Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interesting article about the Search Engines History

So what do you really know about the search engines?You now that they crawl the web sites,index them and later run some algorithms.rank pages for keywords,key phrases and also kick out the spammers …..But that is not we are talking about right here.I am talking about the evolution of the search engines.And if you say that you are not aware of anything about it,it is time you did right now.Here is an article that is good at explaining the history in a small number of paragraphs instead of boring you to death with intolerable quantity of details.

Is there any other article that was of interest to you?Let me know and i will post it here.And keep the topic of that article to search engines and nothing else.


Future of the SEO:


2.alive ?

3.does not have any future? ….  sorry,i really cannot say anything about this because the question FUTURE OF THE SEO is itself a dumb one.And people who say that SEO will be dead have not really got the hang of it.Those would be the people who think that SEO is spamming.They should first learn about SEO and then talk about its possible future.


Anyway,what do you think about that?let me know.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is lot more other than the Search marketing

I had discussed about certain vital points about the web site marketing in the previous blog post.Now let me discuss a little more about web site marketing and also tell you a little bit about local marketing.By local marketing,what i  mean is that you are focused more on people in your local area.For example,if you are selling dresses in UK then there are certain steps that you need to take that can in fact make you attain better SERP position.


Attaining better SERP position can be a lot more easy if you , the correct country level domain,

2.get hosting in your country – now suppose you are targeting the UK users,you can try hosting in the UK.just google Web Hosting UK and you will be able to go through all quality web hosting providers in the UK.


Now the second point mentioned above is always debatable.Everybody is sure about the first point but nobody is sure if getting hosting in the UK will be able to boost the SERP positions or not.But still i do not think that there is no harm in getting hosting from UK if you are aiming the UK people.Remember that there are so many other hosting providers who are very credible.Just do not restrict yourself to hostgator or bluehost.


Search marketing:


Like i mentioned in the previous blog post,search marketing has always been great.But when all attention goes to just that,you are missing a lot of gold mines.Here are some more that can benefit you: leads, buying,

3.create buzz by publishing in other popular niche blogs – in other words,guest posting.Guest posting will do wonders in a niche wherein there is a  huge audience.Remember that you will be able to get hundreds of RSS subscribers by guest posting in a blog where in there are already lots of subscribers.

Vital points to be remembered about web site marketing

Some of you might be marketing your website yourself and some of the web masters will try to hand that job to the hands of people who are specialized in them.But whatever you do,its fine until you realize the importance of marketing your web site.Do you know what?Just quality or awe-inspiring content is never enough to take your web site to the level you wish.Marketing plays a very important role.The initial thrust that needs to propel your web site can only be offered by proper marketing.

Anyway,i think that’s enough for the intro to website marketing.Now there are certain things i am tempted to tell you about marketing in the Internet.Here are those points:


1.If you are new to web site marketing then it is better to spend a lot of time getting the hang of it.Since new marketing methods are emerging every now and then,it will be hard to go through all of them.But listen to me – its really worth spending time in learning the ways to market your site.If you feel that you have other jobs that need attention,then you need to outsource marketing.The last thing you want to do is debate among yourself about whether marketing is really needed or not,


2.Just do not depend on the search marketing.I am amazed by the attention people have given to the search marketing.There are lot of other methods like the media buying that is drawing a lot of attention nowadays.So just look around and keep your mind open to various marketing methods.There is so much other than search marketing,


3.Record your ROI and keep track of all marketing methods – now when you record them all,you will be able to weed out those methods that do not give you a dime of profit.Wedding out the wastes gives you more ROI and it will actually save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Which is the best web host – hosting ratings

I see new web hosting providers come every now and then.So is there any particular web host that stays on top of the list always?Nope.It changes every now and then.But yeah,there are ways to keep track of the new ones and best ones.

For example,you can keep subscribed to sites that review these web hosts and give you ratings based on the services and features they offer.


Where can i find such ratings?

You can get such ratings in web hosting rating site.This site is just made for the ratings and reviews on different web hosts.According to me,this is the best way to keep track of the best hosting providers in the internet.With so many hosting companies coming up,you never know which ones are scam and which are good.

The reviews of the top hosting providers are listed too and they are pretty is one the reviews :

Bluehost webhosting review


You can see the entire list of web hosting reviews in the above web site.Apart from giving the ratings,each item in the list has also been reviewed which makes it my top site for looking up for the hosting reviews.

Starting to blog in order to make money?

So if you have heard someone say that blogging career can make a good chunk of money every month,you must be very eager to start blogging yourselves.Is not that the case?I think so.Well,then,there are two options for you if you are looking to make money blogging:

1.start with a free web host – there are hundreds of such sites of which blogger tops the list,

2.get a hosting account.


Most people start with a free blog and once they have made a good chunk of money,they start with a pro web host.This is a good idea.But some start with the pro hosting immediately.Now if you want to do such a thing,you might want to read the web hosting rating sites first.There are lots of them reviewing the hosting companies.And they will be able to give you the top service providers.

I suppose you are in the need of a blog hosting.If that is the case,you may read the below article to know the best hosting companies for your need:

Best Blog Web Hosting


You can read lot more reviews in the above web site pertaining to the web hosting providers.I am really amazed by the amount of reviews put up there.They are really very comprehensive and honest reviews.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review sites – have higher conversion rates than anything else

When a newbie gets started out in the Internet Marketing field,he think alls about how to get thousands of people per day to his site.But little does he realize that even if 5 people visit his site,he can make a good chunk of money each month.


Surprised …?Well,then,it means you are a newbie ..


Let me explain this to you how.Suppose say you have an affiliate site.It is promoting the products whose average commission is 40 USD.Now like i said earlier,let the visitors per day be just 10 ! No more dreaming of 1000 or more visitors.It just is not possible for everybody once you are a beast at doing IM or spamming [that is a different story].

Now let us say that out of 10 people,1 of them buys the product linked by your affiliate ID.So that means your earnings are 40 USD per day – that implies,1200 USD per month.Isn’t that cool?

But little does he realize that even if 5 people visit his site,he can make a good chunk of money each month.

But wait..there are two factors:


There are two important factors when it comes to getting great conversion rates.Here they are:

1.laser targeted visitors – you might already be familiar with this,

2.type of site – it could be an informational site,review site or an affiliate site.Let me tell you more about the review type of sites because they top the list.


Review sites rock – WPReviewEngine plays pivotal role:


The best thing about review sites is that they are not only easy to build but they also convert like hell.Getting conversions like 10 or 15 % could have been a dream to you till now.But once you start experimenting with the review type of sites,the Dream will become a reality.

One of the wordpress plugins that makes building review sites is WPReviewEngine – believe me guys.You will be amazed by the themes and the type of sites this little plugin creates for you.


See for yourselves:

If you want to know how the sites created by this plugin look,here is the link to it:

WordPress Review Plugin

I am sure you will be amazed.

Converting csv to blog posts – impressive !

Gone are the days when you have to write articles which is kinda boring shit.But then lots of freelancers came along the way.yet you know,you have to pay money to get those articles done.There are some who would want to get articles at the lowest possible price.And for those people,converting the data in CSV to blog posts would be the best idea.

Remember the advantages of such a feature:


1.1000+ blog posts without any additional cost [cost involves the money paid for the tool],

2.importing huge number of databases,convert them into CSV and then publish them as wordpress blog posts – now imagine the amount of content you will be able to get through this feature.The site would be massive,and i think you know very well about how google likes sites with massive amount of content.As time goes by and your site becomes old,traffic would literally get bombarded into your site.

3.Avoid all those freelancers – save lots of money !! – touch nothing.You will have increasing content and thereby, $$$


“But what tool does all this for me” ?


Wondering about this?Well,here is the solution:

WordPress CSV Importer

The above wordpress plugin does everything i have talked about above.And surprisingly,its really very cheap.Just go onto that site and you will be impressed.I bet.

The next big thing in IM – would it add more spam?

Twitter has already been attacked by spammers.Now that google and bing are trying to add real-time search,it adds immeasurable value to the real-time search.So does that mean spam is going to increase in the near future?it might happen.So that means Twitter has to do a much better job in weeding out the spam,isn’t it?


Real time Search:


Whenever something new comes in to the internet marketing or into the web search,everyone starts buzzing about it.But …


You saw that in the case of the wolfram alpha search engine and in some other cases.There will be so much buzz when something new starts in the world of web search or even web marketing.but as time goes on and after a few weeks,buzz is lost.So will this be the case with the real-time search too??Would real-time search results be really used by people?

Let us see.I am waiting for the real time search to be released to all.And am sure so are you.

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