Saturday, November 29, 2008

facebox wordpress plugin is amazing

When i was a blogger noob , i have always wondered why is there so much hype about the wordpress software .But later as time progressed i came to learn about several unimagineable customizations that wordpress might offer to a blog.So for those of you who are noobs and wondering about WP hype , just like i did , here is a short plugin that transforms your simple blog to a dynamic one and it is one of the best examples which might  make you understand why wordpress is considered the best blogging platform .

FACEBOX  wordpress plugin :

what does this do ???

Whenever you create a link , for example an image and if someone clicks on it it doesnot open in a separate page .

It opens in  a small window in the same page , with a stunning window  . here is the snapshot of the plugin’s use :


wordpress plugin facebox

Above image is in my blog running locally in my pc using wordpress software [ and yeah i have already installed the FACEBOX plugin ] .The blog post . as you can see, contains a image of my favourite actress asin .so lets see what happens when i click on this image :


wordpress plugin facebox2



1. Download the plugin from here :

2.  go to the following directory :


copy the downloaded plugin and paste it in the above PLUGINS folder .

3.Now login to the wordpress blog – on the right side , you may find “ settings plugins users “ .

click on plugins – scroll down to see the “WPfacebox “ pluging and activate it .

The installation is now over :)



There is no need to change anything – just upload the images and then visit your blog and click on the image to see the magic of the plugin .


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