Saturday, January 31, 2009

Best Wallpaper for people aiming to earn money through the net ?

Adsense is still my primary choice to earn money through the net.Yes there are so many other methods to monetize a blog like selling links [could be harmful to your blog] and affiliate programs or private ads [but requires a lot of authority to your blog] but i still feel i could do a lot more with adsense than with other methods i have listed above.


Without ranting too much let me show you what i was talking about in the title of this blog post.Best wallpaper for adsense people ? What is it ? This is it guys …




Well you might not like this to be set as the background for your desktop.But there are certain things you should learn from the above image.Can you guess what they are ? Let me list them out :


Aim for traffic to your blog before dreaming about every other thing


Blogging is fun.Blogging for money is even more thrilling and definitely possible.But why is it that so many bloggers still fail in what they wanted to achieve ? Because they really do not get the proper approach for achieving success through blogging .Wondering what it means ? Let me give you some examples .


When i was a beginner to blogging i was so excited about blogging.I saw so many blogs getting so much money through adsense and other monetization methods.Wow… someday i will achieve that .Then i googled for “tips to make money through blogging ” – read a lot of them -  some of them advised me to concentrate on ad placements .They said “Without proper ad placements you cannot earn well with adsense”.So i thought this is why iam not being able to earn money online.


So what i did was i constantly changed my adsense ads – i placed the ads at the top then placed them at the bottom – placed at the sidebar – blah blah blah ………but the earnings remained the same and some days got worse.Finally got frustrated and stopped blogging for a quite an amount of days .This is what really happened !


So was that piece of advice regarding adsense ad placements wrong ?

No.not at all.But the problem is how can you earn money when there are just 10 or 15 visitors to your blog everyday ? My first approach towards earning a lot more through adsense should be getting more traffic to my blog – but rather than doing that i was concentrating  more on other things that were useless at that stage of my blogging.Note that i said ‘at that stage of blogging’.I did not say it was useless.The adsense ad placements are very very important.But there are other things that you should concentrate on first.


Just doing things that you learn in popular blogs and forums is not adequate for you to earn money online .You should know what to do and when to do .Certain things are effective only when they are done at the right time - like experimenting with your ad placements once you get more amount of traffic [remember that search engine traffic are best for earning through adsense].I did not say experimenting should not be there when you just get 10 or 15 visitors to your blog – you  should experiment but concentrate less on that – concentrate more on writing articles  - link building – article submission and others .Then finally you might put your full efforts on blog monetization.


As you might have seen in the picture above – there were huge amounts of page impressions and clicks which got him so much money.This is what you should learn from the picture above.Concentrate more on things that really matter for your blog to earn money online .Every piece of advice you learn related to blogging and earning money online are important but certain things have be given more priority than others at some stages of blogging.This is what i want you to learn from this article.

The day the Google bots went crazy

This is the craziest thing i have ever seen and experienced in my life.For every term i google , i get the “This site may harm your computer” message in the Google search results.Have a look at the snapshots i took :




Google says that “”  and all its services may harm my computer.So am i being suggested not to use google from today ? Well that is difficult .






Do you see the same thing ? What happened to the google bots ?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot Blogs – step by step guide to blogging success

Well there is confusion everywhere in the blogosphere regarding how one could bring traffic to a blog and how one could earn money through their blogs and how once could create an hot blog.When i was an amateur , i tried so many methods and failed in almost all of them [or atleast it took a lot of my time ] that i ultimately stopped blogging in this blog for about 3 months or so .Wondering what made me stop blogging ? This is why :


Asking everyone to visit my blog – This is what i thought is the best method to bring traffic.So i continued doing this constantly on places where i have space to market my blog .But eventually not a lot of them visited my blog and i was very frustrated.Yes of course for blogging starters it might be better if they ask for help or even ask some of them to visit the blog and give comments on the blog design ,articles etc ,.But as your blog grows you cannot continue this.What you require once your blog has crossed about 10-15 articles is the search engine optimization.Remember to get Google traffic rather than social sites .


So what should be the exact approach in developing an hot blog capable of getting search engine love ?


Step 1 in developing an hot blog in the blogosphere  :

After selecting the niche of your blog [let it be profitable if you want to earn money through your blog ] ,select less competition keywords from the service below :


Suppose say your blog niche is ‘make money’ then searching for this keyword phrase in the above service would give you following results :



make money on net



make money internet



As you might see above in the screenshot how to make money online gets about 40500 visitors .Its always great to target the good keywords in your niche .But the problem is it might take too much time and links to get to top position for such keywords.So to avoid frustration and also to get quick results [that would boost you more] , it is better for people just starting to blog and people who dont know much about link building methods to concentrate on keywords that get moderate or less traffic.


So my point is it is better to select make money on the net than how to make money online .Once you get to know how make a proper link building campaign and get all the stuff related to links in your mind you can start targeting ‘how to make money online’.Dont think it is impossible to reach top positions for such competitive keywords.With link building everything is possible .


What should i do after selecting less or moderate competitive keywords ?

So after selecting about 10 keywords write articles about them.Concentrate fully on the articles and forget about the rest .make sure you know who your competitors are and see if they have blogged about any articles related to the keywords.See what they have said.Do not duplicate those articles please .


Write clear articles [do not make it too long just because you like it long] with the title made of keywords which we selected from the adwords website .Make sure you use the keyword phrases in the body too.The keyword density could be up to 7%  in the article .Just because you are targeting the keyword phrase shouldnt mean you should use all types of crap in the article with keywords spread all over.It is always best if you research a bit about what you are going to blog about.Hope you remember my blog article – writing quality unique posts is best way to success for blogging .I had clearly stated why you should care for your readers .


Make sure the on page optimization is perfect.The title tags are very important for Google SERP .Make sure the keyword proximity is also in check in your blog article .After everything in the article is well optimized hit the ‘publish’ button for all the ten articles .You have now finished the the initial phases in creating a hot blog .


What should i do after writing ten articles in my blog ?

Wondering what you should do after writing those articles ? The answer is simple – BUILD LINKS TO ALL THE ARTICLES WITH PROPER ANCHOR TEXT [AND NOT SPAM].


This is the most important phase in blogging – During the initial phases in blogging you are definitely required to build links the hard way [but once you gain readers and become a bit of an authority in your niche the links to your blog will build naturally].But during the starting stage it is going to be really really difficult.But do not worry you will come over everything as iam with you and i will be instructing you everything .


So you have ten articles in the blog and you are going to build the links to each of the articles.To build articles you can use the following methods :


Forum signatures

guest blogging

paid links

article submission

blog commenting [but please do not spam – give a nice suggestion or atleast a thanks to the blog owner where you are commenting]

Every process said above could be easily done but the more important thing in building links is the selection of anchor text !!! Make sure you do not do any mistake in the anchor selection or else everything you had dreamed about will be a waste .Think thrice before placing an anchor text .


How should i select the anchor text ?

Suppose one of the ten articles in your blog is about “make money on the net” then try to use variants of the phrase as follows :

making money on net

how to make money on net

money making through net and so on ,.

But just repeating the same anchor text for 2 or 3 times is ok .But it shouldnt be the same for every anchor .


Should i link to the home page of my blog ?

Yes definitely.Just imagine how Google bots would feel about your blog once they come to know that there are 100’s of links to every article in your blog but the homepage has just 1 or 2 links .Bots would finally come to a wrong conclusion that your blog is a crap .So avoid that situation.Try to build the links to the home page too.


How many links should i get to each article ?

I cannot be specific here .There is nothing like a fixed number as to how many links you must get in order to top the SERP.Just check everyday if you have reached the no.1 page or even the no.1 position in SERP.If not , keep building them with good anchors in good neighbourhoods .


Should i stop link building once i reach the top position in SERP for one particular keyword ?

No.It is always better to build more links so that no other competitor will take your position in the SERP.But yes ofcourse it is always very difficult to be in the same position  in SERP ; you might have variations.But make sure you are atleast in the first page of your keyword search in google .


What else can i do ?

You might use blogging networks like blogcatalog to inform people about your quality blog article.If they feel it great ,there are high chances that your blog or your blog article will be linked through their blog .You might even ask them to link to their blog if they find the articles useful .


So thats it.Blogging is not difficult.It just takes time [sometimes very long] .Be patient and you will be definitely rewarded .

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