Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adwords is very helpful to bloggers

Hope all of you might have across the google adwords program and some of you might be even trying it out .Besides the marketing , its very helpful for bloggers to do keyword research . I have been doing keyword research for one of my photoblogs in wordpress and the results were 200% fruitful . Instead of targeting the competitive keywords which your competitors have already got a kilos of those words in their sites , think in a different perspective .Why not aim at the less-competitve ones and get the top spot in google  for those words .


google adwords seo

This is what i did and i succeeded in less than 45 days .I got top positions for 4 keywords which had about 100 searches everyday .The result  - i could easily get 400 visitors everyday without any hercules effort .Cool , isnt it ?

So stop aiming at those competitive keywords primarily and head straight to the following url ,

Do a complete research on the keywords of your niche  and its better to have a database of those keywords near you , so that the next time you make any posts , you see to it that you use them in your blog posts , whereever possible .


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