Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Google needs only fresh content and not duplicates

I have come across so many blogs where i find duplicate posts of famous blogs and websites – some of them use the “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” and hit the post button .

But some of them change the “and” to “for” , delete 2 or 3 sentences here and there and then hit the post button .Those bloggers are unaware of the vast complex unknown google technology . Do they think that just by modifying the preposition in the blog and deleting one or more sentences are going to cheat google ? ha ha . not at all guys . never ever think of doing those things .

Google is a cute bot expecting nothing more than the fresh content .

Do you know what google bots would want to say to us , bloggers  ? – “ Give me fresh content everyday   and i will send you millions of unique visitors every month .iam tired of you spamming me and am tired of myself banning you ” .This is what those bots want – fresh , unique and quality content !

Why do bloggers produce duplicate content ?

* Laziness

* Nill patience – every blogger must remember that “rome was not built in a day” .It defintely has taken time for all the popular bloggers right now in the web to reach a top place in their niche . You should never expect miracles to happen .

Hope this post sheds light on this topic and all those bloggers stop doing such foolish things .And please do not duplicate this :)

So never hesitate to produce fresh content on your blog.Whenever you find an interesting news in the web , note it down and when you find time , post them on your blog  .thats what the bots require .


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