Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never ever have bad neighbors in your outbound link profile

It is easy to be dragged by the Gravity of page rank in turn leading to link exchanges between your site and that of the High PR.But it is extremely vital to keep in mind that PR does not mean a valuable site or a site that is worthy of linking.Some times,i get link exchange offers that have a high page rank but when i check the Google index for that particular site,there would be no pages indexed.This clearly is an indication that the site has been banned by Google.


So would you link to such a site?Not at all.Never do that mistake ever.You will either see a drop in your rankings or may be drop in the site authority.Think twice before going for the link exchanges.This is why sites that offer website grading services are really useful.What’s more,most of them are free and would be instrumental in helping you know if the site is good or not.


Here are some of the sites you can use to check if the link profile or get a rank of the site:





Since there seems to be a limit when it comes to how many outbound links you may have on the home page [not a necessity but most web masters comply to that so as to remain on the safe side],make sure to choose the best relevant [if possible,of course] good quality link exchange partners.Because once you have linked to anybody,you are not going to be removing it easily,at least not without notification.So,Do it right the first time.Wait for the high PR as well as the old,established sites.

How to pick a SEO service provider

There is going to be no hassles for people who know what SEO is and how some people trick others in order to provide the low quality SEO services for a considerable amount of money.So what really is the way for the small business owners who have just entered the online market to pick the best SEO providers.Fortunately,there are many ways you can detect a legit link builder or SEO company.Here is a list showing the things you need to look out for while resorting to outsourcing of the SEO part:


1.Look for what sort of links they are going to get for your site.Remember that not all links are equal.This is extremely important.If a person gives you hundreds of links from the same IP,there is going to be more suspicion by the SE algorithms on your link building activity.This may even result in a penalty,

2.Look for the type of link building methods they employ.Most people provide a blend of the old as well as the modern methods.The modern methods include the link wheels,

3.Get a sample report.Getting such reports will give you an idea of what you will be receiving as the benefits at the end of the whole project.Long story short,this will be a foresight for you.


If you are searching for a local SEO company in Dubai,you may try out SEO Dubai services who provide the best SEO services at reasonable prices.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SEO consultancy can provide the much needed help for your web site

Small business owners who do not have a clear idea about optimizing their web sites for search engines can contemplate on getting the SEO consultancy services from a reputed company or an individual.A reputed SEO consultant will be doing a thorough analysis of your site and be able to make the recommendations which when done will bring an enormous boost to your site rankings.But you need to keep in mind that there is much more work to be done after getting the SEO consultancy.


In short,the SEO consultant will be able to get you on the right track.You need to travel the path yourself or again outsource the work to somebody else until you reach the destination [aka top SERP positions].This might seem a tedious work for people who have just entered the Online business but the truth is that you will not regret it for sure when the consultancy had made a big difference in the SERP positions.


Things to look out for while picking the SEO consultant:

=>Make sure that the price is reasonable and not over the limits.Compare various consultants or at least look for referrals if you do not want to be ripped off,

=>Another way to know if the consultant is really good is to see how many years they have been operating and how many clients have got consultancy services from them.This is an easy way to see their credibility and reach.

Some SEO consultants are also providing free SEO analysis.This is a clear sign that they are more interested in gaining your respect and trust rather than just money.But understand that this does not mean only those who provide free SEO analysis are the safest options.

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