Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to add meta keywords and meta description tags to your blogger blog

As far as the meta tags are concerned there are several rumours that google does not consider the meta tags as important anymore . some say its a major factor in the google SERP [ search engine result pages ] . But whatever it is , adding those meta tags does not take 40 hours .just takes 1 minute 5 seconds [ hee hee … well that includes your ‘sign in’ time in to blogger . its slow these days now  you see ] .So here is how you must add meta tags for the blogger blog – it also applies to any other site :

1.login to ‘blogger’

2.visit the ‘blogger dashboard’

3. click “ layout” for the blog to which you want to add the meta tags

4.goto “edit HTML”

5.after “ < head > “ in your html file , you must add these 4 lines ::::



<meta name='keywords' content=’ seo,search engine tricks,blogging tips ,blog tools' />
<meta name='description' content=’ get blogging tips and tools for your blogger and wordpress blogs' />

BUT WAIT ……………. Dont add the same lines as above .you got to do a bit of editing .

as you could see those lines contain words like “seo,blogging tips” – these are good meta tags for my seo blog .

So suppose your blog is a celebrity blog , you may use it like these :::


<meta name='keywords' content=’ hot wallpapers,pictures,pamela anderson,angelina jolie' />
<meta name='description' content=’ get hollywood movie stills and wallpapers , celebrity gossips and pictures everyday ‘/>


Similarly modify those lines depending upon the topic of your blog [ we usually call them ‘NICHE’ ] .

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