Friday, January 9, 2009

We are wasting terabytes of data because of newline characters [ the ‘enter’ button ] – crazy but very true !

Can you imagine that we have been wasting terabytes of data in the internet because of newline characters and this has definitely resulted in a loss of atleast a billion dollars till now to our ISP.So how did this crazy thing happen ? Read with patience to learn about it.

Before we continue to analyse , have a look at the following two pages :

Both contain the same information except that the first html file contains a newline character after every line but the second file does not contain any newline character .

The below figure shows that there are NO NEWLINE CHARACTERS  [ FILE SIZE =352 BYTES –> as shown by the control panel in in which both the sample html files are hosted ]





A Simple document above wastes –>  18 BYTES OF UNNEEDED DATA TRANSFER IN THE INTERNET FOR EACH DOCUMENT ACCESS [ which has newline characters ] .now let us take another example .

Lets take Yahoo home page says : There were .134 Billion visitors in December 2008 for .

Yahoo home page WITH NEWLINE CHAR.S :


Thus Total data transfer for December 2008 –> 40 KB * .134 Billion = 5360 GB = 5.360 TERABYTES

Yahoo home page WITHOUT NEWLINE CHAR.S :

There are atleast 1000 newline characters in the home page [ as on january 9 2009 ]

Thus each newline character wastes about 2 bytes .



-> 38 KB

Thus Total data transfer for December 2008 [ that would have reulted had the newline characters been removed ]–>  38 KB * .134 Billion = 5092 GB = 5.092 TERABYTES


5.360 TB – 5.092 TB=0.268 TB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just for yahoo hompage alone.Lets take the case of crores of websites in the Internet.What would we save if we make an attempt to remove every unneeded newline character in the html source file ? I am not saying that has done to be done manually – i hope it is definitely very easy to have a automated program to remove them for us.isnt  it ?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is wrong with your blogging ? read to rectify your blogging mistakes

Blogging – i simply love it.So many people get amazed when i say iam a blogger.Because some of them have never heard of it or some of them feel that iam great because i have a site that is one of those powering the world wide web.That is a real good feeling for me .Anyway i have been reading blogs , following so many of the bloggers ,so many feeds giving me latest updates about SEO,Google,blogging tips and iam really happy about the way things are going for me in blogging.But it might not be so for those of you who have just begun blogging.Frustration , disappointment is everywhere – blogging is one of them.So let me show what makes frustration in blogging.Although you have been reading things about blogging and participating in forums , there are certain things which are making your blogging what are they ? let me list them below .Every point is make sure you do a little thinking about every one of the points – see to it if you are affected by the problem and make sure to remember that you have to avoid it in order to become a problogger or atleast to be  known  as a authority in your niche.

1.Too Many Expectations in everything except powerful viral blog posts :


This is the major problem in everyone of the blogging starters which ultimately leads to frustration or it makes them completely hate blogging.It makes people comment “BLOGGING SUCKS” the next time anybody asks him about how blogging is.So what is the problem ? EXPECTATIONS in unnecessary things – steep increase in earnings , very high traffic ,a large reader base and it goes on .Most of the blogging starters expect that they earn atleast $4-5 everyday from adsense [ and the truth is that they would only have a single blog post copied from somewhere else – it is rarely even edited by them – simply “ctrl+c” and then “ctrl+v” ] .Majority of  bloggers expect to gain traffic from the very first day.Now these are unnecessary.Rather than thinking of these things , think about what you can contribute to the blogging community , think about some viral posts which will give you natural backlinks [ google loves them the most ] .Viral Posts always take time – some people spend hours in them – some even days.Always remember not most of the viral posts in today’s blogs would have taken a few  seconds for the author to write.

2.Nill Patience:

Everyone of us must have learnt this :



This is one thing that every blogger should remember forever in his mind.Patience is what people lag in all circumstances – immediate results are never possible in blogging with so many uncountable competitors out there .Take time to learn new things about SEO and Blogging by participating in forums as your blog ages and gains links to achieve authority.

3.Nill Experiment with Blogs :

experiment with blogs


I have seen so many bloggers complaining in forums about very small CTR and very small eCPM in Google adsense.These bloggers miss the experimentation part of blogging.You are never to settle for the best unless you constantly experiment with things.For example , in adsense ,the CTR could be increased by managing the colour of the ads and the blog background.It is best to change their positions and see if there are any improvements.It is up to you to do these things .So stop complaining and start experimenting.If the experiment results in failure , it will just take a few seconds to revert back to the most successful profile.So why worry ?

4.Link building is not understood by most bloggers :

You have to be very careful in link building.Remember that Google does not value the quantity of the backlinks but only the quality.By quality , i mean the authority and the niche of the blog which is linking to you.Most blogger starters dont get this fact and hence aim only at throwing their backlinks here and there regardless of whether those links will be useful to them or not.And when one day if Google finds that you have only been building thrash backlinks you will be penalized or atleast punished in terms of reductions in everything.

5.Bloggers fail to understand the necessity of networking :

This is another problem leading to inefficient blogging.Always know who your competitors are.That does not mean you should not have close contacts with them.Share what you know ,what has worked for you, with  them and ask them the same.Network with your niche bloggers ! It would be great if you manage to get backlinks from them with proper keywords.

So make sure you rectify the above said mistakes if you are doing them currently.Learn constantly and apply them as needed.Just learning is not enough .As i said earlier experiments are not only things you do in laboratory but in everything in which outcomes are never static but comes as you perform .

Monday, January 5, 2009

how to add a comment box or shout box to a blogger blog

One thing that every blog requires is a shout box otherwise termed as a comment box.Although nowadays it is most likely to be used as advertising [ hee hee .. i have seen many sites filled with urls in their comment box ] , it is always good to have a comment box so that others may easily contact you or give a suggestion on how you can improve the blog or what is going wrong with the blog currently.Blog is all about networking and socializing  along with powerful unique content – remember .

Follow the below steps to add a comment box to a blog :

1.visit and fill the form and  submit it will be sent a confirmation message in the mail inbox – visit the inbox and click on the specified url in the mail

3.your account has now been confirmed .

4.log in to cbox now you will now get a script – copy the code

5.log in to and goto the “layout” tab will find “Add a gadget” link on that page .There might one or more links like where to place the comment box and click on the appropriate  “Add a gadget” link .



i hope you could see “Add a gadget” option in the above screenshot . goto the “html/javascript” and paste the code you copied earlier by using “ctrl+v” option . and  see how cool the comment box looks in your blog .



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