Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog on a free web host – is that fine?

Most people start blogging on a free hose.Once they see their earnings inflate,they think about searching for a shared hosting.That is a good move but people who are on free hosts like blogger must also understand the risks involved.One of the things i want to point out is that blogger had been banning a lot blogs since the past few years through bots.These bots look for spam signals and delete splogs but the problem is not that.As you could imagine,the real problem with deletion of supposed splogs is that sometimes,they delete real blogs on which bloggers had spend enormous energy and time in to their development.

So what to do?How to escape:

Go to any web hosting rating site and pick one that suits your budget and needs.Once chosen and blog is setup there,there is no need to rely on free hosts.You have your own space and there can be no one who can ban your blog without notice.There are many best dedicated hosting sites too.So if you prefer dedicated hosting instead of the other counterparts,you can look into that.Its all your choice.

But if you prefer to be on a free host like blogger for a couple of months until you learn the abc of blogging then its fine.just make sure that you are backing up the entire blog so that if anything goes wrong,you are able to switch to a shared web hosting.

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