Friday, November 7, 2008

Top 3 Social bookmarking sites for indians

There are so many social bookmarking sites out there for indians , but i prefer these three bookmarking sites as they have brought me massive traffic till date [ i have rated them out of 10 ] :

1 . BOOKMARKS.ONEINDIA.IN - 9 out of 10

2 . HUMSURFER - 7 out of 10

3 . INDIANBYTES - 6 out of 10

Indianpad is also good but i hate the fact there are restrictions in the number of posts you submit . i really hate that very much and have stopped using it . But as far as the traffic is concerned , it does bring you lots .

So never ever forget to post your blogs in "oneindia" . And as far as the traffic is concerned , i just submit 2 to 3 posts over there and get about 30-40 visits per day .You may also bring those posts to the top by asking your friends to vote on your story .That would definitely increase the unique IPs to your blog .
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