Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why waste bandwidth of your file host when google provides you infinite bandwidth ?

I just came through  a fantastic method to save your bandwidth and inturn a few bucks.Those of you who might use extensive javascript libraries will see this method very interesting.Whenever you want to use script libraries you might have either used your file hosting or might have used the original source url.But i dont think that referring to the original  source file url [ like the jquery website ] is a better option than using a service like google code provides .

“google code” gives you all the javascript libraries – almost all the popular ones.So you may just include the url they provide in your files in turn saving you immense bandwidth and i dont think they would be much slower than the other original source file url s you might be using .


For example , if you need to include the jquery library , use :

<script src=""></script>

google.load('jquery', '1.2.3')


                                     [  OR  ]


<script src=””></script>


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