Friday, November 28, 2008

smart link building – list of dofollow sites to increase your pagerank

Although there are several factors google considers before ranking a webpage for a keyword as the no.1 , webmasters always consider the pagerank as the primary ones.But blogger noobs , unaware of the real meaning of link building ,just constantly submit their posts to dozens of social sites where the link is not at all considered during the page rank calculation.Thats because those sites give you only nofollow links and not dofollow links .



NOFOLLOW – links arent considered during your blog’s PR calculation

Let me give you some technical stuff regarding what is “nofollow” tags .

When you submit a post to social bookmarking sites , you get a link to your blog post.But the link is termed nofollow because when you see the html of the page where your blog post link is available you may see this :

<a href=”your blog post url” rel=”nofollow”> blog post title </a>

As you may see above , there is a sentence “rel=nofollow” which instructs the google bots to not consider this link during the calculation of page rank.hope its clear to you.

But dont worry if all these days you have been wasting your time in such social sites .You still havent lost anything.Lets start now doing effective link building.Here is a list of sites having “dofollow” tags ::

A complete list of social bookmarking sites offering nofollow and dofollow links are given in the above site .

NOTE : although submitting blog posts to nofollow social sites doesnt increase PR, it leads to fast indexing of your blog posts in search engines .


Andy @ Do Follow 001 said...

I've got this service bookmarked on my browser and I have used it a few times, but nevertheless it is quite time consuming...

If only I had the patience for time consuming link buildng :(

blogger said...

but the time spent is definitely worth andy .i mean there is huge possibility by constantly using it that your blog might get a nice pagerank someday.

Anonymous said...

hi i am new to this some one help me

Tikak said...

Thank you! Great advice! I will use this to rank my personal website.

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