Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogger turns ten – List of most wanted Features in blogger

“Blogger” has turned ten – i know the effect of this platform on blogging and it has been phenomenal.I just hope that it gets better – but am really disappointed by lack of updates in blogger.

Here are some things that i really want to see in blogger:

=>way to add unique meta keyword and meta description elements to each page – most people say that search engines do not depend on these tags anymore.yes,i agree with that.But still,having a proper meta element helps a lot when very low competitive keywords matter.

=>commenting in thread form – just like digg.I see many blogger admins struggling hard to reply to comments.So this is something i want to see in the future,

These are the two updates i really want to see in the future.There have been certain updates recently – many gadgets have been added.But still i feel that these are useful only for people who want to spice up their blogs.What i want to see is REAL updates that are going to optimize the blog for search engines.We want the blogger to become as good as wordpress – hardest and next to impossible ,but still why not give it a try?

One thing that is slowly making blogger a real treat ….

Yes.Despite all these disappointments by the blogger team,certain things have impressed me.Wonder what?Recently,there have been many releases of blogger templates that match the awesomeness seen in WP templates.Hats off to people like bloggerstyles.com who has give a huge list of templates that are simply superb.

Here is a recommended source for blogger templates:

Best blogger templates

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