Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blogging advice to get you at the top of google

Blogging is going to infinite heights nowadays especially due to the wordpress software and other blogging platforms.iam particularly impressed with wordpress ; although i dont have a self-hosted blog , i run it in my pc locally and everytime i find a nice wordpress theme , i try it out on the apache server .

So here is my blogging advice so as to get yourself some google love and inturn build a better money making blog .

1. Build keyword rich posts ,

2. make internal link building where ever possible,

3. dont overdo keyword stuffing,

4.always try to minimize the no. of javascripts in your blogs / keep an eye on the time it takes for your complete webpage to load .

5. never hesitate to link to your neighbourhood blogs ,

6. try to make your points crisp –problogger is the best example ,i could say ,who makes his articles very interesting – every sentence of his blog post is a treat to read ,

7.submit your blog posts to dofollow blogs – dont waste your time by posting your comments on blogs [ if your intention is back links ] where the links are nofollow .but if your intention is building better relationship with fellow niche bloggers then you may use all the blog comment forms ,

This is just a small list of blogging advice that you could keep in mind – remember to follow every point  listed here .more advice on blogging and blogging tips tricks are available all over the web.never be lazy in searching for them :)


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