered in the history of the web?Well,i just got this doubt today and when i googled for information on the domain and the date at which it was registered,i got the following details:


world’s first ever domain name:

registered on:1985

Yes,that means the 25th anniversary is just a few days to go.

Here is more information on the domain names that were registered in the early web:

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Google home page can now be seen by everyone

I hope everybody knows that Google is split testing a new home page since a few weeks.If you have never seen this page,here is the chance to watch it now live.But the truth is that there is nothing to be seen there … lol…. Just a search bar and when you hover the mouse over the page,everything else shows up.I am not sure why this was needed..may be they are doing this to make it look more awesome.Do you think there is a reason for them thinking about rolling a new home page.I am not sure.


Anyway,here is the new Google home page:




Let me know what you feel about this.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Web hosting: Most feasible tool

If you seriously want to take part in the internet and web business, information resource, directory, you may need to own a piece of space in cyberspace.


web hosting is a tool, which ensures you and anyone with a computer and an internet connection to own a piece of cyberspace. With your space, you can have news, bulletins, documents, data, files and your own post office to accept mail and all in the context of you personally or your business. This is your own space and to get this space you either have to own a piece of the physical internet with a network connection to the internet backbone and computer operating as server, offering access to your files and post office, for letting the people on the internet to view your web site or interact with you through emails. The cost of owning a direct connection to the backbone as well as to a dedicated server to a web site and email is beyond the reach for the average businessmen and general users of the internet.


A multiple domain hosting refers that you have to pay a single fee but will get the right to create more than one website. You can use them in different purpose like one site on your hobbies and another site on your company, or case of ‘reseller web hosting’, you can sell one site for your client A, and another one for client B. each of the websites will have its own domain name like ‘’ and ‘’. But multiple web hosting is significantly different from multiple sub domain web hosting. Occasionally, web hosts or web hosting companies use the phrase ‘multiple domains’ to indicate that you can use multiple domain names in order to reach the same site. Multiple web hosting really comes into action when you have to create multiple web pages of same category.


While multiple domain web hosting is feasible in terms of finance, green webhosting is feasible for the nature and the environment around us. Green web hosting is best described as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional web hosting. More and more companies are now taking the initiative to minimize the commonly used resources on the environment. The traditional web hosting operation needs a great deal of energy to power the web servers and other network equipments. To create the required energy, environmental and cooling controls, fire-suppression systems, electronic security mechanisms and internet connections are needed. And these affect a lot to the environment. However, the concept of green web hosting has been launched keeping in mind the betterment of environment. In the last several years, more and more web hosting companies are jumping onboard to make a difference as well as to make up for the damage. There are many green web hosting firms, which take proactive measures by lowering down the energy consumption in their daily business operations. Some companies run their offices on solar power to enforce recycling policies and eliminate the use of paper while some make sure that the employees get carpooled to work to cut down on the harmful emissions from driving.

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