Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things to remember while buying a web site

Most people prefer to build their own web sites since that process can make them a lot of money in the long run.The same is the case with buying web site but there is a difference though.What really is the difference?If you wonder,let me point them out:


1.Now remember that web mastering gets perfect with every site you build.The more sites you build the more techniques you learn.This is the truth.If you disagree with me then that means you have not yet perfected web mastering,

2.The content of the web site – most people do not understand that the content of a site is the most vital thing that sells to your readers.This can also be called as a “ sales copy”.So if you are unhappy about the way the content is written then you either have to rewrite everything or start from the beginning,

3.There is high risk involved with buying web sites.Remember that you will be asked to pay for 12 months revenue in case of any established site.Imagine you buying it and the SERP position gets a penalty.How would you react?But i understand that the risks are involved with everything.let alone buying web sites.


What to look for while buying a web site:


=>the link building methods – knowing how the link building was done plays a key role.Remember that if the links obtained were from most of the link baits then that would be splendid.

=>the site age,

=>SERP positions,

=>Bounce rate – but these are not the primary factors to look out for though.Still this is important – it will be a better indication of whether the readers like the content or not.

There are many more obvious factors that have not been discussed here like the revenue etc,.Hope you know how to transfer your domain name since that would be required in case you are buying your own web site.If not,you can learn the whole process in detail at the below URL:


If a site has stable revenue and the link building was white hat then that means it is worth paying a lot of money.Most people tend to look for sites that can bring auto-pilot income.But it is your choice.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do not get intimidated by the number of inbound links,instead see unique domains

So you find a niche and think of starting a blog or an e-commerce web site around that niche.So how do you decide if it is worth targeting that niche?You will see whether there is potential sales or not,and would also see if it is possible to hit the top SERP.

How to see if it is possible to hit the top SERP?

Look at the inbound links and see how many links there are

Is this what you thought really?If so,you are wrong.I would not say wrong.But it is not the best way of analyzing the competitiveness of a website.Instead what you need to do is look at the number of unique domains that link to the competitor.This is the best way of analysis since most seo experts have stressed the importance of getting linked from several domains and also several IPs.


How to see the number of unique domains linking to a web site?

Use the below tool to know how many domains link to your potential competitor:


But why is this so important?

This becomes important because some web sites would have links coming from two or three web sites which have thousands of pages each.This means you will see thousands of links and get intimidated.You would say to yourself – “fuck.this niche is highly competitive.i cannot get the top SERP!”.But it is not what you thought.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Image Resizer is a must for celebrity bloggers

Long ago, i had a celebrity blog where i was posting hundreds of images each week.Those were crazy times when i was concentrating madly on a celebrity blog – i want to show the blog here but since i totally fucked it up,i could not.Anyway that is not needed here.If you have a celebrity blog then the image resizer becomes a must since you could save lots of upload time and also save disk space in blogger.


So here is a resizer that does the job brilliantly.Since i am a AIR apps lover,i searched for such an app.Here it is:


And i suggest you use windows live writer since it has got a lot of cool features.If you have 10 or 15 blogs then this will become a necessity.But remember that if you use a blog editor then you will not be able to add jump breaks which has been the latest update from the blogger team.

If you know of any other cool tool that could be of any use to bloggers,lemme know.

stay cool

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hostnexus – web hosting services review

Web mastering is turning out to be a profitable business for many people and so is managing a web hosting company.This has led to the opening of enormous number of companies that webmasters are confused about which service to choose.But there is really nothing to be confused about.There are two important things that matter when you select a web hosting service:


1.credibility and

2.technical support

The best web hosting company that has both these features is the hostnexus.


So what are the other advantages of the hostnexus web hosting:

  1. availability of one click installers for wordpress,joomla,oscommerce,gallery,phpbb
  2. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee,
  3. 24/7 Support Guaranteed,
  4. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Available hosting services:

  • shared hosting
  • cheap reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • dedicated hosting
  • coldfusion hosting
  • ROR hosting
  • blog hosting


Hope you have now made a decision about the best Web Hosting Provider .One thing i need you to remember is that if your web site gets thousands of hits each hour then it is better to prefer the dedicated hosting.Reducing down times is very vital and this is best achieved through the hostnexus web hosting.

Do not kill your website with an incompetent webserver

Each website has its own demographics of which the number of site visitors plays an important role.But most people do not realize how important the role of server is.Today i had seen a listing for a website sale in one of the auction sites and i am shocked by the facts listed there.Why was i shocked?The admin of the web site says that the site had been down for majority of the time and hence led to decline in adsense revenue.It is high time everyone understood that choosing a hosting service is much more than choosing the service that has a lot of customers.


You have to choose the one that best suits your website.Suppose say the site gets a million visitors each month,would you stick with a normal server?Not at all.You would require a dedicated server so that there are no hiccups in delivering the content.

This is why i recommend the services of the dedicated web servers and the backup servers.

What … a backup server?

I guess this should have been your response after reading the above sentence.Seriously .. do you think you will not lose data under any circumstances?Anything can happen and there are chances,although minimal,that your data on the web site may be lost.That would mean a loss of thousands of dollars that receives lakhs of visitors each month.

Do not wait…get a dedicated web server today and save your website and in turn your cash flow from the ruins of a shared web hosting.

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