Thursday, February 11, 2010

Autoblogs/sites are not spam when they look cool,eh?

I have always wondered how some of the sites in the internet thrive even though they seem to be just auto blogs or sites but with a cool design that looks grand too.So is that what makes an autoblog legit?This is the time when google has been punishing a lot of autoblogs but the fact that a lot of them are in fact making loads of cash despite being auto sites makes me a little sad.Hope they take action against them soon to let the legit sites come in front of the SERP.

Despite the non-banning of such auto sites,one thing that provides web masters relief is that they are not on the top on the SERP.But they do come at the top for long tail keywords which again is a sad thing in this age of search engines.


How to make an auto blog a superstar?


1.Get loads of inlinks – it would be great if you are already equipped with a network of blogs,each containing thousands of pages.Sitewide links from the footer will do the trick without any faults.

2.Create a perfect design mashing posts from hundreds of sites in the internet.

3.Look legitimate – this can be done by using a cool logo,social networking within the site and by providing some other features which,of course,nobody will be using.But that makes them look supercool,isn’t it?And that is all they want.No editors,no writers but thousands of search engine visitors from all parts of the globe.

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