Saturday, October 11, 2008




I have always wondered why so many people  blog .One  thing that i think would be the best reason is “ presence in web " ( i.e ) people feel proud in showing their blog to others saying  ------




Ha ha – it was just an  attempt at comedy .so this must be the main reason according to me .But yeah , there are several other bloggers like Darren Rowse , John Chow etc ,. who have a strategy .These are the people who inspire me and many more bloggers around the globe .Although several of them start their blogs aiming to make some income out of it , they mostly fail to do it .

It would be apt if i say that they fail in keeping  a strategy in mind . Its not that they cannot do  that job .Even in real life , people who have a strategy in their mind have a higher probability of success than others who dont .

People make just 10 to 15 posts and submit it to adsense  - get approved then wait for the cheque to arrive at their doorsteps   ? This is crazy , isnt it ?

So when you start blogging  , have this in your mind  :

1 . “ ROME  WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY  ” – Patience is the much-needed quality in you , that would  bring you success .Never ever give up blogging thinking that you could never attain your strategy .

2 . Always look for what is going wrong in your blog – why is that your competitor is getting traffic and you are not ,

3 . A Deep-analysis of your competitor’s blog is one of the major ways you can gain traffic to your blog ,

4 . Dont feel bad if you are a noob in blogging , we were all noobs in the web at 1996 ; we were all noobs using a pc during 1990 ‘s ; werent we ? Learn about blogging by participating in forums and other blogger social networks .

I would be giving you more news about the forums and social networks you should participate , in the coming weeks . Have a good day .




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