Friday, February 6, 2009

Superb article explaining relationship between link building and SERP

I always knew that the Page rank of a page which is linking to us does not play a important role in the Google SERP.But here is another proof from a reputed blogger blogging at make money online who confirms this fact.Here is what he tells in his blog post [iam just highlighting the most important point here .You would get the most benefit by reading the entire article]:



You will also notice that most of the linking pages have no PR at all. I have mentioned this before - the right anchor text is the important part in getting links - not the PR of the page sending the link. PR is great if you get it but isn't necessary to ranking well.

Here is the complete article :



So remember this :


Truly superb article on getting traffic to a new blog

At the initial stages of blogging i always thought of writing articles on a topic that other bloggers have blogged about – its nice to do that.But if you already have a great one why write another one ? That is why i give you a link to one of the quality articles on how to get traffic to a blog :

How to get traffic to a new blog

I would definitely recommend to subscribe to the blog as i know it is worth doing.The article is quite long but every sentence could change your blog.Scan every statement and save them in your brain cell .Wow..that was  a cool sentence wasnt it ?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do you know how popular bloggers work ?

Dailyblogtips is an interesting blog that deals with every related to blogging.I particularly like these sort of posts that are named “Bloggers Face-off” where the details of two of reputed bloggers are posted side-by-side.


I found this post to be really interesting and wanted to share it with you .have a look here :

Bloggers face off – Darren vs shoemoney


Both of them do have different ways of blogging but one thing is for sure – they are really smart and its hard to beat them .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This blog is Ranking one for firefox nodofollow addon when it should not

UPDATE :After  being there at the top spot for  the keyword ‘firefox nodofollow addon’ for a couple of days , this page has now lost its top spot in SERP for the keyword.Google rectifies its mistake atlast .

One of the coolest addons in firefox is the nodofollow addon.I use it everyday for my analysis.I had done a previous blog post regarding the coolness of this addon and is given below :

Firefox nodofollow addon


The tragedy is that the above blog post ranks no.1 in Google for every keyword related to ‘nodofollow addon’  and the firefox page containing the addon is ranking next to me .I know it should not .


But in Yahoo everything is fine.The firefox page of the addon ranks first.Iam not sure what part of the algorithms in Yahoo is making the right decision regarding this keyword.


Atleast yahoo beats Google in this search result.Or is it really better than google ?


Here are the screenshots showing the search results for the firefox addon in both google and yahoo :



nodofollow addon 1


nodofollow addon 2

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paid links – Are they really worth buying ?

I have always wondered what is the use of people buying links from high PR blogs for just a month ? If the links just stay for a month , in what way would it benefit the buyer .Maybe he might get a higher PR if the links stay atleast up to the PR update but if the links get removed then in the next update the PR would definitely be reduced.


But my doubts got cleared in one of the articles in daily blog tips.The article says clearly that people buy links just for a month so as to make Google index the pages faster .It makes perfect sense.


The article also explains whether buying links is worth or not .here is the article :

buying text links for SEO


As far as iam concerned i dont go into things like buying reviews or buying links.My best way to getting links is through Guest blogging or through dofollow blog commenting.This is what i always prefer .

Top Link building articles every blogger should read

Without Link building , all your hard work is definitely gonna be waste.But yeah there is another possibility if you are already a reputed blogger in the blogosphere you need not do the initial link building and might just sit and relax as the links build naturally.This is what i consider a major advantage with a reputed blogger.One reputed blog – and you might use it to build anything you want and make it successful .


So this might not be the case for everyone of might have just started blogging and still do not know what to do to bring Google traffic.Let me show you what to do and how to do [actually i will not give much more tips related to link building now ;i will be giving you some top articles related to link building here and it would be helpful if you patiently go through each one of them].


Link building is the best way to bring search engine traffic – links either build naturally or you have to build them [which in some case leads to penalization if done improperly].


These are some of the articles which i highly consider valuable and would want you to go through patiently – especially the article in will be very long – so do not lose patience.


101 link building tips

link building mistakes

131 ways to build links

choosing anchor text for incoming links

link value factors


I know that if you are a blogging beginner you might feel slightly lazy or uninterested after reading the first and third article mentioned above because they are huge ones – so i will list the very important points / tips in link building below [ this is just to make sure you remember the key points and iam not asking you not to read the articles above]:


1.Same anchor text  in 1000’s of links could make Google ban  your blog :

Be very careful with them.Same anchor text usage for all your links will get you banned .See this article to know how you should use the same anchor text :


2.links from same IP address are not of much help  :

When i was a blogging beginner , i heard about link building and really did not know why people make so much fuss about link building.I was thinking that i could start a blog everyday and link back to the main blog .hee hee.That sounds stupid.isnt it ?

As far as quality links are concerned links should be obtained from unique ip addresses [it would be great if the PR is >=3] .


3.Relevant links are more important :

What does that mean ? let me explain in a simple way.If you ask me this question [lets say you have a seo blog ]– “which is better – a link to my blog from a PR 6 entertainment blog OR a link from a PR4 seo blog” , i would say getting a link from the SEO blog is the best option !


4.Get some PR 0 links too :

Do not just concentrate on getting links from pages of higher PR .Because that might not indicate a natural link building .that is obvious , isnt it ? So try to get a few amount of links from PR 0 blogs too.


5.Concentrate more on one-way links


6.Related link exchanges are definitely worth getting


7.Quality of links is more important than quantity:


whenever i search for the link amount for my competitors i get astonished seeing one lakh links to them – but there is nothing to get shocked or think you might not be able to beat them.You can still beat them with like 5000 or 10000 links from good related high PR blogs.So dont just concentrate on the quantity.


For some of you these points might be the same boring things that you read again and again in SEO blogs or blogging related blog.But for blogging beginners hope you got an idea now about proper link building.The seven points i listed above is just the important points but i recommend you to read every article listed above.Bookmark this page so that you read two or three times to remember every point discussed here .

Same anchor text – main factor Google uses to penalize your blog or website

There are so many ways Google bots find spam sites and sites that involve in generating artificial links.One of the main factors that Google uses in finding whether link building is natural or artificial lies in analyzing your anchor texts.


There are always so many ambiguities related to how many links should we get everyday – how many with the same anchor text – how many with the exact keyword phrase that we want to target – rarely do SEO people give us suggestions on this – or atleast they dont try to be specific.I mean i do not want them to advise us this way ‘get 10 links tomorrow and 6 links day after tomorrow’.that would be bullshit.


But it would be great if they give us a range like below 200 in a month for a new domain etc ,. those pieces of advices would be splendid.The point of this post is to make you understand that you should be very careful while link building – Link building is what will make you reach the top positions in Google and make you earn 1000 dollars per day – it could also be the factor due to which your blog might hit the 2993849384983th result on the Google SERP for the keyword ‘make money online’ .


So here is a thread running at digitalpoint regarding the number of same anchor texts you should get so as to get your blog increasing in Google rankings .Make sure you bookmark it and constantly check the replies.It would be even more great to bookmark it in delicious or blinklist so that you might use it in future or blog about it later in your blog.

Is Google in a better position in eliminating paid links by asking users to help it ?

Google has a lot to do regarding paid links.Paid links seem to be a big head ache to the Googlers working on the SERP algorithms and PR .I agree that it is a very difficult job in exactly finding which website or blogs sell links and which does not .But Google has been asking its users to help eradicate this problem .have a look here :



Iam not sure if any one has ever reported links using the above form . Have you ever reported such a problem?Have they just left this problem to the users ? Many of you might be knowing that SERP algorithms might be relying more on user personalization in the coming decades.So is Google starting to depend too much on its users ?


google paid


There have been several articles regarding Google and paid links .Let me point out some of them :


Do you think Google will ever be successful in eliminating paid links algorithmically or is it just going to rely on its users ?

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