Friday, November 14, 2008

Importance of long-tail keywords

I just started a celebrity blog [ almost 2 months old ] and have just been receiving organic traffic from google . But the problem is i have not yet ranked for any major keywords – the traffic i receive are all long-tail keywords .when i logged on to google analytics today , it showed that i have received traffic from almost 1500 keywords [ and they are all 99% long-tail keywords ] .So that means , i have almost got  4000 visits from long-tail keywords in 2 months !

interesting isnt it ? This is what  i recommend to all my fellow bloggers , just do not concentrate on the competitive keywords – some of the bloggers might not even know that they are constantly using the competitive keywords .They just think that by posting regularly they would be considered highly by search engines – regular posting does matter but your blog has to be visible to the web .if not then all your posts are going to be wasted .

So the next time you make a post make sure that you think patiently for the best post title – keep this in mind ::

“ if it takes you 30 minutes to write a post , take atleast 3 to 4 minutes to think about the post title” .

By being lazy about thinking a good post title you are missing out 100 ‘s visitors everyday which you could have gained if you had concentrated on the title and the appropriate keywords for the post .so think twice before hitting the “post” button , bloggers .

Is there any disadvantage in using long-tail keywords ?

Initially when i was using competitive keywords  , the CPC was quite good [ for a celebrity niche ] .But when i started  using long-tails , the CPC became quite low .So this is a little bit of a disadvantage but iam ready to sacrifice a few dollars as those  long-tails are sure to bring me 1000’s visitors to my blog one day .


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Selly Xiu said...

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