Saturday, December 12, 2009

Problem with article directories and Google Indexing

Bum marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your site,let alone the cool conversion it paves way for.web masters can submit at least about 100 articles to the directories and in the process,they can get 100 or even 300 links [3 links per article] from 100 different c-class IPs.But there is a huge problem with the method of bum marketing.People starting out in the internet marketing field face these problems listed below:


1.many directories take way long time to approve the articles.This discourages people to pursue bum marketing for their SEO.

2.Lots of directories approve the articles.but the problem is that they do not get indexed by Google.This might due to the factor of duplicate content.

3.Writing the articles – ya,i know how hard it would be to write articles about a topic such as Grills or chairs.ha ha.But still,if you do not want to articles around those keywords,try writing articles in some other niche and link your desired web site in the author resource.There is no harm in doing such a thing.


SEOmoz had published a very interesting article about the limit of Google indexing a few weeks back:

Rand rightly points out that Google [and so do other search engines] cannot index every web page.This will be so true as the output from webmasters and the number of bloggers increase in the future.There has to be an indexation cap.


So this clearly means that Google cannot index all articles in all the article directories.It has to weed out at least the duplicate ones.This is because of the duplicate content contained in them.But still many unique articles also do not get indexed and this causes a lot of frustration.Although bum marketing has a lot of advantages and is a perfect technique for the newbie marketers,there is no doubt that there are other preferred methods over it.

Best ways to Skyrocket your revenue in the Internet

There has been a lot of buzz about the social media for the past 2 or 3 years.But the fact is that social media is not for all niches.Yes.That is true.And social media is not for everybody.So if you failed after trying stumbles,tweets and diggs,remember that it is all because of either your niche or your service.You cannot expect to get a lot of diggs for an Acai berry niche [but yeah, black hat way is possible although it would not stay long].


If not social media,then what else works ….


If you are worried that social media would not work for you,do not worry.There are lot of other techniques that are sure-fire ways to take your revenue to the stellar levels.Some of them include the internet marketing services and the search engine optimization service.Now there is nothing that cannot work if you do all these yourselves.But hey, wait…are you really familiar with all these techniques?If not,its time to get your feet wet with them.Because reading is different from practicing.If you had not optimized any of your sites before,do it this time and gain knowledge.It is when you do internet marketing that you learn – and that sort of learning is 1000 times better than just watching other IMers’ successes or reading their blog posts.It is high time you understood that you have to become  a IM guru instead of being stagnant as a newbie or a little advanced one.Improve day by day.Time is available.It is you who has to use it.Propel yourselves in to IM.


Take Action.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Webmastering is not ‘dream,type and win’ type of thing

Its common to see people getting inspired by super affiliates and their profiles.But how many do you think go all the way down the same road those super affiliates traveled.Not many probably.It is high time webmaster-wannabe understood that it takes a lot more than dreams to succeed in Internet Marketing.Just because you typed an article a week about your niche does not mean you deserve success.


Focus,draw a strategy,stick to it,blow away IM Guru’s strategies and do something yourself.You will learn a lot by doing yourselves and FAILING TO MAKE MONEY than dreaming or just reading successful people’s stories or blog posts.Like i always say,make sure to register in a couple of webmaster forums and blogs to keep your knowledge updated about IM.You can try out the UK webmaster forum blog in case you are in search of such a forum.Or if you are completely new to web mastering,start with reading web hosting reviews and getting yourself a domain along with hosting.Start as soon as possible.Do not just dream.Make it a reality.It is all in your hands – just yours !.


By the way,i came across an interesting article talking about PCI Compliance .You may read all about it here:

Since it was something i never came across,i assumed that most probably you did not know about it too.

Starting and succeeding in webmastering – what does it take?

There are three stages when it comes to a webmaster’s success:


1.hearing the word web mastering,searching for resources and getting inspired by some IMers’ successes and fat checks,

2.learning everyday about IM,overwhelmed with too much information,becoming envious of others’ successes,

3.realizing that learning everyday about different marketing strategies and search marketing is going to take them nowhere – this is when the webmaster-wannabe plunges himself in to real action.This is when people realize that all those so-called-IM guru’s ebooks will be of no use to them if they do not take action.

Those three steps pretty much cover everything.So for a person to come through all three stages and then ultimately succeed,it takes a lot of patience,persistence and hard work.You cannot expect to sit all day,read RSS feeds,be tweeting and then say f**k off to IM.

You cannot expect to sit all day,read RSS feeds,be tweeting and then say f**k off to IM.


More tips:


1.It is better to be involved in some popular webmaster forums to be up to date with all the the new IM strategies,news and tools.You will always have something to learn each day.There is no end to that and your passion for IM success.One of the forums you can try is the Webmaster Web Hosting Forum

2.For buying or selling any web property or service you own,you may try out the Webmaster Marketplace.It is so easier to buy already existing businesses.Remember that you are not just getting the profits but also the credibility associated with the old business.It is worth buying from marketplaces rather than starting everything from scratch.

3.Take Action.Period.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google shuts down the ‘More sponsored links’ section"

Whenever there was a need to see how many advertisers there were for a particular niche,some people used to go to the below URL for looking them up:


Type the niche in the above page and you would be able to see the list of advertisers.You can also change the geo-location using “gl” parameter in the URL – that would show you the advertiser list for that particular niche and in that particular country.It was quite useful for Internet marketers.

But the sad fact is that it has now been shut down.People will no longer be able to use it for any purpose.I am not sure about the true reasons for the shut down.


Here is what Google says about this when i visit that page:

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