Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Choosing a Web Hosting: How Long Have You Been Here?

I use different hosting plans, often from different companies, for several of my sites. Different sites just have different requirements and needs so I decided the best way to go is to get individual hosting plan for each of them. Of course, some of my sites are using the same hosting company although they are on different hosting plan. Whenever I’m on the lookout for cheap web hosting and I find a new company that offers fantastic hosting plan at an amazing price, I ask one thing to their sales team: how long have you been here?


Although it may not say everything, knowing how long the web hosting company you are looking into has been operating may help you get a clearer picture just how good they are. If you are dealing with a web hosting service provider who has been providing their clients with valuable services for 5 years, or even more, with literally thousands of domain using their services and available hosting plans, you would know instantly that you are dealing with a reliable service provider that you can count on. It will make your search for cheap web hosting a lot easier; you will get the best services at affordable prices.

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