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World’s Funniest SEO video – by fake Matt cutts

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Three things people misunderstand about Internet Entrepreneurship

There are a lot of people who are struggling hard to become a Internet entrepreneur and some have no clue regarding what Internet marketing is all about.Many people’s jaws drop after seeing those fat checks issued by affiliate networks and lead networks to internet marketers – so is Internet Entrepreneurship easy? NO. The initial process is going to be terrible – this is why many do not become entrepreneurs.But some do not quit .. you know what?Those people become the full time marketers !So here are some things misunderstood my people who do not know much about Internet Entrepreneurship:


1.”Doing Online Business is easy and takes no effort at all”

This is the ultimate bullshit i hear from the newbies.I am sorry – i do not want to hurt the newbies but it is high time they understood more about doing online businesses.


2.”Online business can make you thousands of dollars every month without any work”

This is the next thing misunderstood.You could have seen many sales pitches that say “I made 10000 dollars through the internet while sleeping or watching tv” – those are not false.I agree that they would have done like that.But such easy money starts flowing after going through a very hard path – most people fail in the beginning and they would not be making money easily like the man you saw promoting his product.


3.”Internet Entrepreneurs do not have to work all day!” :

I agree that it is not a must to work all day.But if you do not work for at least three to five hours,you are never going to improve and there are high chances that you lose the income by a large percentage.Internet Entrepreneurs requires people to be dynamic.You need to evolve as new marketing techniques are introduced.If you are not willing to take extreme steps and experiment with new things,I am sorry to say that you do not deserve to be an Internet Entrepreneur.


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