Saturday, March 7, 2009

Too many blog posts would not bring you more Google traffic

There is a larger misconception with bloggers that regular blog posting would bring them lots of traffic from Google.But the truth is no you wouldnt get ! But wait..its not the complete story.Read below to know why i say that way.


Too many blog posts in a blog is useless ?

Ha ha. not at all.I said that just regular blogging wouldnt bring you google traffic because of the following reasons :


1.Some bloggers come to the above conclusion and waste their time giving useless posts to readers or in terms of google searches [i mean the blog posts wouldnt even contain a keyword  or atleast a long tail keyword] ,

2.Since you want to post more in your blog you will ultimately forget to optimize each one of your blog posts.

If you tend to follow the above two trends then it is high time you understood that it wouldnt help you.


So why do i blog frequently ?


Although i do a lot of blog postings recently – some giving seo or blogging tips tools and some just giving you some info , I also tend to optimize each major posts of mine [those that contain my main keywords] .So if you are that kind of a blogger who concentrates on writing a lot of blog posts and also on optimizing your major blog posts then it is fine.But if you just have a wrong feeling in your mind about this huge article amounts thing then pls rectify it .


So how should i blog ?

1.Make sure some of your blog posts contain main keywords like say “make money online” or “make money blogging” – make sure you constantly build links to them.It will take months for you to rank for them but it is WORTH !! please remember that.These long term benefits are very important and you got to be in focus for that.

2.Make some of your blog posts targeted at the moderate keywords – those that get moderate amount of search traffic every day – again as i said , constantly build proper anchored links to them ,

3.Do lots of blog posts – it will be great if they are to contain useful info for your readers and also some keywords.The best thing about doing lots of blog posts is that you have a high probability of getting traffic from long tail keywords.


But always dont rely on the long tail keywords.It is perfectly possible to reach top positions for competitive keywords or atleast the moderate ones.You just need to be patient.Have your goal tattooed in your cerebrum . just kidding :)

Recording desktop screen with audio for bloggers – Blogging tool

I have always wondered how people give videos with good clarity along with audio for giving out tutorials for their readers.Here is a nice web tool for you to record the desktop screen along with audio.The best thing is that you could host the video in the same web service with which you recorded the video.


This is the service to record your desktop screen with audio :


I came to know about this tool from Amit’s blog post here :

Credit goes to Amit for informing about this service.

“Google is an infant !” - i cannot believe it

Techcrunch has posted today an interview with Marissa Mayer [the VP of Google search products and user experience – she is also the first woman employee at Google] .In the interview she speaks of various things like Google recently placing ads on Google news and lots more .The interview was pretty good but one thing that Marissa says in the interview is this :


I’ll search for the answer to those questions but that’s why I think that not only is search in its infancy in terms of the evolution of the technology, it’s also in its infancy in terms of how much people use search because you know me with my job being a search addict I would think that I would be searching about as much as anyone could


She says Google search technology is still in its infancy .Do you agree with that ? Iam already amazed by how Google detects the paid links [so as to improve SERP] and how it calculates the most relevant pages for a keyword with so many factors and a well optimized algorithm.But she still says its just in its infancy.


Clearly it means that Google has a lot more to do in the search technology – maybe it is looking to give much more importance to the personalized search in the coming decades.Whatever be it , would SEO die because of Google's to-be improved search technology ? I wouldnt be so amazed if that happens .


Here is the complete interview with Marissa Mayer on Techcrunch :

Friday, March 6, 2009

what to do when my celebrity blogpost blog gets banned from adsense ?

It is a common practice for adsense to reject and ban celebrity blogspot blogs [those that contain only pictures from other websites] .I know that you will feel very bad if you get banned .But dont worry you can get another adsense account with completely different account details or there is another way you can use your blog traffic to make money .


Wonder what it is ? It is SHAREAPIC.NET .If you have a decent amount of blog traffic [you should have ! because getting traffic to a celebrity blog is the easiest ] then you can earn a good amount of money from shareapic.



1.Either host all your pictures on shareapic and then copy the html and paste it in your blogger blog ;The problem with this approach is that if you host on the picassa then there is large possibility that your image will come up in top of Google image search results .Although i have not personally verified it this is what i have come to know through other SEO experts ,


2.Host only the top hottest [they should be very tempting ones to be clicked ] pictures in the shareapic account and just copy paste it in the “add a gadget” section of blogger blog – by this way the pictures will always be in all the blog posts and not only be in the home page .


This is why i always stress that you should aim for larger amount of traffic before dreaming about lots of dollars .If you still havent found ways to bring traffic to your blog then you should start learning it right away and involve in those methods .


Whether you make $50 or $100 per month through shareapic depends on the pictures and mainly blog traffic.So dont just sit back after adsense bans your celebrity blog.There are more ways and effective ways other than adsense to make money.

Fake Google adsense earnings generator

I hope you all might have seen screenshots showing 1000 or 2000 dollars per month through adsense.You yourself can make such a screenshot using the below website :

That is quite hilarious.ha ha .How do people come with such cool crazy ideas ? I wish i get some of them some day.It could be a Good internet marketing technique  .

4 things in which you should concentrate less to improve your blog

1.Dont think of connecting with the bigger bloggers like problogger or shoemoney – you might be able to get connections to them but dont think that one day you will get a blogroll link in problogger blog or problogger would blog about your blog some day because he finds you too cool.It might happen [although very very hard] but you could have used the same time more effectively ;i say this because i find some of them doing so many long detailed comments regularly in some bigger sites – its good to express yourself but if you want anything in return for regular blog commenting and dont get it , it will be more frustrating .


2.Dont be always aiming for getting lots of RSS readers – they are important – but not much.The only thing you must aim for is keywords and getting rankings for them in  Google search results ,


3.Connect with bloggers more but if you find it to be too tiring to get a proper networking with your fellow bloggers then just leave it – some people will find it too difficult to do discussions with others and create a nice impression about themselves in the minds of others.But dont worry its just one of the ways to improve your blog .


4.Dont be worried about the number of articles in your blog – say you just have one single article in your blog regarding “starting a blog” and you want to rank for it in google.Then do enough link building until you see it coming up on top of SERP.


Some people just assume that by doing lot of regular blogging , they will rise in SERP ; One blog post is capable of making over 100 dollars a month if you do the job properly.


Hope this was useful to you.I will be giving you more such specific tips in the coming weeks.So keep checking the feed .

What to blog about to make money blogging

What to blog about? ” is a common question arising in the minds of so many blogging beginners .Just blogging about your interests wouldnt be the best way to make money blogging.I dont say you cannot blog about your interest to make money blogging.But there are so many simple ways to make money.Suppose say your primary interest lies on web development and so you want to make money through starting a web development related blog – then iam sure you are going to go through a very hard path until you reach your goals.

So make a thorough analysis on whether you could really blog about the topic and at the same time make money through it.Some blogs are quite capable of getting traffic but they just do not work well for making money.For instance , the celebrity blogs get lots of traffic but they are not so good for adsense.An adsense click on a celebrity blog would just give you 2 or 3 cents.Sometimes it would just fetch you a single cent for a click.So the celebrity niche is not perfect .


What about Blogging niche ?

This definitely is not the best idea.The blogging related blogs like mine dont go too well with adsense.Yes ofcourse a single click would give you more cents [somedays i get over a dollar for a single click in this blog] but all bloggers visiting my blog are well educated about adsense and dont tend to click ads.That is why i say blogging related blogs are not good for adsense.

But if you have lots of content in hand and are really prepared to face the challenge then you may try starting such a blog , be patient and ultimately win lots of organic traffic.You may finally use it to get private ads for your blog.Private ads could give a steady source of income.I wish i get them some day .


What about guitar blogs or pets-related blogs ?


Yes ! Blogs like these are termed niche blogs and work perfect for adsense.The only thing you will need to do is get lots of relevant links and build some decent blog posts with long tail keywords and main keywords.These are pretty simple to maintain and good to make money blogging.


What about Tech-related blogs ?


Tech related blogs are easy to maintain because there are so many blogs out there from where you can get information on the latest gadgets or software and you can post them in your blog .But unless you have some odd stuff or exceptional blog posts it will be slightly difficult to get traffic.

So it is always better to start with NICHE BLOGS rather than concentrating on bigger goals initially.Hope you got an idea about what to blog about to make money blogging.If you have any doubts in selection of a niche for blogging you may contact me :)

How to change alt or alternate text for images in windows live writer

How to change alt or alternate text for images in windows live writer:

Google image search could bring you thousands of visitors to your blog everyday if you have quite lots of images in your blog plus if you use the alt text for images.The alt text for images is very very important ! I have a celebrity blog which got about 400 visitors from Google image search everyday.But now it got penalized bcoz i did a mistake in link building.Anyway people always tend to forget or just dont understand the importance of alt text.So make sure atleast you know its importance and do the alt text for each image in your blog.


I use windows live writer for all my blogging needs and i will now show you how to change alt text or alternate text for images :


step 1:

After opening windows live writer and selecting an image , iam clicking on the image ; it looks like below :




step 2:

Now on the right hand side you can see three tabs – picture,advanced,effects tabs .Click the Advanced tab ;At the bottom you will now see a field named “alternate text” .For my image the alt text is sshot-1 and iam gonna change it .






step 3:

I Just change the alt text from “sshot-1” to “twitter” ; hope that is a decent alt text ;See below to see the changed alt text.




Thats it.The process is so simple but very effective in bringing visitors ;If you have a photo blog or a celebrity blog it would bring you unbelievable amount of traffic.

But wait …. The indexing of these images would take time and you will not see quick results;so be patient.I received about 400 visitors to my celebrity blog only after 4 months.

For a few months it would be like Google doesnt care about your anchor text but later you will know why iam stressing so much about the usage of alt text .

Dont be too loyal if you JUST aim to make money blogging

I see people doing a lot of blog posts thinking that it would be the only way to get lots of traffic to their blogs from search engines.That is a completely wrong assumption.I blog here only because i love doing it.Earning money is my secondary thing and iam not in a hurry right now for making money blogging.But if you are desperate to make money blogging [and its your only aim]then there are certain things you should know :


* Dont always aim for giving super quality blog posts to your readers ,

* Just a moderate quality blog post with decent amount of info and enough keywords is sufficient for making money blogging ,

* Try to concentrate in thinking more in the perspective of keywords and google searches ,

* Have every long tail keyword in your mind and use them as needed in the blog post .


Why do i say ‘dont be too loyal’ ?

Because if you just aim to make money and not for loyal readers then it is high time you understood that building loyal readership is not the only way to make money blogging [actually its the most difficult one] .Dont waste too much time thinking always about your readers and what you can offer more useful to them.If you dont get enough response you will soon lose interest in blogging.

But if you are into building a loyal readership in your blog then this advice is not for you !!!


What else can i do instead of building loyal readers ?

Do SEO to your blog.

Build more links to your blog ;

try starting more blogs ;

Do keyword research and start niche blogs.

Instead of concentrating on one single blog make sure you try your hands on many other niche blogs.Niche blogs work best for adsense .


I did not want to discourage you.But i just wanted to let you know that you should keep your strategy in mind and act accordingly and not just learn from how others blog .It all depends on your blogging strategy .Its your choice !

Live blogging – another coolest widget for Bloggers

Have you heard of live blogging ? I hope not.Here is a coolest widget for all bloggers to live stream their views to their readers.YES! you can give tips in real time to your readers and they can respond to those tips or ask you questions .Its just like instant messaging and every reader who is visiting your blog will be able to participate in it.

This is the site which allows live blogging .The steps are pretty simple.You can just login with your twitter account [other options also exist] and start your live stream.The below snaps will give you an idea :









Hope the snaps above are self-explanatory.You can add your own live blog stream by visiting this site :


This will go a long way in building a brand for your blog.Try it and tell me how you used it for building your readership.

Remove adsense ads from celebrity related blogspot blogs

I had adsense in one of my celebrity blogs for a long time and got decent amount of money from it.But the problem is time has come when i should be paid now by google.So i was afraid if Google will ban my account since i had adsense ads in my celebrity BLOGSPOT blog.And i am sure they will ban my account if the staff sees ads on the celebrity blog [because it just contains pictures from other websites].So what i have done is just remove the adsense ads from the celebrity blog and i have kept them only in this blog.Iam sure i will now be paid and not banned instead.So if you have a blog which does not agree with adsense policies and have just reached 100 dollars then it is better to remove those ads as they will soon be manually reviewing your blogs where you have placed adsense ads.


This is what was advised by so many other people in the digitalpoint forum.Hope it works and iam sure it would.As i have mentioned in the blog post title , iam not sure if they ban every type of blog or just those people having pictures of celebrities in blogspot blogs.But iam sure they will be more suspicious about blogspot blogs.

Follow people who care for their readership

I recently wanted to do a guest blog post on Dailyblogtips since i thought it would help in building a bit of authority juice for my blog.So i sat before my pc , prepared quite lengthy article regarding BUYING LINKS for SEO purposes and sent it to Daniel [admin of dailyblogtips] .A day later i got an email from him and the bad news was that my blog post on Buying links was rejected .He said he rejected it because he does not recommend buying links to his readers.Isnt that awesome ? He cares for his readers and so do i .I wrote the blog post on buying links to notify people about how some internet marketers bring their sites on to top of Google serp by buying links.Yes of course there are so many risks in it since Google might  punish you for buying links .But those internet marketers are ready to take risks.


So what i want you to know is that by following blogs like Daniel’s you will be most benefitted rather than crappy MAKE MONEY ONLINE blogs.Yes ofcourse i dont say all make money online blogs are craps.Personally i have great respect for two make money online blogs :


These two blogs are the best make money online blogs.Actually the first one is also best for SEO.The second one is the top of all make money online blogs.He is truly awesome.Instead of looking for quick money making ways and finally losing interest in blogging you may try to follow people who make sense about what they blog .

So atlast Google gives a proper result to FUCK BLOGGING – make money blogging

Recently i did a crazy search on the term FUCK BLOGGING in Google but found that there werent so many interesting results for that search term.And iam not sure if anyone has ever searched for it except me.hee hee.So i thought of bringing a decent result on Google when people search for FUCK BLOGGING.I hope people who experience continued failures in blogging would search for those terms in Google .


So i started a doc in Scribd and uploaded it .Within 3 days it went to the top of the search results for the search term FUCK BLOGGING.Now iam happy because people who get frustrated making money blogging would finally get some relief after reading my doc in


What i want to stress here is that always dont try for ranking for keywords only through your own blog.Suppose say you want to rank for the keyword phrase HOLY SHIT.Then the best way to rank for it is either blog about it in your own blog and do lots of link building OR start a doc in scribd [or SLIDESHARE or HUBPAGES or SQUIDOO] regarding HOLY SHIT.


Iam sure that it will be easy if you start an entry in scribd or squidoo etc,. and rank for that keyword rather starting an own blog post and then SEOing it.YOU MAY PLACE A LINK TO YOUR BLOG IN THE SCRIBD DOC OR THE SQUIDOO LENS AND BRING TRAFFIC FROM THERE.isnt it cool ? By this way your own blog would also get recognition from people and may even have chances of going viral in the blogosphere.This could be a nice link bait if you do it properly .



This is the scribd doc i made which is ranking on top for FUCK BLOGGING :


How to Fuck Blogging for Cash

Peiprofit shows us making money blogging through selling text link ads

Peiprofit is a blog regarding making money blogging and he has an interesting post on making money blogging through text link ads.The most interesting point he mentioned in that article is asking you to name the section where you place your ads as SITES I RECOMMEND or something else but not SPONSORED LINKS.Iam not sure if thats the only way Google uses to detect paid links.But that is quite an useful info given out by peiprofit.You can find the entire article here :


Remember there is more probability that Google will detect the paid links section and slap your blog by reducing its page rank.So think before you sell text links in your blog.Because what you are doing by selling text links is you are making Google’s website Rank calculation algorithm ineffective .

Make money Blogging – Dont worry if you lose your pagerank

Bloggers are too much concerned about their pagerank these days [as always].The fact is that one of the simple ways to make money blogging is through selling text links on your blog.This is one of the very simple ways to make money blogging.The advertisers just need the PR juice to pass to them .thats it.Rarely do they care about the quality of your blog posts.

But the big problem in selling links is that you may ultimately lose your page rank.You may even fear that you will lose organic traffic from Google.Losing organic traffic will be a big loss if you are aiming for adsense income.Hope you all know adsense’s love for organic traffic.But the real fact is this :



So if you dont care about PR and just want to sell links on your blog and make money blogging then just go on.You might even start a bunch of blogs , get PR and sell links to make money online.Its a simple and best way for beginners.

Google losing a court case because it doesnt want to disclose its secrets !

I have always wondered how G bots perfectly [almost] detect the invalid clicks.There are so many theories all found floating in the web regarding the click fraud detection.But we can all be very sure about the fact that these secrets will never be let out by anyone in the Google team .Because Google has just paid $721 for a banned adsense publisher since it lost a case filed in the court against it .Read the entire story here :

Google will not tell its secrests !

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