Saturday, December 6, 2008

Firefox NoDoFollow add-on to detect nofollow backlinks and dofollow backlinks

Usually whenever i wanted to check whether a particular social site gives a dofollow link or nofollow link to its postings , i would see the page source and then see whether there is a “nofollow” attribute value for “rel” or not.

But here is a cool ad-on to our rescue.The add-on is called “NoDoFollow” and when selected , it highlights the links that are noDofollow and the links are dofollow .

To see the results of the add=on just visit any webpage , and right click any link you see in the webpage and select “nofollow” – you may then see the highlights in the webpage – a red and a light blue highlights .To discard those highlights again right click on any link and select “noDofollow” .


RED – NoFollow link

BLUE -  Dofollow link

here is a snapshot showing the highlights indicated by the add-on after right clicking a link in my digg home page :


nodofollow add-on

The snapshot has blue-highlights everywhere in the webpage indicating that they are all dofollow links .

Download the add-on from the link below :

Firefox Add-on to detect dofollow links and no-follow links


Webdesi3 said...

You know, I was just thinking about how cool something like this would be last night, and here it is! Thanks

Selly Xiu said...

Many thanks for this information. Absolutely useful for me. Keep great posted.

Tania said...

the addon is help me a lot in finding nofollow and dofollow link.

folder said...

Thankx for information. The addon is great.

search engine placement said...

WoW! This add-on rocks! Helps very much in link building. Thanks!!!!

internet marketing services said...

this is very useful information and i appreciate it for sharing it with us. good luck to your seo career.

Flirt said...

This really helps thanks

mahi manral said...

thanx for this post

krity said...

How to enable dofollow & nofollow option in firefox.

India Tourism said...

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