Sunday, November 15, 2009

Link building 2010 – is this going to be any different?

Most people tend to think SEO as too complicated.You know,the only thing that matters in ranking well on google is gaining quality inbound links and nothing else.And this becomes dead simple if you keep improving your site rather than thinking about hundreds of SERP factors.Some web masters keep thinking about the page rank rather than concentrating on the SERP positions and the number of leads they are going to get.Many think whether to get a .net or .com rather than thinking about the UI or the sales Copy of their site.


So is link building 2010 any different?


Not at all.The link building is not going to change at all.Most people tend to confuse themselves by saying that google changes their algorithms too often.This is wrong.Changes are not going to be done now and then but instead what you say being done quite often is the introduction of new filters.Many think this as a change in algorithm.


So keep building your site.concentrate on the quality of  your posts.think everyday about writing a link bait post,or generate buzz in your site so as to gain links.These are completely whitehat techniques of link building.if you are not sure of doing all these things yourselves,you can get the help of link building service.


Remember that the sandbox can be very discouraging,especially if you are new to this whole thing.Just make sure to hang on when those terrible things happen.Keep building quality content and your blog traffic will skyrocket automatically.

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