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What can i do to enter top position in Google SERP and get traffic to my blog?

First of all let me tell you my answer [its the same old boring phrase] :


QUALITY UNIQUE POSTS is the best way to enter top positions in Google and the best way for getting traffic to blogs .

What does that mean ?

quality post => It means the blog post should be useful to your readers ; it must be something that your blog readers would enjoy , it must be something that your blog readers can use to get benefits,it must be something that gets your blog readers money [rarely are blogs that satisfy this requirement].


Unique posts => Just because i say the blog posts should be of high quality do not copy paste certain blog posts from problogger or courtneytuttle .It would definitely hurt your Google rankings because of the duplicate content .It must be something that would be found useful even by people who have quite a lot of experience in blogging.But that is not a necessity.Even if you help blogging starters it would be splendid.


Why do you say quality unique posts is the best way to enter top position in Google SERP ?

I say the above thing because such posts bring you LINKS [which is the most favourite dish of Google].


wondering how that is possible? Writing quality posts gets you backlinks ? Baffled by that statement or you do not agree with that ? okay.Let me show you an example :


Illustration showing Quality Unique posts is the best way to enter top position in Google SERP :

Iam taking the following blog as an example to show you this fact :


some stats about the above blog :


Author: Peter

PR : 3

alexa rank : 58592

backlinks [as shown by yahoo ] : 40581



what should i learn from the above stats ?

Did you see how many backlinks he has got – 40581 currently. have a look here if you dont believe me :



How did he get so many backlinks ?

Well he did not get them.They just came along his way.yes.people found his blog so useful that they all linked to him [ may be some of them might be link exchanges ].When i was a blogspot starter , i had so many doubts about how to install gadgets ,recent posts in blogger etc,. But i did not find the above said site or any other sites solving my problems.Had i found this blog earlier i would have been so happy reading his blogger tutorials that i would be generous enough to link to his you now understand why i wanted you to give quality posts to your readers and not craps ?


Just see the yahoo site explorer how many BLOGSPOT USERS are linking to him !That is the power of quality posts [ see the definition of quality posts again if you dont understand its significance] .


This is the reason why problogger and courtney is still in the top position for Blogging niche.Hope you all would have read his articles .Werent they useful to you ? So i think you would never mind passing some link juice to them.isnt it ?


so stop thinking about earnings, traffic ,backlinks etc,. and just concentrate on what you can give to the blogging community.As you concentrate on this particular thing , other things will just follow you.You might not ask for link exchanges or guest blogging or paid links etc,.


Hope this post was useful to you.So i think you would not mind linking to my blog or this blog post .Do you ?


ha ha. Thanks for your patience to read the entire stop asking questions like how can i bring traffic to my blog , how can i get backlinks etc,. and remember this blog post ever and recommend this blog post to others.


So the point of this blog post was this :


Writing quality and unique posts is the best way  to get backlinks and best way to get traffic to blogs .

Chat with your blog visitors using this cool tool

Google provides a tool for chatting with your website or blog visitors.The tool is called “google talk chatback”. By this way you might get suggestions from your readers or your readers may ask questions to you.This tool is a pretty old thing.But one of the users in a forum stated that he did not know about it.So i thought i could blog this.


The installation is pretty simple .so i dont think you will need me do a big lecture on its installation.Just go to the following page and you will be given a script.Then paste it in your blog :


This is what it will look like once you install the blogger widget


chat with blog visitors


Here is the official page on google talk chatback :

Can changing a blog or website design affect Google rankings or blog traffic ?

This question is one of the FAQ in digitalpoint forum.Many people fear to change the blog design or the website design since they think it might affect their ranking in google.Well Google does not say anything about this.But a few webmasters have said their opinions and i totally agree with them.So you cannot take this advice for granted but its the best answer i have for this question.


What is the answer ?

My answer and several of the webmasters’ answer to this particular FAQ is this :


Changing the website design does not alter the Google rankings provided you keep all the links intact – those that link to your inner pages .

For example say you have a TOP POSTS ,FEATURED POSTS AND OTHER SUCH GADGETS in your homepage.When you redesign the webpage make sure you do not remove them .You can change where they are – changing the position is allowable.No problem with that.This is the FSA [frequently suggested answer ] for this particular FAQ .


But remember that this might be wrong.This suggestion has been given only by people who have experience in SEO and is not an official statement by Google.

Are SEO jobs equivalent to data typing ?

There was a hot discussion in the digital point forums a few days back.A user said that SEO is data typing.So many of them opposed to this , including me.I strongly feel that SEO shouldnt even be compared to data typing.


Why is SEO not like a data typing job ?

The user who posted the thread said that SEO pros just fill forms in directory submission sites and in other sites to promote the site for which they do SEO and so can be compared to data typing.But is that all he thinks is SEO.not at all !!


Although SEO involves concepts that are easy to learn if we have good resources like forums available today – it still requires a bit of experience in this field to do the job.Doing SEO might not be a big rocket-science job.But it shouldnt be compared to data-typing.


There are so many SEO guys optimizing a particular client’s website for a single keyword.He makes sure the links he builds for his client for that particular keyword are reliable and are not spam.He makes sure he reaches the top position .Another thing in SEO is keyword research.SEO guys mostly have access to all the keywords in a particular niche and aim for a list of keywords for bringing traffic to their client’s website.


SEO job requires learning concepts and applying them in a right way.A single wrong thing in your SEO process will bring the whole website down.So what would happen to the client then ? And what would happen the SEO company’s reputation ?Building links for a website can be done by everyone but building them just does not do the job.It has to be done in a right way in a right amount of time.


You can find the thread in the forum below :


So what do you think  ? – IS SEO EQUIVALENT TO DATA TYPING JOB ?

List of article submission sites to increase traffic to blogs

One of the users in digital point forums has just posted a thread giving a huge list of article submission sites and you can view them here :


Use them to increase your rankings in Google .I have posted a few articles and the change is definitely seen in my blog’s traffic from Google.So do not be lazy and start writing articles for these sites.Its said that some of the sites listed in the above list do not allow dofollow links .So make sure they  allow dofollow links in the article and then post to them .


How should i use links in the article ?


* Do not use the same anchor text again and again.Use variants of the keyword phrase you use .For example if you want to target the phrase “Blogging tricks” use keyword phrases like these :


Tricks and tips for blogging

top tricks for blogging etc ,.


* In the article , Use links to both your homepage and one of the inner pages .This is a nice way of building authority to your blog.You must not just get links for your blog homepage .you should also get links to your inner pages.Say you have 5000 links to your homepage – Google sees them and understands that your blog is cool – but them it finds there is  not a single backlink  to your inner pages – So google kicks you out !


You must not just get links for your blog homepage .you should also get links to your inner pages.


So do not let this happen to your blog .Make sure you spread the link love to all your inner pages.

Proof that PR does not affect rankings in Google results

I just came through a blogger talking about this particular fact - “page rank does not affect rankings in SERP”.His blog has been currently given a PR 0 but yet it seems that there is no change in his traffic.But you should note that he has quite a good amount of quality links and google has just penalized his site.Its not that he has no links from anywhere outside.

So if you are slapped by Google for paid links just do not worry until you have the backlinks live.For more info you can have a look at the blog post below :

Would adsense and adwords die if everyone becomes a pro in web surfing ?

Although blog owners and website owners have started to earn money through affiliates and private advertisements , Adsense is still the primary choice for many people.Its because they either lack the skill to promote sales or they just are unaware of the fact that affiliates might pay more than adsense if used in the right way.The bad thing about adsense is that the ads most of the times are not good for people clicking on them [mostly the link units ] – i mean they did not click on those ads to see things unrelated to what they were looking for.But this is what happens mostly in adsense. So i have a question for you? Are we  [and the adsense people ] cheating  people who are unaware of the fact the adsense ads are s**t.


Are all adsense ads less worthy ?

No ! i donot agree.I have seen several top quality websites using adwords and iam not talking about those people.But have you seen ads related to “make money” and “make money online” – people who advertise for those keywords are those who own websites that show text hightlights in yellow,red and in every possible color and all such crap.People click on those ads because some are even unaware that they are ADS !Now i wonder what would happen if every person surfing the web comes to know about these ads and that clicking on them is a waste.What do you think will happen to adsense and adwords ?


Let me talk about a specific niche now – because that will give you a more clear picture of what iam talking about.Let me take the CELEBRITY niche.As you might have heard its the less paid niche in adsense and i have a celebrity blog about Bollywood [indian cinemas] .The ads that appear on my site are very tempting for people to click on them .


For example i get ads like these on my celebrity blog :

Aishwarya rai na**d

As you might have predicted these ads have a very high CTR .But when these ads are clicked the websites that get listed talk or show nothing about the keyword shown in the ad.So iam asking the adsense people and to all of us publishers “ARE WE CHEATING PEOPLE WHO ARE UNAWARE OF THE BACKGROUND STUFF  IN THE WWW?” .So will adsense and adwords become useless once people get to know everything about the www ?Or will adwords have a more stricter policy in the coming years ?What i have talked about now might be impossible .But i just thought about this and the very thought frightened me.

Guess what would happen if no person in this world clicks on adsense ads.What would happen ?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learn how to make money on internet and blogging through these resources

I have learnt all the stuff about adsense and contextual programs , earning money in internet and other stuff through the internet.I learnt the tricks to earn and iam using it to earn.Although not much i have full faith that i could earn in the internet.I was very happy especially during receiving my first cheque from widgetbucks.So you too could learn from my blog to earn in internet but i would also recommend you to learn more through certain other websites and particularly forums in the internet.Forums have lots of interesting active discussions about earning money from internet and to bring traffic to blogs.So never miss them .Always make sure you have a wide variety of sources for learning things related to adsense.Although there are only a few concepts related to adsense you will frequently see success stories in these forums which might be of immense help to you.


Make sure you check these sites regularly and learn everything before trying them out.Learn constantly and update your knowledge about everything you need to know for earning money .So here is a list of sites and blogging resources that iam compiling for you for your success :




Without SEO you are never going to acheive the $100 per day goal .SEO is a must for people aiming to earn more through internet.But do not worry SEO is not ROCKET SCIENCE.SEO is just common sense [ ??? ].Wondering why i meant that way? SEO does not involve complex formulas.SEO is just  a way of making Google bots understand that your site or blog is really a good resource and not a spam – whether it is a spam or not is a different thing.Because with proper quality SEO people can even make spam sites as authority.SEO involves just a few concepts but the way you do it and the time you take to do SEO is what matters !


SEO involves just a few concepts but the way you do it and the time you take to do SEO is what matters !


So never fail to learn SEO – as i said SEO is a must and is not Rocket science.So go Ahead and learn about SEO here :



Adsense is the first choice for many beginners in the earning-internet market.You can learn about adsense here :






This forum is the best resource that i would recommend every blogger and reader of mine.If you are into earning money through your blog and have not yet started involving in this forum you should go right away and read topics in the forum regularly.

Earn more money from your blog by effective usage of ad placements - Tips

Adsense has begun to rule the advertisers world and milions of publishers are now trying out adsense in their blogs and websites.Everything is fine.People have blogs and they blog about their interests or any other topic which they feel would bring more traffic to them.They either learn them via authority websites or forums.But just placing the adsense ads in your website is not enough .

Placing the ads in your blog is just 10% of what you have to do to earn through your blog.Earning money through blogging requires a lot of effort.By  ‘a lot of effort ’ , i do not mean you have to constantly work before your computer.I just want you to be patient.Be patient if you want to earn through blogging.Thousands are already earning through their blogs and it is definitely possible for you to do.


Earning with the help of blogs requires two things -


1. TRAFFIC [ Organic traffic is better for earning money online because people who visit your blog from Google tend to click more than the regular ones ]



By nice paying keywords i mean keywords that give atleast 20 cents minimum.I know many of them would not consider 20 cents a nice pay because with adsense it is possible to earn $40-50 with a single ad click.That keyword is “cancer treatment” and more such ones.But  i dont think 20 cents per click is really bad for a beginner.But as you become a pro in using adsense and blogging for earning via online blogging you might open up more blogs targeting keywords that give you more via a single click.


3.EXPERIMENT [ This feature is not required for people who do not want to get the best out of their blogs.I have personally known one of the bloggers who does not listen to my advice at all.I wanted him to fully optimize his website for earning more via adsense but he never listens to me .This is a very bad thing ].


Remember with proper experimentation with your blogs it is possible to earn an extra $300-400 through blogging online.Never underestimate anything.Every tip that you learn in forums have to be tested before you doubt its significance.Many bloggers do not understand that.This is one of the mistakes blogger do with their blogs.


Without experimenting with your blogs you are losing atmost a 50% of what you are earning now


So always make sure you take risks [be prepared to lose a small percentage of your earnings if the ad placements reduce your earning online].Finally if the experiment brings you more money you can stick to it or perform more experiments and if it brings very poor money revert back to old setup.I will also be pointing out a few of the experiments you might do with your blog now and see if it brings more income for your blog.




This is the best setup as far as i know to get highest CTR .I have personally tested this in one of my celebrity blogs and usually i get  a minimum of 5% CTR.

NOTE : The ad colour is very important .If you have the navigation links in white color try to make the ad colours in white.Dont forget to change the ad color and test it again if it bring more income for your blog.

Test atleast for 2 days,Dont just test your ads for 3 to 4 hours and then say your experiment is a total failure.As i said be prepared to lose a few dollars.




I have seen so many bloggers using the image ads in their blogs and complaining about lesser CTR.The image ads usually bring poor CTR and inturn less money for bloggers.I would recommend link ads for people getting very low money through their blogs.They have produced me amazing results.Please try it out.



Use a strong layout for adsense ads.

I have not tested it personally but i feel this might help.You may place ads in boxes like these :


sidebars copy


As you might see the sidebars for ads are now looking a lot more eye-catching.


It is not just ads that will bring you income for blogs but the layout is very important.Always make sure you choose the right blogger template before you place adsense ads in your blog for earning money.

For example i had initially kept a black background for one of my blogs but after changing the layout to white i saw nice improvements for my blog earnings.So be very decisive about your blog layout and template.For a collection of resources for blogger templates have a look here :

Beautiful blogger themes and templates


So start experimenting today and let me know your results .Hope this article gave you a bit of what you have to do to earn money from blogging.I will discussing more such articles  in the coming weeks.Good Luck !

Blogger template – Revolution – 3 column template

This is a nice theme designed by Ivan .Actually it is a wordpress theme and has been ported to blogger now.It looks really nice with 3 columns.Here is a snapshot of the template :



There is a section above at the right side of the template especially for displaying the ads.So it is very well optimized for ads.Download the blogger template from the link below :



For more blogger templates see the below post :


Download Top and best blogger templates

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Video Resources for Wordpress bloggers and designers

Automattic has just started a new website offering videos that cover how-to tutorials and lots more for wordpress people.Seeing these improvements i still dont understand what Google’s Blogger is doing.Perhaps it would have been more improved and appeared competitive to wordpress if it had been owned by Pyralabs.But if Google had not bought it i doubt if Blogger would have been a free service.But yet iam completely dissatisfied about Google’s blogger.Wake up Google.

Here is the wordpress video resource website :


Windows 7 offers a cool blogging tool to its users

I just finished downloading windows 7 and it does seem to be quite fast.But one thing i hate in windows 7 is that when i press ctrl+alt+del i would rather need it to take me directly to task manager instead of a big screen.I hate everytime seleting the task manager from that screen.Anyway i just wanted to tell you how cool the MS Windows 7 people to have given us bloggers a nice blogging tool - "SNIPPING TOOL".I personally use winsnap to take pictures and then open up photoshop and do the editing.Although the snipping tool is not as feature-rich as photoshop or winsnap it does help us in certain times .

Here is a snapshot i took using this blogging tool and i have used some more features in snipping tool :

As you might see above the snipping tool also has a PEN TOOL and a HIGHLIGHTER to show some important things in the snapshots to our readers.

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