Saturday, December 6, 2008

what to do when google reduces your blog pagerank because of selling links ?



Every webmaster knows that google has started to think seriously about the paid links .So there might be many of you who were seriously blogging , aiming to come to the top place at google SERP one day and suddenly got slapped by google .So what can you do if google reduces your pagerank from 5 to 1 ? well if i had been in that  situation , i would have had a mild heart attack .Although there are so many discussions and threads in forums regarding the fact whether Page rank is really important , i still think that it is not true.

Google definitely considers Page rank as one of the factors for ranking a webpage in the google SERP . i even have a strong belief that it might be one of the top 50 factors in the google algorithms.But that is  a different story.lets have that discussion another day.

Court has a very interesting post about what she did when google reduced the pagerank of court’s blog .I had always thought that google never considers our requests .But after reading court’s blog post , i feel that i may be wrong.But there is another possibility that google will consider our request only if we are serious bloggers.There is nill percentage doubt that court is a serious blogger and so google restored the pagerank .But iam not sure about this.My suggestion to all those bloggers who got slapped by google is that you should definitely follow court’s advice given in this post :

Thank you court for all the amazing posts in your blog.


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