Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting with a blank sheet in Internet Marketing

Before i begin to explain about the blog post title,i want you to go and look at their ads arrangement.If you do not want to spend a few seconds trying to load that page,at least have a look at the below snap:




Do you see something odd there about the way the ads are placed? If you feel that it is odd and even not the most effective place to keep an ad then you are wrong.Because what i feel is that it is the best place for an ad at techcrunch.Why does everyone want to place an ad in the side bar?Just do not follow the herd.Think out of the box and think how you can make the readers notice every ad you place on a site.


And look at how they have broken down the number of ads into three blocks of 4 ads each.This is a great way to show exposure to each and every ad.

This is why i said we need to be starting with a blank sheet in Internet Marketing.Look for what will work best for your niche and your site.Do not follow the herd.Although difficult and strange it may seem,that is the truth and it will give you more benefits.

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