Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google seems to be updating their backlinks index

As you all know google regularly updates the backlinks index which tells us about the number of backlinks our blog/site has . So there have been many discussions in several forums regarding this update .i dont see any updates for me but you better look at them to see if there are any improvements for you .To check it , follow this procedure :

1. go to google

2. type “link:http://www.domain.com” in the search box and hit enter .

here type your ‘blog / site name’ instead of “domain” .

example :


But wait ……. dont worry if there are too few backlinks because you cannot rely on this search .The best way to see your backlinks list is to use the google webmasters tools .

To use google webmasters  :



2.then visit “links –>  Pages with external links “

there you may find the number of links you have got for each blog post along with the post url .

when you click on the number count , you will also be shown the urls where you have your backlinks .

cool features , arent they ?

You could also go to “ links –>  Pages with internal links “ and see if your internal linking is correct .remember that internal linking also plays a role in seo .we call them the “on-page optimization “ seo is not just about keywords and backlinks .Its a collection of factors together .


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