Saturday, December 6, 2008

My blog post gets included in google SERP in 2nd page within 7 minutes

I really dont know what is going on in google.There are so many oscillations in SERP ; webmasters talking about algorithm changes – we can never believe in all these guesses unless one of the google employess reveals the truth and iam sure this is not going to happen .

But here is something i noticed recently.Google indexing and then including my blog post in their SERP within 7 minutes .

This is a snapshot of the google SERP.the search query was “google algorithm +change 400” .I made a post ;submitted them to two of the social sites [ and ] and when i checked the SERP this what i saw [ see the 3rd result in the snapshot – that shows my blog and that the post was included 7 minutes ago ]:




But yeah the post later lost the SERP – i dont know when it lost the ranking .But what i want to point out is the abnormal way in which the google bots have acted by including a fresh post in the 2nd page of google SERP within 7 minutes .


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