Saturday, December 6, 2008

have you noticed this fact in Google china domain ?


Why does Google use a red color highlight to show the keyword of the search term ? And the bad thing is that this makes it look like a spam site [ just kidding ] .But it does seem odd .

here is the link to google china domain :

My blog post gets included in google SERP in 2nd page within 7 minutes

I really dont know what is going on in google.There are so many oscillations in SERP ; webmasters talking about algorithm changes – we can never believe in all these guesses unless one of the google employess reveals the truth and iam sure this is not going to happen .

But here is something i noticed recently.Google indexing and then including my blog post in their SERP within 7 minutes .

This is a snapshot of the google SERP.the search query was “google algorithm +change 400” .I made a post ;submitted them to two of the social sites [ and ] and when i checked the SERP this what i saw [ see the 3rd result in the snapshot – that shows my blog and that the post was included 7 minutes ago ]:




But yeah the post later lost the SERP – i dont know when it lost the ranking .But what i want to point out is the abnormal way in which the google bots have acted by including a fresh post in the 2nd page of google SERP within 7 minutes .

Firefox NoDoFollow add-on to detect nofollow backlinks and dofollow backlinks

Usually whenever i wanted to check whether a particular social site gives a dofollow link or nofollow link to its postings , i would see the page source and then see whether there is a “nofollow” attribute value for “rel” or not.

But here is a cool ad-on to our rescue.The add-on is called “NoDoFollow” and when selected , it highlights the links that are noDofollow and the links are dofollow .

To see the results of the add=on just visit any webpage , and right click any link you see in the webpage and select “nofollow” – you may then see the highlights in the webpage – a red and a light blue highlights .To discard those highlights again right click on any link and select “noDofollow” .


RED – NoFollow link

BLUE -  Dofollow link

here is a snapshot showing the highlights indicated by the add-on after right clicking a link in my digg home page :


nodofollow add-on

The snapshot has blue-highlights everywhere in the webpage indicating that they are all dofollow links .

Download the add-on from the link below :

Firefox Add-on to detect dofollow links and no-follow links

google ads about terrorism – bots have probably gone crazy

I am an active reader of mashable and i just came through a post that really made me think if the google ad  systems still need a bit of tweaking by google staff.I have always thought google was perfect in every department they are in.But this post suggests that nobody is perfect and constant improvement is needed to adapt to different situations.Hope google notices the story here or in other sites regarding these ads and starts tweaking their algorithms .

So here is the link to a mashable article which shows you two ads by google stating “Pursue a certificate in terrorism 100% online , Enroll today” .All thanks to the author Pete who wrote the article in mashable .


what to do when google reduces your blog pagerank because of selling links ?



Every webmaster knows that google has started to think seriously about the paid links .So there might be many of you who were seriously blogging , aiming to come to the top place at google SERP one day and suddenly got slapped by google .So what can you do if google reduces your pagerank from 5 to 1 ? well if i had been in that  situation , i would have had a mild heart attack .Although there are so many discussions and threads in forums regarding the fact whether Page rank is really important , i still think that it is not true.

Google definitely considers Page rank as one of the factors for ranking a webpage in the google SERP . i even have a strong belief that it might be one of the top 50 factors in the google algorithms.But that is  a different story.lets have that discussion another day.

Court has a very interesting post about what she did when google reduced the pagerank of court’s blog .I had always thought that google never considers our requests .But after reading court’s blog post , i feel that i may be wrong.But there is another possibility that google will consider our request only if we are serious bloggers.There is nill percentage doubt that court is a serious blogger and so google restored the pagerank .But iam not sure about this.My suggestion to all those bloggers who got slapped by google is that you should definitely follow court’s advice given in this post :

Thank you court for all the amazing posts in your blog.

wordpress dashboard gets a new look

Wordpress dashboard has undergone changes and looks quite different now.Although no new additional features have been introduced , the new look is a bit refreshing after looking at the old dashboard for years .

here is a snapshot of the new wordpress dashboard :


wordpress dashboard

readair – best software to manage all your feeds

Readair is a software built using the Adobe Air platform for managing all your feeds easily .

To run readair , you need to have the adobe air installer and the readair application [ .air file ] .This is really a cool software that can be synchronized with your googe reader account .

Although the web google reader is nice , i hate the small screen it provides but this particular application could be expanded to have a nice view of all your feed posts .

here is a screenshot showing how “readair” looks :



As you could see the feed post titles are at the top and the feed posts are at the bottom ; the size of both those windows can be adjusted .

here is the link to download the readair application :

And if you dont have the adobe air installer , you have to download and install it first before installing the readair .download adobe air installer here :

Thursday, December 4, 2008

google friend connect gets released - bloggers can start building your network

Google Friend Connect lets users sign-in to participating Web sites through their Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID accounts .
google friend connect has been released and it does seem to be quite interesting.Apart from forming a network of bloggers interested in your niche , it does seem to bring some traffic to our blogs.with just a  click of a button the gadget shows your entire profile along with your blogs.
Since i have not yet started building the network , iam providing Mr.Amit’s blog as an example to show you how google friend connect might help bloggers :
video showing google friend connect features :
With continued use of this gadget , i feel its possible to build loyal readers and helpful friends in the blogosphere .
And here is the link to friend connect :
note For blogspot users , there is no need for any addition of html files.but for people running web servers you need to upload two html files in order for google friend connect to work .
And dont forget to add me as your friend  :)

A collection of interesting information about the search engine giant Google

Google has always been improving in all their departments - particularly in the search algorithms.Constant tweakings , slight changes in the factors of algos and even slight additions to already existing factors .You might be a great fan of google and might closely follow what it does and know lots about it  . But there are lots more things about google that you did not know .So here is a presentation that is sure to amaze you.It clearly tells how much effort google puts in order to be at the top of everything we know of the web :
 Key points in the slide :
1.The slide clearly points out why google bought doubleclick .It says that doubleclick has all the major websites in its bag – those that got above 1 million visitors per this is what prompted google to buy doubleclick [ see slide 15 ] . more thing that was fascinating in the slide is that google is more keen in advertising in other media than the internet.amazing isnt it ?
go through the slide and tell me what you were fascinated about google the most !

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

google pigeonrank ? what is that ?

Iam always in search of some nice topics in the web .i get easily bored at home – so i have dozens of feeds in my browser – check them almost every minute  for updates .But since i could not find any updates , i just googled “ google technology " and tried to see if anything new has come in the web regarding Google .

I came across this particular page :

I could not understand what it was .pigeonrank – > oh my god ! is that the real name of  “pagerank” ? i was astonished initially . But when i scrolled down this is what i found – “………………….” .Hee hee . see it for your self by visiting the above url .

Just look at these sentences - >

“Brin and Page were the first to recognize that this adaptability could be harnessed through massively parallel pecking to solve complex problems” .

Ha ha .i have never ever come across such a joke .hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …. [ uncontrollable laughter ]

Google needs only fresh content and not duplicates

I have come across so many blogs where i find duplicate posts of famous blogs and websites – some of them use the “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” and hit the post button .

But some of them change the “and” to “for” , delete 2 or 3 sentences here and there and then hit the post button .Those bloggers are unaware of the vast complex unknown google technology . Do they think that just by modifying the preposition in the blog and deleting one or more sentences are going to cheat google ? ha ha . not at all guys . never ever think of doing those things .

Google is a cute bot expecting nothing more than the fresh content .

Do you know what google bots would want to say to us , bloggers  ? – “ Give me fresh content everyday   and i will send you millions of unique visitors every month .iam tired of you spamming me and am tired of myself banning you ” .This is what those bots want – fresh , unique and quality content !

Why do bloggers produce duplicate content ?

* Laziness

* Nill patience – every blogger must remember that “rome was not built in a day” .It defintely has taken time for all the popular bloggers right now in the web to reach a top place in their niche . You should never expect miracles to happen .

Hope this post sheds light on this topic and all those bloggers stop doing such foolish things .And please do not duplicate this :)

So never hesitate to produce fresh content on your blog.Whenever you find an interesting news in the web , note it down and when you find time , post them on your blog  .thats what the bots require .

how to start a blog – setting it up in the web


Starting a blog has been made much easier now and especially with blogging  platforms like blogger and wordpress , starting a blog is like a walk in the park nowadays .So here are the steps that you should take  to create a blog :


1. There are two best options for you to start a blog :

2.if your intention is to earn money through blogging , then free wordpress blogs are not for you. if your desire is earning money then you should go for .


1.And for those of you who dont mind spending money so as to create a beautiful well-designed professional looking blog , WORDPRESS is the best !! No blog platform could ever reach the customizations that wordpress offers .

2.So first of all decide a host for your blog . here is a list of them [ provided by wordpress ] :

3.You should now choose your niche – the topic on which your blog is to is always better to take up a little bit less competitive niche and a very narrow niche . a “narrow niche ” , i mean to say that it is always best to start a blog about “windows tips ” than starting a blog about “operating systems” .

5.Take longer time to decide on the domain name – people are always ambiguous about whether google considers it as a factor or not .But there is no harm in spending a little more amount of time on deciding your domain name .

6.After you purchase the domain and the file hosting , start your blog by selecting a neatly designed wordpress theme.There are so many of them available for free .for example here is my favourite :

It is called “structure” wordpress theme .

7.Then you may also try adding plugins – for adding various functions to your blog .

Always have faith in your yourself and never give up – keep posting and keep using social day , there is higher chance that you will become a pro in blogging .All the best .

blogging advice to get you at the top of google

Blogging is going to infinite heights nowadays especially due to the wordpress software and other blogging platforms.iam particularly impressed with wordpress ; although i dont have a self-hosted blog , i run it in my pc locally and everytime i find a nice wordpress theme , i try it out on the apache server .

So here is my blogging advice so as to get yourself some google love and inturn build a better money making blog .

1. Build keyword rich posts ,

2. make internal link building where ever possible,

3. dont overdo keyword stuffing,

4.always try to minimize the no. of javascripts in your blogs / keep an eye on the time it takes for your complete webpage to load .

5. never hesitate to link to your neighbourhood blogs ,

6. try to make your points crisp –problogger is the best example ,i could say ,who makes his articles very interesting – every sentence of his blog post is a treat to read ,

7.submit your blog posts to dofollow blogs – dont waste your time by posting your comments on blogs [ if your intention is back links ] where the links are nofollow .but if your intention is building better relationship with fellow niche bloggers then you may use all the blog comment forms ,

This is just a small list of blogging advice that you could keep in mind – remember to follow every point  listed here .more advice on blogging and blogging tips tricks are available all over the web.never be lazy in searching for them :)

google algorithms and their changes – how many factors are there in google algorithm ?

I just went crazy on hearing a statement in one of the website . do you want to know what it is ? wait till i tell you something more about the google algorithms. google’s founders page and brin developed a superb algorithm named BACKRUB and it is the main factor ….. blah blah blah .i know you know about them already .thats why there were so many blahs over there.

But nobody knows how many factors  are there totally in the google algorithm .And i also came to know that google algorithm was tweaked about 400 times last year !! But this isnt the statement that made me crazy . Because this isnt a surprise to me since google has always competed with itself.I dont think there will ever be a competitor to google search ever in the history of web .




Image courtesy :

atlast -  this is the statement that made me crazy :


I really dont know what those might be . If you have any idea , just list them out [ excepting the usual back links ,age of domain etc ,. ]

But i think that the initial algorithm developed by page wouldnt have contained so much of them .May be that they developed only later on when there was so much competition in the web for every possible niche . you know : “necessity is the mother of invention ”

Whatever be it  -  Google , you are rocking ,bot !

Monday, December 1, 2008

how to check page rank of a blogger blog [ for blogging noobs ]

The page rank is the main factor by which google rates our blogs and websites.Every blogger / webmaster aims at achieving a decent page rank via constant and quality link building .So for all the blogger noobs reading this article , you can check your blogger blog page rank or any other site’s page rank by the following link :

Discover blog or website page rank 

Just enter the url of your blogger blog or any other site and the page rank will be displayed .If the page rank of your blogger blog is displayed as zero , then dont worry i have given a list of tips wherein you can learn about increasing your page rank .

Blogging guide – how to really blog in order to drive organic traffic ?

Although you might be a great creative writer and are better at making people stick onto your blog posts , it is never going to help you unless you drive traffic to your blog via organic means .If you dont do that it is going to be a great loss to both you and your would-have-been readers .So let me give you a few tips to blog effectively so as to get the organic traffc easily to blogs :

1. Always start with the blog post – never decide on the complete title first

2. After you finish writing the complete blog post  [ always do the internal link building in all your blog posts if they really require them but dont stuff them ] , visit the following site :

Note down the possible titles and use them  in the above url so as to see which keyword has got the maximum competition and which keyword has minimum ones.

3.But dont try to fool yourself by selecting a title that is in noway connected to your blog post just because of the reason that the keyword has little competition.never do it .

4.If you dont find any suitable title then use your own.Always spend more time on deciding upon your blog titles .they are very important ! after writing down the possible titles with the help of adwords , it is up to you to decide whether you want to pick the most competitive keyword or the least competitive keyword .

I always prefer the medium ones ; but thats up to you .

6.Now hit the post button !

7.wait ..  but this is not enough . Submit your blog post to popular blog directories .That would ensure a little bit of traffic provided your blog post is not rubbish .

8. You may see my earlier  blog posts wherein i have given tips on how to increase page rank by submitting on dofollow websites .

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