Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bloggers complaining about google not indexing their blogs

Iam an active member in digitalpoint forums and  have recently come across many posts regarding “google not indexing the blogs” .I myself have come through this .yeah , i started a photoblog recently and it was very hard for me to get it indexed . I kept on submitting my posts to social bookmarking but was of no use .

google indexing blogsJust when i came to conclusion that google is not going to index it anymore , i finally found it indexed one day .It was really great to see my blog indexed .I primarily aim for the search engine traffic and so had become frustrated at one point of time . But now its all fine .

There were even rumours that Google has stopped indexing the blogspots and free wordpress blogs … LoL ….. I did not believe it and kept on submitting my posts to social sites and the result was fruiful .

So there is no such thing about google not indexing the blogs – just keep on posting and use the social sites .Do what you love   :)


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