Saturday, September 26, 2009

Create Uber cool pre-selling pages and landing pages

Want to create uber cool pre-selling pages and landing pages but do not want to spend money for hosting or domain?Well,you are not alone.Most of the newbies,and even seasoned marketers alike,try to use free hosting and test things and then proceed to buy a domain to scale up.So in such a case,using the blogger is not such a good idea because those templates just does not seem to work well as a pre-selling page or a landing page.Most of you might want to use a zero sidebar template and there is no way you are going to get such a blogger template.Of course you can do it if you know at least html and css,but if you do not,there is really nothing to worry about.

Here is an awesome way to build such pages and host them too for free:

You can create any column template you desire and the interface is too cool to resist.I just love the web site builder and you can create up to 10 sites.But yes of course i think you know how to build more than 10 if you need really ;)

Let me know about more such cool things through the contact form.I will give credit to you too.

stay cool.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Search Marketing stats posted in SEland today

An article posted on the SEland today has some interesting stats that really should excite every search marketer and those providing the SEO,SEM services.Here are the stats shown on the article:

    • Search, as an industry, is growing from a $12B industry in 2007 to a $25B industry in 2011—100% growth in just 4 years (SEMPO)
    • CPC costs are on the rise—Google’s average CPC rose 15% last year
    • Consumers click on natural listings 85% of the time according to research (from Forrester)
    • Meanwhile marketers spend 85% of their search budgets on paid search (according to Marketing Sherpa)
    • 56% of Google queries have 0 paid ads placed (each of those queries present 10 “non-paid” or natural search results (or for the forward thinking, “ads”) on the results page) (according to comScore)

It is really nice to see search industry growing by a huge percentage – i wonder where this would go when many other countries which have not yet evolved,as far as online shopping is concerned ,also become biggies in buying through the internet.Anyway discussion about that part is beyond the scope of this article.I just wanted to show you these stats posted in SEland and here is credit to the article which shows these stats:

If you have come across any such article showing more deep stats or demographics,let me know through the comment form or the contact form.cheers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Your Landing Page

Landing Page is the most important element for an online business whether you want to sell any product or want to generate any leads from your website. Landing Page is just not your homepage; it could be any page which a customer reaches either by clicking search engine results, advertisement or a promotional link. It is the first page which a visitor on your website. Having a wrong landing page will make you lose lot of money.

The Success or Failure of your online campaign depends on your landing page. Whether you want to sell any product, generate any leads or any other desired purpose you need to ensure that you avoid the following mistakes so that you can have a perfect landing page.

Complex Design: - Your Landing Page should be simple. Don’t Try to make it complex by adding lot of images, links, graphics etc because they distract the mind of visitor. It is the Fact that Simplicity Sells.

Asking for Too Much: - The Most common mistake present in Landing Page design is a Complex or lengthy action which you want your visitor to take. Try to make it as simple as possible for your user.If you want to get some information from your user then decide in advance that which information is critical and don’t ask for unnecessary information. Auto-populate the fields if possible. If you are selling any product make the checkout process short and simple.

Wrong Positioning of Call to Action: - Another big mistake which we do is the improper positioning of Landing Page. While Creating a Landing Page We think that a visitor see the landing page in the same way as we see it. But this mistake can reduce your conversion Rate a lot. A Call to Action link For eg: - Click here or Sign Up should be at Top and easily visible.

Pictures Speak More: - An image is equal to 1000 words. Landing Pages with Text are boring. A relevant image act as catalyst for your conversion process. For example:- A beautiful woman with money, smiling faces. These images send good vibes to visitor and encourage him to take the desired action

No Relevancy: - Many ad designers don’t design their landing pages relevant to the ad content. The Title and content of landing page should be relevant to the ad content. Is Possible then you should design custom landing pages for each ad and make sure the customer reach the relevant landing page on clicking ad.

Takes More Time to load: - No user wants to wait, if your landing page takes lot of time to load. A good landing page should load in less than 8 seconds. Even today many people are still using dial up connections to use internet. Your landing page should load quickly even at slow connection. Avoid using many images, videos and Flash animations to reduce the loading time of your landing page.

Having a Perfect Landing Page is very important as the success ratio of your campaign depends on your landing page.

Jack Roland, is a freelance writer and loves to write on Landing Page optimization, Internet Marketing and lead generation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to add “Read More” link in blogger blogs – spank the blogger hacks!

Who needs the blogger hacks anymore to make the READ MORE link appear in the blogger blogs?Now that the blogger team has introduced the feature to add the Read more link in our blogs.So here is how to do it:


go to blogger dashboard and then select settings of the desired select the settings as shown below under the BASIC tab:



Now start typing a blog post in the editor.After typing the post,click on some line [this is where the READ MORE link appears]and click on the particular button shown on the image below:


Remember that you have to select the button indicated above after you place the cursor in the post where you want the READ MORE to appear.just do and you will know everything yourself.

Monday, September 21, 2009

File extension jad – what is the use really?

Have you seen the file extension jad?It is amazing to see how many extensions we have never heard of.This is one of the extensions about which most people will have no idea.So i thought i may give a little description about the files that are marked with an extension jad.

The file extension jad is given to those files that work along with the jar files in order to form a midlet suite.These are programs developed for a mobile device or a personal digital assistant.So if either the jad file or the jar file is missing,the application would not run and you need to get another file that is not corrupt.


What information does the jad file contain?

As you might be knowing,the jar files have all the java class files while these jad files would have information like the version number,application name and size etc,.

Hope you got vital details about the file extension jad.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Contact form for Blogger blogs – blogspot widget

Do you know what sucks with giving your email address in the blog?You seem to get e-mails that look like shit.Ever since i added the e-mail address in this blog,i have been starting to get these shit e-mails which i have no idea how to get rid of.

Anyway,this is a lesson that you all need to know - never give your e-mail addresses in the blogs openly as e-mail harvesters are going to crawl and spam you to death.

What is the solution then?

Use the contact form given by the below web site.You just need to display the contact form and there is no need to display the e-mail address at all.

this is the service i am talking about:

it works for all blogs.You can either place the code just before the end of body tag [as suggested in the web site there] or you can place the code higher if you want the contact form to appear sooner.Use your own discretion for this.I have added a contact form here so that you can share some cool widgets with me and i may also add your guest posts.Feel free to send me a ‘hey’ message or a guest post.

Stay cool.

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