Saturday, July 4, 2009

What is website marketing?

Newbies who come in to the internet will be confused about everything going on around webmastering.

“SEO,PPC,website marketing????Its so confusing dude”

Nothing is confusing unless you analyse things in the right manner.Let us discuss about this in detail.


If you have a website like twitter,what would you do?Would you do search engine optimization and make it come in to the top ten places of google – there is no need of seo for such sites.All that is needed for such sites is the SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION.Social media is the most powerful and if used effectively can bring about a huge explosion in traffic.And that explosion will be ever lasting,albeit some extra spikes.


Suppose say you have started a site for acai berry – would you use social media?NO.It would not be effective for such topics.All you have to do is target the search engine users.


=>either do SEO,

=>or use PPC

There is also another way to find the search engine users – it is the ARTICLE MARKETING.Using article marketing,you can get good amount of traffic.Sometimes it can be a temporary traffic but still it will help you during the time you are doing SEO.It is definitely capable of getting you leads.

If you are working in a day job and trying to learn all these stuff it can be really difficult for you to grasp them.In such cases it is more sensible to use services like WEBSITE MARKETING who have good knowledge about all marketing techniques.

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