Thursday, December 4, 2008

A collection of interesting information about the search engine giant Google

Google has always been improving in all their departments - particularly in the search algorithms.Constant tweakings , slight changes in the factors of algos and even slight additions to already existing factors .You might be a great fan of google and might closely follow what it does and know lots about it  . But there are lots more things about google that you did not know .So here is a presentation that is sure to amaze you.It clearly tells how much effort google puts in order to be at the top of everything we know of the web :
 Key points in the slide :
1.The slide clearly points out why google bought doubleclick .It says that doubleclick has all the major websites in its bag – those that got above 1 million visitors per this is what prompted google to buy doubleclick [ see slide 15 ] . more thing that was fascinating in the slide is that google is more keen in advertising in other media than the internet.amazing isnt it ?
go through the slide and tell me what you were fascinated about google the most !


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