Friday, November 14, 2008

Too many ads equals too many $$$ ?

MY ANSWER  : NO ! too many ads might not give too many $$$


The title is very cool , isnt it ? When i was a blogging noob , i actually thought that why not people just fill their websites with maximum possible number of ads ? why are they restricting on the number of ads ? It was days later that i came to know about the reason in one of the SEO forums .

Initially i thought that the blog/site admins were concerned about the aesthetics .yeah it might be the reason in some of the cases .But the main reason in most of the blogs is this ::

when you have too many ads [ ad slots ] , the CPC bid for a particular slot becomes  less .so how much ctr you generate really doesnt help you in earnings .But where as when you have just one ad slot , the CPC bid for the top position is very high [ compared to when you have 2 or more ad slots ] .Hence the earnings definitely increase .

So always try experimenting with the number of ad slots and the position of ads plus the colour blending of ad slots .The colour blending has increased my earnings to about 200% in one of my celebrity blogs.So dont think that iam just giving you a  lame advice .



Tech_Freak Stuff said...

Too many ads have wrong effect on the readers. The visitors might think that the Blogger is only interested in making money rather than providing quality content to the readers. This might piss them off!

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