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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making money Online is hard because of all the crap and clutter floating around

There are hundreds of online guides that are sold for profit and nothing else.People do not understand that these guides are never going to make them money just because the so-called IM gurus have made cash through them.As a result,i see thousands of wannabe MMOers leaving blogging and going back to the 9-5 day job again.Their dreams are shattered due to two reasons:

1.Extreme number of clutter and crap e-books make them overloaded with information and this makes them hard to take action,

2.Not taking action and just buying every guide [whose sales page shows huge pay checks from ad networks] makes the whole process almost impossible.


Stop everything and do this today ……


Getting the proper system/guide is very important.If you do not want to buy any guide and want to learn from just free resources then that is fine .. but this will take hell lot of time.You must keep that in mind.Else you can get guides/video resources which will give you the exact plan to make money.An exact plan is what is really required instead of some crap e-book.One of the best course on MMO is the Clone Cash System – as the name indicates,all that is required from you is the ability to clone.Simple,eh?Start today and get on the track to make thousands out of IM.


Here is the best video course on making money online and it is FREE !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How I Really Think You Can Make Money Online

Alright so working at home is obviously the latest craze, you'd have to be a lump in the woods in the rainforest not to at least know one person who makes their living online. The truth of the matter is, lots of internet marketers now enjoy a full time income sitting from the comfort of their own homes - many whom never believed it could happen again. Programs like CJ and Amazon and Google Money Master are all legitimate different routes people take to make money online. Don't forget about ebay.

The truth about working at home is that you only get out of it, what you put into it. That may sound like a cliche but the truth is they are cliches in the marketing world for a reason, they repeat themselves over and over and you can really follow that bit of advice. Sure some people might get fat cheques from Google every month, you could too, right? Or you could sell software, an ebook, whatever - the possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some adsense ads positions which may work best for you – make money blogging

I have seen a lot of bloggers using adsense ads literally everywhere in their webpages – top,bottom ,sidebars and every other place where there is place for the ads to fit.But instead of trying so many positions make sure you try the two important ad placements as mentioned below :

1.Adsense ads arranged in the following manner :




This may work superb for you.You should never miss trying this out.Although you might be familiar with the adsense ads placed at the left of the blog post iam not sure if you have tried the adsense placement below the blog post.If you havent yet tried it , have it tested today.

Note : i have seen my performance of adsense ads go high when the blog post is just a few words [and not a long one] – this is because while the reader is going thru’ the blog post there is very high probability that the ads will be clicked since both the ads [to the left and bottom of blog post] are visible while he is reading.Dont forget to experiment the above adsense placements with short blog post and a long blog post.Iam very sure you will find differences in income .


2.Ads below the navigation :


This is one another ad placement that has fetched me the most income via adsense ads.The color of the ads is pretty confusing to choose.I would like to ask you to experiment it for yourself which works better for your blog.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The biggest mistake beginner bloggers do

I had told you about three mistakes beginner bloggers mostly do in the previous blog post.But the biggest mistake that beginners are prone to do is quitting blogging just because they dont see it to be profitable.And do you know how many days they would have blogged ? Just about 30 days or so.And they come to a conclusion blogging is waste and is impossible to make money with it .

What should you know or think about just before quitting ?

1.Think if you had done smart work or just hard work :

Let me define them both in the perspective of blogging.

HARD WORK – You were just adding blog posts to your blog and did not do any marketing.I had mentioned in my previous blog posts most of you have the wrong thinking that blogging too often is the most important factor to get traffic ,

SMART WORK – You did a couple of posts and worked day and night building links to it.

If you thought of quitting blogging then iam sure you should have just done hard work and not acted smart."Hard work is the key to success" does not work here.Be smart and blog and do marketing in the way it should be done.

2.Think if you really have the traffic to bring you income thru’ blogging :

You should definitely have atleast above 100 visitors to get some bucks in your account – well it also depends on your niche.My specific of 100 visitors might be wrong in some of the cases.But that does not matter.If you just have been blogging for a month and get 1 visitor everyday then there is no surprise that you werent making money blogging.

3.Think of bloggers who blogged for so much months before they succeeded and are still growing :

No blogger succeeds within a month.Some do.And those are people who write blog posts like “dinosaur found sleeping in mars” … just kidding.What i meant to say was people who have exceptional skill for writing excellent unique articles will find quick success – maybe within 1 or 2 months.I rarely find bloggers that way.

So you have just been blogging for a few months and you come to a conclusion that blogging is good for nothing ? Is that how you quit something that could have made you an entrepreneur.There is no quitting and you will succeed if you have faith.

“Iam blogging for 36 months and still havent succeeded ? ” :

If you say the above sentence to me that i will tell you this is the reason for your failure :

You know how to blog but do not know the proper way to blog .You have not been an internet marketer - just a blogger.So try to know how to be an internet marketer and combine it with blogging – you will know what you have been missing.


Friday, March 6, 2009

what to do when my celebrity blogpost blog gets banned from adsense ?

It is a common practice for adsense to reject and ban celebrity blogspot blogs [those that contain only pictures from other websites] .I know that you will feel very bad if you get banned .But dont worry you can get another adsense account with completely different account details or there is another way you can use your blog traffic to make money .


Wonder what it is ? It is SHAREAPIC.NET .If you have a decent amount of blog traffic [you should have ! because getting traffic to a celebrity blog is the easiest ] then you can earn a good amount of money from shareapic.



1.Either host all your pictures on shareapic and then copy the html and paste it in your blogger blog ;The problem with this approach is that if you host on the picassa then there is large possibility that your image will come up in top of Google image search results .Although i have not personally verified it this is what i have come to know through other SEO experts ,


2.Host only the top hottest [they should be very tempting ones to be clicked ] pictures in the shareapic account and just copy paste it in the “add a gadget” section of blogger blog – by this way the pictures will always be in all the blog posts and not only be in the home page .


This is why i always stress that you should aim for larger amount of traffic before dreaming about lots of dollars .If you still havent found ways to bring traffic to your blog then you should start learning it right away and involve in those methods .


Whether you make $50 or $100 per month through shareapic depends on the pictures and mainly blog traffic.So dont just sit back after adsense bans your celebrity blog.There are more ways and effective ways other than adsense to make money.

Dont be too loyal if you JUST aim to make money blogging

I see people doing a lot of blog posts thinking that it would be the only way to get lots of traffic to their blogs from search engines.That is a completely wrong assumption.I blog here only because i love doing it.Earning money is my secondary thing and iam not in a hurry right now for making money blogging.But if you are desperate to make money blogging [and its your only aim]then there are certain things you should know :


* Dont always aim for giving super quality blog posts to your readers ,

* Just a moderate quality blog post with decent amount of info and enough keywords is sufficient for making money blogging ,

* Try to concentrate in thinking more in the perspective of keywords and google searches ,

* Have every long tail keyword in your mind and use them as needed in the blog post .


Why do i say ‘dont be too loyal’ ?

Because if you just aim to make money and not for loyal readers then it is high time you understood that building loyal readership is not the only way to make money blogging [actually its the most difficult one] .Dont waste too much time thinking always about your readers and what you can offer more useful to them.If you dont get enough response you will soon lose interest in blogging.

But if you are into building a loyal readership in your blog then this advice is not for you !!!


What else can i do instead of building loyal readers ?

Do SEO to your blog.

Build more links to your blog ;

try starting more blogs ;

Do keyword research and start niche blogs.

Instead of concentrating on one single blog make sure you try your hands on many other niche blogs.Niche blogs work best for adsense .


I did not want to discourage you.But i just wanted to let you know that you should keep your strategy in mind and act accordingly and not just learn from how others blog .It all depends on your blogging strategy .Its your choice !

So atlast Google gives a proper result to FUCK BLOGGING – make money blogging

Recently i did a crazy search on the term FUCK BLOGGING in Google but found that there werent so many interesting results for that search term.And iam not sure if anyone has ever searched for it except me.hee hee.So i thought of bringing a decent result on Google when people search for FUCK BLOGGING.I hope people who experience continued failures in blogging would search for those terms in Google .


So i started a doc in Scribd and uploaded it .Within 3 days it went to the top of the search results for the search term FUCK BLOGGING.Now iam happy because people who get frustrated making money blogging would finally get some relief after reading my doc in


What i want to stress here is that always dont try for ranking for keywords only through your own blog.Suppose say you want to rank for the keyword phrase HOLY SHIT.Then the best way to rank for it is either blog about it in your own blog and do lots of link building OR start a doc in scribd [or SLIDESHARE or HUBPAGES or SQUIDOO] regarding HOLY SHIT.


Iam sure that it will be easy if you start an entry in scribd or squidoo etc,. and rank for that keyword rather starting an own blog post and then SEOing it.YOU MAY PLACE A LINK TO YOUR BLOG IN THE SCRIBD DOC OR THE SQUIDOO LENS AND BRING TRAFFIC FROM THERE.isnt it cool ? By this way your own blog would also get recognition from people and may even have chances of going viral in the blogosphere.This could be a nice link bait if you do it properly .



This is the scribd doc i made which is ranking on top for FUCK BLOGGING :


How to Fuck Blogging for Cash

Peiprofit shows us making money blogging through selling text link ads

Peiprofit is a blog regarding making money blogging and he has an interesting post on making money blogging through text link ads.The most interesting point he mentioned in that article is asking you to name the section where you place your ads as SITES I RECOMMEND or something else but not SPONSORED LINKS.Iam not sure if thats the only way Google uses to detect paid links.But that is quite an useful info given out by peiprofit.You can find the entire article here :


Remember there is more probability that Google will detect the paid links section and slap your blog by reducing its page rank.So think before you sell text links in your blog.Because what you are doing by selling text links is you are making Google’s website Rank calculation algorithm ineffective .

Make money Blogging – Dont worry if you lose your pagerank

Bloggers are too much concerned about their pagerank these days [as always].The fact is that one of the simple ways to make money blogging is through selling text links on your blog.This is one of the very simple ways to make money blogging.The advertisers just need the PR juice to pass to them .thats it.Rarely do they care about the quality of your blog posts.

But the big problem in selling links is that you may ultimately lose your page rank.You may even fear that you will lose organic traffic from Google.Losing organic traffic will be a big loss if you are aiming for adsense income.Hope you all know adsense’s love for organic traffic.But the real fact is this :



So if you dont care about PR and just want to sell links on your blog and make money blogging then just go on.You might even start a bunch of blogs , get PR and sell links to make money online.Its a simple and best way for beginners.

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