Thursday, December 31, 2009

In-content related posts – how about that?

You might very well be knowing the importance of showing the related posts at the end of an article.It is great for increasing the page views,keeping the readers longer in the site and also thereby increasing the revenue [suppose if you have CPM ads].Now how about related posts shown within the content?I am not sure if you have seen such a thing anywhere yet.If you do not understand what i mean,look at the below web page on


Here is a snap of what i am referring to:


related posts


Do you see that when the cursor is placed over the word anti-oxidants,a list is thrown up showing the related keywords?This is definitely a very cool method to increase the page views.I am not saying that the related posts plugin that people have been using till now is inefficient or useless.It is definitely useful but you need to think about this method too.I call it the “in-content related posts”


What is your take about it?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Interesting Business models – destroy the tunnel vision right now

Having a tunnel vision sucks big time.Most people do not realize their tunnel vision until they come across articles talking about it.In the case of internet marketing or web mastering,a lot of people get restricted to making money with PPC networks.They forget that there is an ocean of opportunities out there to make money.Well,let me give you an example:


Let us take the subject of emotional disorders:

If you are building a site to help people affected by these disorders,you can monetize in a lot of ways.But i am quite sure that most people will try to monetize with adsense or other PPC methods.But have you thought of some other ideas?

For example,the web master of the above site can try to use which has a very interesting business model.To know about how it works,have a look at the below page:

Interesting,isn’t it?So many people get affected with emotional disorders and they are all stuck with themselves and their disorders.So you could help those people by referring to the mental health professionals in liveperson instead of using adsense ads.


Bottomline:ditch the tunnel vision;grow everyday,think smart,think out of the box !Think about what would help your blog or site readers.Such a thing would sky rocket your earnings for sure.When a readers feels that he is being sold to something,you are going to lose conversions.simple.

P.S.Want to know more about liveperson inc ? Here is an article that might probably be interesting to you:

Here is one of the facts found in the above article:

“And in the breakdown of our business between verticals also remained fairly steady with financial services and telecommunications each representing about 25% of our revenue flow. Retail and technology each representing about 15% and then the balance of all other categories combined making up the remaining 20% of our revenue base.”

Friday, December 25, 2009

Start link building - try out the Link Acquisition Assistant from SEOmoz

If you are confused about how to kick start your SEO campaign yourself instead of outsourcing it,i just have one thing to say.JUST START ! Do not think too much.Planning is good.But doing nothing to your marketing campaigns does nothing too.Taking action along with a strategy is a sure-fire way to success regardless of how many failures you come across.


So how to start the SEO campaign?

You can start it with one of the below methods:

1.article submission, submission,

3.web 2.0 marketing


But wait,there is one another tool that seems a little promising.If you already know a ton of link sources,there will be no need of this tool.But if you are new and are totally confused,then this tool can come pretty handy:


The inputs that need to be given to this web tool is also simple.It would just take a couple of seconds and the output comes in light speed.Give it a try.

Mash the feed URLs and submit to the RSS directories

Sometimes,you might be in the mood to do a lot of article submissions for your site.That is a good thing compared to just using the comment spamming.But the problem with the article submission is that many articles might not be indexed or will not get indexed as fast as you had desired.At such occasions,doing RSS submission will be a better thing.But how could anybody do RSS submission for 50 or 100 articles distributed over 100 article sites? ?That would be a shit boring thing.In that case,here is a solution:


1.pick the article feed URL – do this for all 100 articles,

2.Now submit the individual RSS feed URL to the below tool,mash them and make it into one single URL,

3.That is it.I think you know the rest of the process.You just got to open any of the RSS submission tool and submit the feed URL.


Credit goes to the feedage owner for giving this useful tool.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google Real time results integrated with SERP

I am not sure if you have seen the real time results integrated with the SERP.If you have not seen it yet ,here is one that i just came across.

Google for “woork” and you will see the tweets of the popular blogger woork integrated with the SERP.If you want to see a lot more real time search results,you can of course click on updates in the search options pane.


Here is a snap showing the real time search results for the above search:


google real time

More …..

Google for “sejournal” :


google real time


You can also see the tweets updated in real time and you can read them all using the sliders in the SERP.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interesting article about the Search Engines History

So what do you really know about the search engines?You now that they crawl the web sites,index them and later run some algorithms.rank pages for keywords,key phrases and also kick out the spammers …..But that is not we are talking about right here.I am talking about the evolution of the search engines.And if you say that you are not aware of anything about it,it is time you did right now.Here is an article that is good at explaining the history in a small number of paragraphs instead of boring you to death with intolerable quantity of details.

Is there any other article that was of interest to you?Let me know and i will post it here.And keep the topic of that article to search engines and nothing else.


Future of the SEO:


2.alive ?

3.does not have any future? ….  sorry,i really cannot say anything about this because the question FUTURE OF THE SEO is itself a dumb one.And people who say that SEO will be dead have not really got the hang of it.Those would be the people who think that SEO is spamming.They should first learn about SEO and then talk about its possible future.


Anyway,what do you think about that?let me know.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is lot more other than the Search marketing

I had discussed about certain vital points about the web site marketing in the previous blog post.Now let me discuss a little more about web site marketing and also tell you a little bit about local marketing.By local marketing,what i  mean is that you are focused more on people in your local area.For example,if you are selling dresses in UK then there are certain steps that you need to take that can in fact make you attain better SERP position.


Attaining better SERP position can be a lot more easy if you , the correct country level domain,

2.get hosting in your country – now suppose you are targeting the UK users,you can try hosting in the UK.just google Web Hosting UK and you will be able to go through all quality web hosting providers in the UK.


Now the second point mentioned above is always debatable.Everybody is sure about the first point but nobody is sure if getting hosting in the UK will be able to boost the SERP positions or not.But still i do not think that there is no harm in getting hosting from UK if you are aiming the UK people.Remember that there are so many other hosting providers who are very credible.Just do not restrict yourself to hostgator or bluehost.


Search marketing:


Like i mentioned in the previous blog post,search marketing has always been great.But when all attention goes to just that,you are missing a lot of gold mines.Here are some more that can benefit you: leads, buying,

3.create buzz by publishing in other popular niche blogs – in other words,guest posting.Guest posting will do wonders in a niche wherein there is a  huge audience.Remember that you will be able to get hundreds of RSS subscribers by guest posting in a blog where in there are already lots of subscribers.

Vital points to be remembered about web site marketing

Some of you might be marketing your website yourself and some of the web masters will try to hand that job to the hands of people who are specialized in them.But whatever you do,its fine until you realize the importance of marketing your web site.Do you know what?Just quality or awe-inspiring content is never enough to take your web site to the level you wish.Marketing plays a very important role.The initial thrust that needs to propel your web site can only be offered by proper marketing.

Anyway,i think that’s enough for the intro to website marketing.Now there are certain things i am tempted to tell you about marketing in the Internet.Here are those points:


1.If you are new to web site marketing then it is better to spend a lot of time getting the hang of it.Since new marketing methods are emerging every now and then,it will be hard to go through all of them.But listen to me – its really worth spending time in learning the ways to market your site.If you feel that you have other jobs that need attention,then you need to outsource marketing.The last thing you want to do is debate among yourself about whether marketing is really needed or not,


2.Just do not depend on the search marketing.I am amazed by the attention people have given to the search marketing.There are lot of other methods like the media buying that is drawing a lot of attention nowadays.So just look around and keep your mind open to various marketing methods.There is so much other than search marketing,


3.Record your ROI and keep track of all marketing methods – now when you record them all,you will be able to weed out those methods that do not give you a dime of profit.Wedding out the wastes gives you more ROI and it will actually save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Which is the best web host – hosting ratings

I see new web hosting providers come every now and then.So is there any particular web host that stays on top of the list always?Nope.It changes every now and then.But yeah,there are ways to keep track of the new ones and best ones.

For example,you can keep subscribed to sites that review these web hosts and give you ratings based on the services and features they offer.


Where can i find such ratings?

You can get such ratings in web hosting rating site.This site is just made for the ratings and reviews on different web hosts.According to me,this is the best way to keep track of the best hosting providers in the internet.With so many hosting companies coming up,you never know which ones are scam and which are good.

The reviews of the top hosting providers are listed too and they are pretty is one the reviews :

Bluehost webhosting review


You can see the entire list of web hosting reviews in the above web site.Apart from giving the ratings,each item in the list has also been reviewed which makes it my top site for looking up for the hosting reviews.

Starting to blog in order to make money?

So if you have heard someone say that blogging career can make a good chunk of money every month,you must be very eager to start blogging yourselves.Is not that the case?I think so.Well,then,there are two options for you if you are looking to make money blogging:

1.start with a free web host – there are hundreds of such sites of which blogger tops the list,

2.get a hosting account.


Most people start with a free blog and once they have made a good chunk of money,they start with a pro web host.This is a good idea.But some start with the pro hosting immediately.Now if you want to do such a thing,you might want to read the web hosting rating sites first.There are lots of them reviewing the hosting companies.And they will be able to give you the top service providers.

I suppose you are in the need of a blog hosting.If that is the case,you may read the below article to know the best hosting companies for your need:

Best Blog Web Hosting


You can read lot more reviews in the above web site pertaining to the web hosting providers.I am really amazed by the amount of reviews put up there.They are really very comprehensive and honest reviews.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review sites – have higher conversion rates than anything else

When a newbie gets started out in the Internet Marketing field,he think alls about how to get thousands of people per day to his site.But little does he realize that even if 5 people visit his site,he can make a good chunk of money each month.


Surprised …?Well,then,it means you are a newbie ..


Let me explain this to you how.Suppose say you have an affiliate site.It is promoting the products whose average commission is 40 USD.Now like i said earlier,let the visitors per day be just 10 ! No more dreaming of 1000 or more visitors.It just is not possible for everybody once you are a beast at doing IM or spamming [that is a different story].

Now let us say that out of 10 people,1 of them buys the product linked by your affiliate ID.So that means your earnings are 40 USD per day – that implies,1200 USD per month.Isn’t that cool?

But little does he realize that even if 5 people visit his site,he can make a good chunk of money each month.

But wait..there are two factors:


There are two important factors when it comes to getting great conversion rates.Here they are:

1.laser targeted visitors – you might already be familiar with this,

2.type of site – it could be an informational site,review site or an affiliate site.Let me tell you more about the review type of sites because they top the list.


Review sites rock – WPReviewEngine plays pivotal role:


The best thing about review sites is that they are not only easy to build but they also convert like hell.Getting conversions like 10 or 15 % could have been a dream to you till now.But once you start experimenting with the review type of sites,the Dream will become a reality.

One of the wordpress plugins that makes building review sites is WPReviewEngine – believe me guys.You will be amazed by the themes and the type of sites this little plugin creates for you.


See for yourselves:

If you want to know how the sites created by this plugin look,here is the link to it:

WordPress Review Plugin

I am sure you will be amazed.

Converting csv to blog posts – impressive !

Gone are the days when you have to write articles which is kinda boring shit.But then lots of freelancers came along the way.yet you know,you have to pay money to get those articles done.There are some who would want to get articles at the lowest possible price.And for those people,converting the data in CSV to blog posts would be the best idea.

Remember the advantages of such a feature:


1.1000+ blog posts without any additional cost [cost involves the money paid for the tool],

2.importing huge number of databases,convert them into CSV and then publish them as wordpress blog posts – now imagine the amount of content you will be able to get through this feature.The site would be massive,and i think you know very well about how google likes sites with massive amount of content.As time goes by and your site becomes old,traffic would literally get bombarded into your site.

3.Avoid all those freelancers – save lots of money !! – touch nothing.You will have increasing content and thereby, $$$


“But what tool does all this for me” ?


Wondering about this?Well,here is the solution:

WordPress CSV Importer

The above wordpress plugin does everything i have talked about above.And surprisingly,its really very cheap.Just go onto that site and you will be impressed.I bet.

The next big thing in IM – would it add more spam?

Twitter has already been attacked by spammers.Now that google and bing are trying to add real-time search,it adds immeasurable value to the real-time search.So does that mean spam is going to increase in the near future?it might happen.So that means Twitter has to do a much better job in weeding out the spam,isn’t it?


Real time Search:


Whenever something new comes in to the internet marketing or into the web search,everyone starts buzzing about it.But …


You saw that in the case of the wolfram alpha search engine and in some other cases.There will be so much buzz when something new starts in the world of web search or even web marketing.but as time goes on and after a few weeks,buzz is lost.So will this be the case with the real-time search too??Would real-time search results be really used by people?

Let us see.I am waiting for the real time search to be released to all.And am sure so are you.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Problem with article directories and Google Indexing

Bum marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your site,let alone the cool conversion it paves way for.web masters can submit at least about 100 articles to the directories and in the process,they can get 100 or even 300 links [3 links per article] from 100 different c-class IPs.But there is a huge problem with the method of bum marketing.People starting out in the internet marketing field face these problems listed below:


1.many directories take way long time to approve the articles.This discourages people to pursue bum marketing for their SEO.

2.Lots of directories approve the articles.but the problem is that they do not get indexed by Google.This might due to the factor of duplicate content.

3.Writing the articles – ya,i know how hard it would be to write articles about a topic such as Grills or chairs.ha ha.But still,if you do not want to articles around those keywords,try writing articles in some other niche and link your desired web site in the author resource.There is no harm in doing such a thing.


SEOmoz had published a very interesting article about the limit of Google indexing a few weeks back:

Rand rightly points out that Google [and so do other search engines] cannot index every web page.This will be so true as the output from webmasters and the number of bloggers increase in the future.There has to be an indexation cap.


So this clearly means that Google cannot index all articles in all the article directories.It has to weed out at least the duplicate ones.This is because of the duplicate content contained in them.But still many unique articles also do not get indexed and this causes a lot of frustration.Although bum marketing has a lot of advantages and is a perfect technique for the newbie marketers,there is no doubt that there are other preferred methods over it.

Best ways to Skyrocket your revenue in the Internet

There has been a lot of buzz about the social media for the past 2 or 3 years.But the fact is that social media is not for all niches.Yes.That is true.And social media is not for everybody.So if you failed after trying stumbles,tweets and diggs,remember that it is all because of either your niche or your service.You cannot expect to get a lot of diggs for an Acai berry niche [but yeah, black hat way is possible although it would not stay long].


If not social media,then what else works ….


If you are worried that social media would not work for you,do not worry.There are lot of other techniques that are sure-fire ways to take your revenue to the stellar levels.Some of them include the internet marketing services and the search engine optimization service.Now there is nothing that cannot work if you do all these yourselves.But hey, wait…are you really familiar with all these techniques?If not,its time to get your feet wet with them.Because reading is different from practicing.If you had not optimized any of your sites before,do it this time and gain knowledge.It is when you do internet marketing that you learn – and that sort of learning is 1000 times better than just watching other IMers’ successes or reading their blog posts.It is high time you understood that you have to become  a IM guru instead of being stagnant as a newbie or a little advanced one.Improve day by day.Time is available.It is you who has to use it.Propel yourselves in to IM.


Take Action.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Webmastering is not ‘dream,type and win’ type of thing

Its common to see people getting inspired by super affiliates and their profiles.But how many do you think go all the way down the same road those super affiliates traveled.Not many probably.It is high time webmaster-wannabe understood that it takes a lot more than dreams to succeed in Internet Marketing.Just because you typed an article a week about your niche does not mean you deserve success.


Focus,draw a strategy,stick to it,blow away IM Guru’s strategies and do something yourself.You will learn a lot by doing yourselves and FAILING TO MAKE MONEY than dreaming or just reading successful people’s stories or blog posts.Like i always say,make sure to register in a couple of webmaster forums and blogs to keep your knowledge updated about IM.You can try out the UK webmaster forum blog in case you are in search of such a forum.Or if you are completely new to web mastering,start with reading web hosting reviews and getting yourself a domain along with hosting.Start as soon as possible.Do not just dream.Make it a reality.It is all in your hands – just yours !.


By the way,i came across an interesting article talking about PCI Compliance .You may read all about it here:

Since it was something i never came across,i assumed that most probably you did not know about it too.

Starting and succeeding in webmastering – what does it take?

There are three stages when it comes to a webmaster’s success:


1.hearing the word web mastering,searching for resources and getting inspired by some IMers’ successes and fat checks,

2.learning everyday about IM,overwhelmed with too much information,becoming envious of others’ successes,

3.realizing that learning everyday about different marketing strategies and search marketing is going to take them nowhere – this is when the webmaster-wannabe plunges himself in to real action.This is when people realize that all those so-called-IM guru’s ebooks will be of no use to them if they do not take action.

Those three steps pretty much cover everything.So for a person to come through all three stages and then ultimately succeed,it takes a lot of patience,persistence and hard work.You cannot expect to sit all day,read RSS feeds,be tweeting and then say f**k off to IM.

You cannot expect to sit all day,read RSS feeds,be tweeting and then say f**k off to IM.


More tips:


1.It is better to be involved in some popular webmaster forums to be up to date with all the the new IM strategies,news and tools.You will always have something to learn each day.There is no end to that and your passion for IM success.One of the forums you can try is the Webmaster Web Hosting Forum

2.For buying or selling any web property or service you own,you may try out the Webmaster Marketplace.It is so easier to buy already existing businesses.Remember that you are not just getting the profits but also the credibility associated with the old business.It is worth buying from marketplaces rather than starting everything from scratch.

3.Take Action.Period.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google shuts down the ‘More sponsored links’ section"

Whenever there was a need to see how many advertisers there were for a particular niche,some people used to go to the below URL for looking them up:


Type the niche in the above page and you would be able to see the list of advertisers.You can also change the geo-location using “gl” parameter in the URL – that would show you the advertiser list for that particular niche and in that particular country.It was quite useful for Internet marketers.

But the sad fact is that it has now been shut down.People will no longer be able to use it for any purpose.I am not sure about the true reasons for the shut down.


Here is what Google says about this when i visit that page:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Choosing a Web Hosting: How Long Have You Been Here?

I use different hosting plans, often from different companies, for several of my sites. Different sites just have different requirements and needs so I decided the best way to go is to get individual hosting plan for each of them. Of course, some of my sites are using the same hosting company although they are on different hosting plan. Whenever I’m on the lookout for cheap web hosting and I find a new company that offers fantastic hosting plan at an amazing price, I ask one thing to their sales team: how long have you been here?


Although it may not say everything, knowing how long the web hosting company you are looking into has been operating may help you get a clearer picture just how good they are. If you are dealing with a web hosting service provider who has been providing their clients with valuable services for 5 years, or even more, with literally thousands of domain using their services and available hosting plans, you would know instantly that you are dealing with a reliable service provider that you can count on. It will make your search for cheap web hosting a lot easier; you will get the best services at affordable prices.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Link building 2010 – is this going to be any different?

Most people tend to think SEO as too complicated.You know,the only thing that matters in ranking well on google is gaining quality inbound links and nothing else.And this becomes dead simple if you keep improving your site rather than thinking about hundreds of SERP factors.Some web masters keep thinking about the page rank rather than concentrating on the SERP positions and the number of leads they are going to get.Many think whether to get a .net or .com rather than thinking about the UI or the sales Copy of their site.


So is link building 2010 any different?


Not at all.The link building is not going to change at all.Most people tend to confuse themselves by saying that google changes their algorithms too often.This is wrong.Changes are not going to be done now and then but instead what you say being done quite often is the introduction of new filters.Many think this as a change in algorithm.


So keep building your site.concentrate on the quality of  your posts.think everyday about writing a link bait post,or generate buzz in your site so as to gain links.These are completely whitehat techniques of link building.if you are not sure of doing all these things yourselves,you can get the help of link building service.


Remember that the sandbox can be very discouraging,especially if you are new to this whole thing.Just make sure to hang on when those terrible things happen.Keep building quality content and your blog traffic will skyrocket automatically.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who is failure – another Google Bomb

Danny sullivan has reported another Google Bomb and this time,Obama is the target.The phrase for which the bomb has been done is “who is failure”.Here is a screenshot [iam taking a snap since this might not be available soon if google takes action,like it has done in the past]:


obama google bomb

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Revenue of web site – what do you think it would be?

I have always been impressed by the quality and the amount of content available in sites like,i came across an article in RWW about mega-content sites.It had said that makes about at least 1.5 million every month [the data is a little different and i do not remember exactly;you can refer the article for exact figures].So that made me think about the revenue of do you think would be the revenue of am very sure that it is in the range of millions of dollars each month.But the exact figures?Nobody knows in fact.


What does google have to say about this?


So i turned to google for help and this is the best information i have got regarding my quest to finding revenue of


Here is the key point found in this article: had revenues of about $2.2 million a month for the first
half of 2005. By 2006, revenues had almost tripled, to almost $6.4
million. Who knows what it is at present?

The fact that the revenue of about is greater that of the is of no surprise to me.I am very sure you are not surprised either.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pubcenter ads – Do they make a difference?

well, i agree that pubcenter wants to be a strict competitor to the adsense network but have you seen the ads by pubcenter?Here is one of them:

pubcenter ads


This ad was spotted on hubpages and as you could see,it is possible to show a thick black border below the ads.But doesn’t that look strange?It even looks a bit unprofessional.Anyway,it is great to see that these pubcenter ads are different [in terms of looks] than the adsense or overture.Hope there are many more customizations like these that could be made by web masters.Going off the track and trying new ad looks is definitely going to help all publishers relying heavily on these sort of ad networks.


And do you think that the above pubcenter ads will perform insanely in terms of the CTR?I guess yes.Despite the terrible look of the ad,i am quite sure that the CTR will be a little high.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thinking outside the adsense box – mailing to the LIST !

Gone are the days when most webmasters/businessmen were dependent too much on the ad networks.Now anyone can make money or develop an excellent online business with the help of a list.Once you get the list of potential consumers,you can contact them and get them onto your business.But you should also keep in mind that just mailing or calling them is not enough for developing the business and taking it to the next level.Apart from contacting them,you must strive hard to make your offer/product/service the best.If you are the best in your industry,these people in the list will grow your business through the “word of mouth” marketing.You will be amazed by the power of word of mouth marketing.Anyway,that is beyond the scope of this article.Now let me tell you where you can get a list of the potential consumers.


Where to get the list that would really convert well?


There are lot of web sites offering the details about the leads but remember that a lot of people in there might not convert for you if the list has already been sold to thousands of others.So just buying a list at the cheapest price is not going to do any good to you.You need to resort to the best solution and this is why the following web site is recommended for the telemarketing lists .


Apart from getting the telemarketing list ,you can also get the mortgage mailing list.Now this will be very helpful if you are a loan provider.There are lot more lists that can obtained through this web site and the entire collection of lists they offer are listed in detail in the above mentioned URL.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free flash menu,text,clocks for blogger blogs – ditch the same old menus

Blogger blog templates have really improved since a few months – thanks to people who have did a great job in converting some of the wordpress themes to blogger templates.But still don’t you want a better menu for your blogger blog?May be a flash menu would be cool,right?So here is a web site offering flash menus and lot more flash animations for you.I am very sure this will be a lot useful for web masters.


You can get menus,texts,banners,buttons and clocks for free.Try them out and let me know how it helped you.Click the below link to get there:


Hope you are aware of the mac desktop.You know the wave like buttons appearing in that OS,isn’t it?The same effect can now be given to your menu bar through this flash menu:

“One-sixth of the total traffic is completely new every given day” – says Google's Udi Manber

This is surely a jaw-dropping news from Udi Manber, Google’s vice-president of technology for core search.I was very amazed at him saying this statement:

If you look at all the unique queries we get in a particular day, about a third of them we’ve never seen before. One-third of them every day are unique. If you normalize for traffic in any random query … still about one-sixth of the total traffic is completely new every given day.


Forget the google adwords keyword tool.There is just so much potential which,unfortunately,nobody is using to its maximum.How is anyone going to use it?Still depending on the keywords tool data?People definitely need something else.


And here is the entire article on businessweek which is an interview with Udi Manber:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don’t waste your time tracking the SERP everyday – use this free Google ranking monitor tool

Some web masters or wannabe webmasters get too excited and result in checking the SERP everyday – that is not a bad thing but what is the use when you are doing nothing to the site but constantly checking for the SERP position.The worst effect happens when you have more than 10 or 15 keywords to track.So what really is the solution?I know that people cannot pass a day without checking the SERP positions for their target keywords.


Use this free SERP monitoring tool to track the SERP without you typing the keyword manually in google search and seeing it for yourself.This is a must-have for all web masters.There are some other paid tools that do more functions but if you are looking just for a free one then this is a big deal.Here is the free seo tool:


Kudos to for this impressive tool.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Will pubcenter be released to all or just US publishers?

There is going to be no surprise when i say that microsoft and Google are going to be facing each other in a fierce competition in the near future – this is primarily due to two reasons:




I have checked the SERP of a lot of niches in Bing and what i have observed is that it is not bad at all.In fact,it is nearly as good as Google’s search results.I do not want to explain about the quality of the Yahoo SERP because the whole web mastering world knows that.This is why i think,perhaps,they are going to mingle with Bing for providing the SERP.It was a very good move indeed.But for people who have excellent results in Yahoo and not in Bing,this will not be a great news.


Anyway,i wonder if Pubcenter will be released to all or just US publishers like the YPN does.Hope they understand that there will be a lot of advertisers coming for the pubcenter network,especially after Google had banned several advertisers from the Adwords program.Everybody expects a competitor to adsense,Don’t you?


What do you say?Don’t you wish pubcenter opens to people all over the globe?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to expand your online business via backlink building

Do you own an online business? Well, in that case you know that internet marketing is the way to go about advertising it. You need a high profile for your site, you need for lots of people to see it. Ideally, you should be able to use relevant link building, this means that many links must point to your site, this makes it valuable while ranking in search engine results. Now you should know that there are many ways to get links to your site, you could opt for a reciprocal linking – where you link a site, and that site returns the favor by linking you in return. This works out well for everyone. But you should be warned – this method isn’t a good one anywhere, because search engines normally give priority to those who buy backlinks.

Usually, one way links are preferred, you can also try the 3 way linking method. You should be aware that edu backlinks and relevant link building are very beneficial for improving your business. Today, internet marketing is the way to go about expanding your online business, and you need to keep up with the latest methods to overtake all the competition.

Basically, there are millions of websites out there, and each website’s owner is trying their level best to attract customers. You need to ensure that you don’t fall behind. Generate ample traffic with the help of edu backlinks and go ahead and buy backlinks to get quality traffic. This way, you would also get more revenue. What you need to do is figure out what your target audience wants, and try and give it to them. Use search engine optimization to increase the ranking of your website among different search engines. This will make your online business very popular. That way, your business would definitely prosper.

Making money Online is hard because of all the crap and clutter floating around

There are hundreds of online guides that are sold for profit and nothing else.People do not understand that these guides are never going to make them money just because the so-called IM gurus have made cash through them.As a result,i see thousands of wannabe MMOers leaving blogging and going back to the 9-5 day job again.Their dreams are shattered due to two reasons:

1.Extreme number of clutter and crap e-books make them overloaded with information and this makes them hard to take action,

2.Not taking action and just buying every guide [whose sales page shows huge pay checks from ad networks] makes the whole process almost impossible.


Stop everything and do this today ……


Getting the proper system/guide is very important.If you do not want to buy any guide and want to learn from just free resources then that is fine .. but this will take hell lot of time.You must keep that in mind.Else you can get guides/video resources which will give you the exact plan to make money.An exact plan is what is really required instead of some crap e-book.One of the best course on MMO is the Clone Cash System – as the name indicates,all that is required from you is the ability to clone.Simple,eh?Start today and get on the track to make thousands out of IM.


Here is the best video course on making money online and it is FREE !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Web marketing isn’t rocket science – It isn’t dead simple to master either

Ever wondered if all that hype and buzz about the web marketing is really worth?Well,online marketing is essential for every business or a web site regardless of how large your business is.Everybody is getting in to the Internet and there have been reports recently that people have started to spend more on buying online.Thus it is high time you started to learn about web marketing or start searching for a web marketing services provider.


What constitutes the web marketing?


If you were wondering what are the elements of the web marketing,here is a short list showing them all:

1.PPC, building service,

3.optimizing your web site for increased ROI,

4.Social media optimization.


The third service called ROI optimization is also essential.There is no point in just concentrating on the marketing alone when your web site or the sales page sucks.You need to get the most out of your visitor.Hence the user interface plays a very vital role too.There is much more to be discussed about each individual list item shown above but that would take 1000 words.So i am keeping that aside for another day.


Monday, October 19, 2009

How to bring lots of people to my web site?

So you have a question – “How to bring lots of people to my web site?”.And i have an answer which will be very interesting to read.I am not here to discourage people who want to bring lots of traffic through their blogs – but there is something i am tempted to tell you here.Why do you want to bring thousands of people to your web site or blog when just a couple of people can make the same money as obtained through thousands of visitors.You need laser targeted traffic and not just some fireworks of visitors to your blog.


How to get people to visit my web site – but is that really worth?


What i am coming to tell you is that it is not so easy to use the free traffic sources to bring traffic and it is so much harder to make money through traffic obtained through sites like digg or stumbleupon.The previous statement is not completely true but it is true when most of the wannabe MMOers are concerned.Sites like digg will be very useful for blogs whose monetization method mainly depends on the site’s reputation.So if you have got a digg everyday then you can show to others that your site gets diggs regularly and is evolving into a brand.This will be useful for getting ad spots.


But for others who blog about acai berry and weight loss pills,digg will not give a shit.So it is better to start concentrating on the following:



3.Bum marketing.

Hope you are disappointed with what i have said but this is the truth and those who did understand or agree with this are going to suffer a lot :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A lost ball in the high weeds – the SEO and MMO beginners

IM,SEO and MMO beginners will be the most frustrated persons until they find the real method to make money through the internet.The truth is that is not so easy and most people never wait to succeed.What makes so many losers when it comes to the IM success:


1.Finding the right resources is not so easy – there is hell lot of information that it becomes too hard to get the big picture from so many bread crumbs.But whoever waits patiently and gets the big picture succeeds and the success keeps rolling like a snow ball,

2.lack of Patience,

3.too much dependence on IM Guru’s sayings,

4.Constant reading of everything related to IM but no action,

5.Bullshit e-books that salivate every IM beginner but does not offer serious advice and suggestions for success but instead throws out some shit revenue screenshots by the ad networks paid to the IM Guru.


“What you think you become” – if you are not ready to plan out a strategy and try everything yourselves,get out of IM pls.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two less used Google search operators

Here are some search operators which people normally forget to use but could be very useful for essential stuff.Here they are:


1.Tilde for knowing LSI keywords:

The SERP is or will soon be depending on the LSI too.So if you want to know what google thinks are the right LSI keywords for a particular keyword,you can google like this:

~buy :

Here are the LSI keywords for “buy” :shop,store,price etc ,.


2.Define operator for quick access to definitions:

Format of the google operator:


A lot more operators can be read here:

Hope that helped a bit.see you soon.

Who said affiliate marketing sucks? It still works

Every one is buzzing about the CPA now and many people have forgot the riches made through the affiliate marketing.Well,is it true that affiliate marketing is losing its charm?Not at all.But i agree that CPA marketing has captured most of the buzz and it is easy to make money through CPA too.


Why most people fail in affiliate marketing:


=>No action,but just buying e-books again and again.What is the use of reading a Guru’s e-book.Whether it gives unique and useful information is a separate matter.Whether you take action after reading a specific MMO method plays the most vital role.

=>”What you think you become” – This is quote by Buddha and is one of my favorite ones.But does this suit the affiliate marketers?If you are not going to do anything about affiliate marketing but just surf around searching for niches and think about becoming rich through internet,nothing is going to happen,

=>Picking the right niche and scaling it up – not every niche works well for affiliate marketing.Choosing the wrong niche will demoralize anyone,let alone immense frustration to the newbies.


You can search a lot of business directories for more information regarding the online marketing.Remember that you must scale up all your campaigns if you want to become a IM guru.There should not be any instance of getting stagnant.Keep improving everyday and you will find enormous success in every online campaign you do.

25th anniversary of the first domain in the world wide web

Have  you ever wondered which was the first domain registered in the history of the web?Well,i just got this doubt today and when i googled for information on the domain and the date at which it was registered,i got the following details:


world’s first ever domain name:

registered on:1985

Yes,that means the 25th anniversary is just a few days to go.

Here is more information on the domain names that were registered in the early web:

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Google home page can now be seen by everyone

I hope everybody knows that Google is split testing a new home page since a few weeks.If you have never seen this page,here is the chance to watch it now live.But the truth is that there is nothing to be seen there … lol…. Just a search bar and when you hover the mouse over the page,everything else shows up.I am not sure why this was needed..may be they are doing this to make it look more awesome.Do you think there is a reason for them thinking about rolling a new home page.I am not sure.


Anyway,here is the new Google home page:




Let me know what you feel about this.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Web hosting: Most feasible tool

If you seriously want to take part in the internet and web business, information resource, directory, you may need to own a piece of space in cyberspace.


web hosting is a tool, which ensures you and anyone with a computer and an internet connection to own a piece of cyberspace. With your space, you can have news, bulletins, documents, data, files and your own post office to accept mail and all in the context of you personally or your business. This is your own space and to get this space you either have to own a piece of the physical internet with a network connection to the internet backbone and computer operating as server, offering access to your files and post office, for letting the people on the internet to view your web site or interact with you through emails. The cost of owning a direct connection to the backbone as well as to a dedicated server to a web site and email is beyond the reach for the average businessmen and general users of the internet.


A multiple domain hosting refers that you have to pay a single fee but will get the right to create more than one website. You can use them in different purpose like one site on your hobbies and another site on your company, or case of ‘reseller web hosting’, you can sell one site for your client A, and another one for client B. each of the websites will have its own domain name like ‘’ and ‘’. But multiple web hosting is significantly different from multiple sub domain web hosting. Occasionally, web hosts or web hosting companies use the phrase ‘multiple domains’ to indicate that you can use multiple domain names in order to reach the same site. Multiple web hosting really comes into action when you have to create multiple web pages of same category.


While multiple domain web hosting is feasible in terms of finance, green webhosting is feasible for the nature and the environment around us. Green web hosting is best described as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional web hosting. More and more companies are now taking the initiative to minimize the commonly used resources on the environment. The traditional web hosting operation needs a great deal of energy to power the web servers and other network equipments. To create the required energy, environmental and cooling controls, fire-suppression systems, electronic security mechanisms and internet connections are needed. And these affect a lot to the environment. However, the concept of green web hosting has been launched keeping in mind the betterment of environment. In the last several years, more and more web hosting companies are jumping onboard to make a difference as well as to make up for the damage. There are many green web hosting firms, which take proactive measures by lowering down the energy consumption in their daily business operations. Some companies run their offices on solar power to enforce recycling policies and eliminate the use of paper while some make sure that the employees get carpooled to work to cut down on the harmful emissions from driving.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things to remember while buying a web site

Most people prefer to build their own web sites since that process can make them a lot of money in the long run.The same is the case with buying web site but there is a difference though.What really is the difference?If you wonder,let me point them out:


1.Now remember that web mastering gets perfect with every site you build.The more sites you build the more techniques you learn.This is the truth.If you disagree with me then that means you have not yet perfected web mastering,

2.The content of the web site – most people do not understand that the content of a site is the most vital thing that sells to your readers.This can also be called as a “ sales copy”.So if you are unhappy about the way the content is written then you either have to rewrite everything or start from the beginning,

3.There is high risk involved with buying web sites.Remember that you will be asked to pay for 12 months revenue in case of any established site.Imagine you buying it and the SERP position gets a penalty.How would you react?But i understand that the risks are involved with everything.let alone buying web sites.


What to look for while buying a web site:


=>the link building methods – knowing how the link building was done plays a key role.Remember that if the links obtained were from most of the link baits then that would be splendid.

=>the site age,

=>SERP positions,

=>Bounce rate – but these are not the primary factors to look out for though.Still this is important – it will be a better indication of whether the readers like the content or not.

There are many more obvious factors that have not been discussed here like the revenue etc,.Hope you know how to transfer your domain name since that would be required in case you are buying your own web site.If not,you can learn the whole process in detail at the below URL:


If a site has stable revenue and the link building was white hat then that means it is worth paying a lot of money.Most people tend to look for sites that can bring auto-pilot income.But it is your choice.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do not get intimidated by the number of inbound links,instead see unique domains

So you find a niche and think of starting a blog or an e-commerce web site around that niche.So how do you decide if it is worth targeting that niche?You will see whether there is potential sales or not,and would also see if it is possible to hit the top SERP.

How to see if it is possible to hit the top SERP?

Look at the inbound links and see how many links there are

Is this what you thought really?If so,you are wrong.I would not say wrong.But it is not the best way of analyzing the competitiveness of a website.Instead what you need to do is look at the number of unique domains that link to the competitor.This is the best way of analysis since most seo experts have stressed the importance of getting linked from several domains and also several IPs.


How to see the number of unique domains linking to a web site?

Use the below tool to know how many domains link to your potential competitor:


But why is this so important?

This becomes important because some web sites would have links coming from two or three web sites which have thousands of pages each.This means you will see thousands of links and get intimidated.You would say to yourself – “fuck.this niche is highly competitive.i cannot get the top SERP!”.But it is not what you thought.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Image Resizer is a must for celebrity bloggers

Long ago, i had a celebrity blog where i was posting hundreds of images each week.Those were crazy times when i was concentrating madly on a celebrity blog – i want to show the blog here but since i totally fucked it up,i could not.Anyway that is not needed here.If you have a celebrity blog then the image resizer becomes a must since you could save lots of upload time and also save disk space in blogger.


So here is a resizer that does the job brilliantly.Since i am a AIR apps lover,i searched for such an app.Here it is:


And i suggest you use windows live writer since it has got a lot of cool features.If you have 10 or 15 blogs then this will become a necessity.But remember that if you use a blog editor then you will not be able to add jump breaks which has been the latest update from the blogger team.

If you know of any other cool tool that could be of any use to bloggers,lemme know.

stay cool

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hostnexus – web hosting services review

Web mastering is turning out to be a profitable business for many people and so is managing a web hosting company.This has led to the opening of enormous number of companies that webmasters are confused about which service to choose.But there is really nothing to be confused about.There are two important things that matter when you select a web hosting service:


1.credibility and

2.technical support

The best web hosting company that has both these features is the hostnexus.


So what are the other advantages of the hostnexus web hosting:

  1. availability of one click installers for wordpress,joomla,oscommerce,gallery,phpbb
  2. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee,
  3. 24/7 Support Guaranteed,
  4. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Available hosting services:

  • shared hosting
  • cheap reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • dedicated hosting
  • coldfusion hosting
  • ROR hosting
  • blog hosting


Hope you have now made a decision about the best Web Hosting Provider .One thing i need you to remember is that if your web site gets thousands of hits each hour then it is better to prefer the dedicated hosting.Reducing down times is very vital and this is best achieved through the hostnexus web hosting.

Do not kill your website with an incompetent webserver

Each website has its own demographics of which the number of site visitors plays an important role.But most people do not realize how important the role of server is.Today i had seen a listing for a website sale in one of the auction sites and i am shocked by the facts listed there.Why was i shocked?The admin of the web site says that the site had been down for majority of the time and hence led to decline in adsense revenue.It is high time everyone understood that choosing a hosting service is much more than choosing the service that has a lot of customers.


You have to choose the one that best suits your website.Suppose say the site gets a million visitors each month,would you stick with a normal server?Not at all.You would require a dedicated server so that there are no hiccups in delivering the content.

This is why i recommend the services of the dedicated web servers and the backup servers.

What … a backup server?

I guess this should have been your response after reading the above sentence.Seriously .. do you think you will not lose data under any circumstances?Anything can happen and there are chances,although minimal,that your data on the web site may be lost.That would mean a loss of thousands of dollars that receives lakhs of visitors each month.

Do not wait…get a dedicated web server today and save your website and in turn your cash flow from the ruins of a shared web hosting.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great News for all Internet Marketers,Publishers

Great to hear that more people have now started to understand the power of the internet to market the products or services.It seems that the online spending has increased in UK and actually the marketing costs through internet has beat that of the television marketing.Here is the entire news article:


I am not sure about the other countries though.Let me know if you have got any report about the Online spending in other countries.That would be more interesting too.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get keyword report through SERP analytics – free seo keyword tool

I have listed a lot of seo tools in this web site and this is another post introducing you to an awesome tool which although not unique could be useful for analysis of keyword or a web site.This is the tool which is to be reviewed here:


Here is how this online tool can benefit you:

Enter a keyword and get detailed analysis:

example keyword entered:IPHONE


Results shown by the online tool:


How was that?


Here some more useful stats that can be got through the usage of this tool:

You can enter any domain you want and see their SERP positions and how much traffic each keyword receives.Again these features are available in so many other tools or you can see them using the adwords tool directly.But still there is no doubt that it can save ample time.Productivity is very important,isn’t it?



Stats obtained:



Do not see the above stats, are sure to faint by seeing those results .. lol .. wish i had a web site like that.

Analyzing why your web site sucks – Pingdom comes to the rescue

Did you think that the content alone is enough to produce high gravity towards the readers?Well,if you were of that notion,you were completely wrong.The load time of a webpage matters too.So it is up to you to decide whether you want the google searcher to read your webpage or piss him off because your webpage loads,loads,loads but never shows the content.


Thanks to pingdom .. it shows you how and why your website sucks.As you could have noticed,my blog loads a bit slow.Why is that so?Let us analyze.


So i go to pingdom and enter this blog’s address.Here are the results i got:




Now the green bar  in the picture shows how long it takes for the file [an image,javascript or anything else] to get downloaded to the client.As you could see,one of the files in my blog loads like hell.That is the script given by apture – so if i had removed it,the load time would have become much faster.Anyway,i am not going to do that because there are not really large amount of visitors to this blog and i feel myself that i have a lot more to offer through this blog,but am really not doing it.So i just did not make any adjustments – maybe i will do that in future.But if you have a blog that is very dear to you or is making lots of money for you then this is a very serious thing to consider.Make sure to optimize the web page and keep the load time small.Similarly you can get more details through pingdom.Just see for yourself and everything will be clear to you.


Go here to see why your site load time sucks like hell:



EDIT:It is better to do the test for about 3 or 4 times and then see the average results.This is because the load time for a particular file may also be too high because of high volume connections to a web server [where the file is hosted]– but this should not always be the case.May be it just happened unfortunately while you were doing the pingdom test.So it is better to observe the average load time.Hope that helped.


In the screenshot above,the green button is the interval between the connection establishment and the arrival of the first byte – this is what was slow for the apture script while doing the pingdom test.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Create Uber cool pre-selling pages and landing pages

Want to create uber cool pre-selling pages and landing pages but do not want to spend money for hosting or domain?Well,you are not alone.Most of the newbies,and even seasoned marketers alike,try to use free hosting and test things and then proceed to buy a domain to scale up.So in such a case,using the blogger is not such a good idea because those templates just does not seem to work well as a pre-selling page or a landing page.Most of you might want to use a zero sidebar template and there is no way you are going to get such a blogger template.Of course you can do it if you know at least html and css,but if you do not,there is really nothing to worry about.

Here is an awesome way to build such pages and host them too for free:

You can create any column template you desire and the interface is too cool to resist.I just love the web site builder and you can create up to 10 sites.But yes of course i think you know how to build more than 10 if you need really ;)

Let me know about more such cool things through the contact form.I will give credit to you too.

stay cool.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Search Marketing stats posted in SEland today

An article posted on the SEland today has some interesting stats that really should excite every search marketer and those providing the SEO,SEM services.Here are the stats shown on the article:

    • Search, as an industry, is growing from a $12B industry in 2007 to a $25B industry in 2011—100% growth in just 4 years (SEMPO)
    • CPC costs are on the rise—Google’s average CPC rose 15% last year
    • Consumers click on natural listings 85% of the time according to research (from Forrester)
    • Meanwhile marketers spend 85% of their search budgets on paid search (according to Marketing Sherpa)
    • 56% of Google queries have 0 paid ads placed (each of those queries present 10 “non-paid” or natural search results (or for the forward thinking, “ads”) on the results page) (according to comScore)

It is really nice to see search industry growing by a huge percentage – i wonder where this would go when many other countries which have not yet evolved,as far as online shopping is concerned ,also become biggies in buying through the internet.Anyway discussion about that part is beyond the scope of this article.I just wanted to show you these stats posted in SEland and here is credit to the article which shows these stats:

If you have come across any such article showing more deep stats or demographics,let me know through the comment form or the contact form.cheers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Your Landing Page

Landing Page is the most important element for an online business whether you want to sell any product or want to generate any leads from your website. Landing Page is just not your homepage; it could be any page which a customer reaches either by clicking search engine results, advertisement or a promotional link. It is the first page which a visitor on your website. Having a wrong landing page will make you lose lot of money.

The Success or Failure of your online campaign depends on your landing page. Whether you want to sell any product, generate any leads or any other desired purpose you need to ensure that you avoid the following mistakes so that you can have a perfect landing page.

Complex Design: - Your Landing Page should be simple. Don’t Try to make it complex by adding lot of images, links, graphics etc because they distract the mind of visitor. It is the Fact that Simplicity Sells.

Asking for Too Much: - The Most common mistake present in Landing Page design is a Complex or lengthy action which you want your visitor to take. Try to make it as simple as possible for your user.If you want to get some information from your user then decide in advance that which information is critical and don’t ask for unnecessary information. Auto-populate the fields if possible. If you are selling any product make the checkout process short and simple.

Wrong Positioning of Call to Action: - Another big mistake which we do is the improper positioning of Landing Page. While Creating a Landing Page We think that a visitor see the landing page in the same way as we see it. But this mistake can reduce your conversion Rate a lot. A Call to Action link For eg: - Click here or Sign Up should be at Top and easily visible.

Pictures Speak More: - An image is equal to 1000 words. Landing Pages with Text are boring. A relevant image act as catalyst for your conversion process. For example:- A beautiful woman with money, smiling faces. These images send good vibes to visitor and encourage him to take the desired action

No Relevancy: - Many ad designers don’t design their landing pages relevant to the ad content. The Title and content of landing page should be relevant to the ad content. Is Possible then you should design custom landing pages for each ad and make sure the customer reach the relevant landing page on clicking ad.

Takes More Time to load: - No user wants to wait, if your landing page takes lot of time to load. A good landing page should load in less than 8 seconds. Even today many people are still using dial up connections to use internet. Your landing page should load quickly even at slow connection. Avoid using many images, videos and Flash animations to reduce the loading time of your landing page.

Having a Perfect Landing Page is very important as the success ratio of your campaign depends on your landing page.

Jack Roland, is a freelance writer and loves to write on Landing Page optimization, Internet Marketing and lead generation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to add “Read More” link in blogger blogs – spank the blogger hacks!

Who needs the blogger hacks anymore to make the READ MORE link appear in the blogger blogs?Now that the blogger team has introduced the feature to add the Read more link in our blogs.So here is how to do it:


go to blogger dashboard and then select settings of the desired select the settings as shown below under the BASIC tab:



Now start typing a blog post in the editor.After typing the post,click on some line [this is where the READ MORE link appears]and click on the particular button shown on the image below:


Remember that you have to select the button indicated above after you place the cursor in the post where you want the READ MORE to appear.just do and you will know everything yourself.

Monday, September 21, 2009

File extension jad – what is the use really?

Have you seen the file extension jad?It is amazing to see how many extensions we have never heard of.This is one of the extensions about which most people will have no idea.So i thought i may give a little description about the files that are marked with an extension jad.

The file extension jad is given to those files that work along with the jar files in order to form a midlet suite.These are programs developed for a mobile device or a personal digital assistant.So if either the jad file or the jar file is missing,the application would not run and you need to get another file that is not corrupt.


What information does the jad file contain?

As you might be knowing,the jar files have all the java class files while these jad files would have information like the version number,application name and size etc,.

Hope you got vital details about the file extension jad.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Contact form for Blogger blogs – blogspot widget

Do you know what sucks with giving your email address in the blog?You seem to get e-mails that look like shit.Ever since i added the e-mail address in this blog,i have been starting to get these shit e-mails which i have no idea how to get rid of.

Anyway,this is a lesson that you all need to know - never give your e-mail addresses in the blogs openly as e-mail harvesters are going to crawl and spam you to death.

What is the solution then?

Use the contact form given by the below web site.You just need to display the contact form and there is no need to display the e-mail address at all.

this is the service i am talking about:

it works for all blogs.You can either place the code just before the end of body tag [as suggested in the web site there] or you can place the code higher if you want the contact form to appear sooner.Use your own discretion for this.I have added a contact form here so that you can share some cool widgets with me and i may also add your guest posts.Feel free to send me a ‘hey’ message or a guest post.

Stay cool.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ever heard about the file extension download host?

Here is a little piece of information that i think most people would not be aware of.Ever came across the file extension download host ?I guess nope.If so,here are some details about this extension:

=>The file extension download host contains data regarding download settings for MSN software.,

=>These settings,included in this particular extension,contain information about data transfer, packets, protocol and lots more.

Sometimes windows can show errors which state that these file extensions cannot be opened.In such cases, a free registry scan will reveal all underlying details about the errors and your system.Hope you learned something about the file extension download host.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ever heard about the Enhanced meta file extension?

Have you come across the file extension named as .EMF ? If not,here is something you need to be aware of about these files:

=>As you might know,there are two types of images – scalar and the vector,

=>The vector images would look extremely good even if their dimensions are changed.This is not the case in scalar images,

=>EMF files are created by vector drawing applications and are also compressed in size.

Hope you got a little info about the file extension EMZ.


ZOOM LEVEL INDEPENDENCY  - Feature of file extension emz:


In short,the .EMF files are those that do not lose their awesomeness even after increasing the zoom level to any amount you want.

You can get more information on file extension EMZ .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PDF Conversion made easy with “pdfconverted” software

Searching for a PDF conversion tool?.There are lots of tools that are capable of converting the word documents to the PDF files and vice versa.One of the best softwares to do this conversion can be found at are the features of this software:

1.give password to the documents and thus protect it from unwanted people,

2.change all your adobe pdf documents to the word files, conversion of word to pdf documents.

This pdf software is one of the best available in the market and this is also capable of running in all windows operating systems.So it does not matter whether you have xp or vista.These days it has become a big problem for many people since the softwares that have been running under xp does not seem to be compatible with higher versions.There would not be any such problem with this pdf conversion software.

More advantages ….

=>user friendly interface,

=>split pages from pdf files.

Hope you found the right conversion tool here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogger turns ten – List of most wanted Features in blogger

“Blogger” has turned ten – i know the effect of this platform on blogging and it has been phenomenal.I just hope that it gets better – but am really disappointed by lack of updates in blogger.

Here are some things that i really want to see in blogger:

=>way to add unique meta keyword and meta description elements to each page – most people say that search engines do not depend on these tags anymore.yes,i agree with that.But still,having a proper meta element helps a lot when very low competitive keywords matter.

=>commenting in thread form – just like digg.I see many blogger admins struggling hard to reply to comments.So this is something i want to see in the future,

These are the two updates i really want to see in the future.There have been certain updates recently – many gadgets have been added.But still i feel that these are useful only for people who want to spice up their blogs.What i want to see is REAL updates that are going to optimize the blog for search engines.We want the blogger to become as good as wordpress – hardest and next to impossible ,but still why not give it a try?

One thing that is slowly making blogger a real treat ….

Yes.Despite all these disappointments by the blogger team,certain things have impressed me.Wonder what?Recently,there have been many releases of blogger templates that match the awesomeness seen in WP templates.Hats off to people like who has give a huge list of templates that are simply superb.

Here is a recommended source for blogger templates:

Best blogger templates

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Productivity article writing tool for Article writers and Internet Marketers

Whenever people visit an Internet Marketing web site or blog,they always tend to see the affiliate marketing tips and lead marketing posts – but have you seen their productivity tools list?Becoming productive is very vital for every person,let alone the internet marketers.Make sure to increase the productivity in any job you do.There is no point in not improving when you are doing the same thing again and again.Evolution should be an integral part of any job you do.Anyway.let me stop here and point you to an impressive adobe air application that might increase the productivity for bum marketers and article writers.


This is a Adobe air application that will help the writers in a brilliant way – suppose say you are writing about Acai berry and diet pills.You will have to see the points about these topics every time you start writing a new article.See – again you are not being productive.Why see the points again and again by visiting article sites or articles in

Instead see the articles one time and note down the vital points in this software – you can organize the points easily into different topics.To know what iam whining about,have a look here and that would be much more better than listening to my words.

Let me know how this helped you.Kudos to the snippely creator.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Have you updated your driver files?If not,how to do it?

Apart from the hardware,there are so many programs which work together with the hardware to enable your system work in the way you desire.Drivers are key players in the functioning of a computer but most people do not recognize their importance.Just because you have drivers for a particular hardware does not mean that you are using your system efficiently.You need to update drivers regularly so as to make full use of the resources present in your computer.

“But how to find which drivers need to be updated in my system?”

Well yes,i understand that if you are new to all these things regarding computers,you will feel difficulty in identifying which drivers are required and which needs to be updated.But why care about them when there is a automated solution.Every body likes to use an automated robot for everything and finding drivers is no exception.

You can get Computer Drivers,USB Drivers and lots more through

Some other drivers that are available through this website include the sound drivers,display drivers,modem drivers.monitor and web cam drivers.You can visit the website to see the full details as there is a huge list of available drivers.Just keeping your computer free from dust and updating the RAM once a year is not enough.You need to keep the drivers up to date and this would be play a pivotal role in getting the max out of your PC.

Anti-virus – how to pick the best one out of an ocean of products?

Most people would not be able to live without the internet and the constantly updating RSS feeds.Who needs television?Internet provides updates regarding latest news and entertainment.But the problem associated with internet is still making people afraid of online transactions and trading.Moreover there are so many websites and intruders waiting to capture the sensitive information sent from your personal computer.Visiting certain websites [usually gambling and pornography] might spread the virus into your computer and affect all important files.The best way to use the internet for all purposes without any worries is to buy a anti-virus product and have it in your system.

So how do you choose the best anti-virus?


=>virus definitions must be constantly updated  - there is no point in identifying viruses that were created during the early 21 st century.New viruses are spread every day in order to affect systems effectively.The anti-virus software and data base has to EVOLVE in order to catch and destroy all the viruses.So make sure that the anti-virus database gets updated frequently,

=>light-weight – the resource consumption has to be minimal so that other programs are run concurrently without any difficulty,

Internet Suites are different from anti-virus.If you are going to buy the internet suite then you must remember that it will cost a little higher than the anti-virus software.But it is worth buying.This is because internet suite will protect your computer from virus and would also prevent children from visiting unsuitable content.

The best anti-virus software in the market is zsecurity – this internet security product is one of the best products capable of protecting your PC from the intruders.It provides anti malware and anti-spyware features so that no sensitive information is stolen by intruders.

“I want to increase my website rank!” - Try Out Link Building

In the past few years, web wizards have come out with the technique of link building. This technique involves the process of taking links from different sites and transferring them to your own site. Usually, the websites that are more popular with the famous search engines are the ones that comprise of more and more inbound links. Therefore, while browsing, people tend to search them more and more, giving them a higher search rate.
The reason for the increasing popularity of link building is that it has eliminated the hassles of sitting endlessly and browsing to get relevant links. With the help of link building you not only get relevant and quality links but it also helps to cut down the time taken to search the links. And this is not the end. I am sure that all those of you who own various sites wish to increase the visibility of your site. With link building, you get a chance to enhance the popularity and credibility of your site.

There are several forums that can help you do that. Considering the increasing demands of link building, forums have started operating to provide you with wholesome services. These forums also help you to buy backlinks, providing you to inculcate the best links in your site, thus making it more and more searched on the web. In case you want to go in for professional assistance there are many, link building service provider. They offer quality services. They help you increase the search rate of your site by importing inbound links.

Thus, switch over to link building and get your site catalogued in the list of most frequently searched sites.Some people try to buy backlinks but be careful while doing this.Remember that you will trying to play with the google algorithm and cheat Google.So the day google finds that you are cheating the search algorithms,you are going to face serious consequences.It is much better to resort to techniques like the link bait which are time tested and are proven to give serious massive boost in the rankings.But yes,doing link baiting requires the webmaster to be good in the niche – if you do not have a good grasp on the niche,you can outsource the job to freelancers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

SEO Tool to compare bing,yahoo and google search results in a single page

Suppose say you want to check rankings for a web page and a keyword phrase in different search engines,what would you do?Visit each page of the SERP in all the search engines?No.Do not do it.Because here is a tool that you can use to check the rankings of a web site for a particular keyword phrase in all the search engines.

You can input the web site and the keyword phrase and it would show you where you rank.You may also check the SERP by using the slider provided there – its all ajaxed and so looks too cool.

Have a look at it and let me know what you felt.Kudos to the creator of this tool.If you know about any more tools that are helpful in this way or any other,please let me know through comments.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Which is the best and cheapest web hosting in the world?

Web hosting companies are newly started almost everyday.With such an enormous amount of companies,which one do you choose?You need to look at the following factors while choosing the web host for your web log or web site:

1.web space,

2.traffic ,

3.technical support.

Most people will come across some errors during their website’s life time.In such situations,it would be really useful if there is technical support.But the bad thing about web hosting is that most companies do not provide a proper support when errors occur.

Which web host should i believe?

No one can say that a particular web host is the best in the world.The award of best company keeps changing as time progresses and thus in order to know which is the current best web host,it is much better to read the web host review web sites.Here is a web host review website that might interest you:

web host reviews web site

You can find a large list of web hosting sites and the reviews are given in the same page.The best thing about a review web site is that the list would keep updating and you will be given the top web hosting lists at this current second.You may also look at the page on best blog hosting where in  big list of the top web log hosting sites are given.Choose web host with much care since you do not want your web site to be infected with malware or do not want your site to be out of reach when a traffic spike occurs.Scalability is a serious issue concerned with web hosting and the best web hosting companies would provide the best service that satisfy every type of customer.To read reviews about the best e-commerce hosting,you may visit best ecommerce hosting .Hope this was useful to you :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Widgets for Blogger blogs

Here are awesome widgets that can supplement the already existing the blogger widgets:

My Favorite widgets among all these are:


It is better to use the contact form instead of giving out e-mails.Spammers are very intelligent in collecting e-mails through blogs.So better use these “contact us” widgets to mask your e-mail.Let me know other resources for widgets through comments.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The power of Newsletters for Internet Marketing – free newsletters through trial period

Newsletters – what is the use?

I see many people not knowing the importance of the newsletters – these are people who have high gravity towards adsense and other CPC money making methods.I get astonished by how many people worrying about their adsense accounts getting banned.Do not worry people.Adsense is not the only method to make money.In fact there are so many methods that are more effective and give higher CPM than adsense.

Adsense is just one of the methods to monetize a web site – Every blog or web site must decide the monetization method depending on the content not because of the ad network’s reputation!!its high time everybody keep this fact in mind.

Like i said earlier,you must first decide the content of your let us say that you are starting a blog about Making Money Online – here are some ways of monetizing:

1.adsense – i am sure many would resort to this even without thinking for a second,



But you missed the last and the best method to monetize a virtual estate :




Why is e-mail marketing so powerful?

The importance of E-mail marketing:

1.Do not depend on anyone – its your empire:

What you need to do is search for people who are interested in making money using their PC.All these days many people were thinking that internet is very useful to search for things,search for sexy a**es – but do they know that they can make money through it?YES.Make them understand that it is possible.And make them subscribe to your blog.It is not that you need to do seo and then get traffic.Use everything – youtube,social networking and every possible website.

2.Do not depend on Google search  and adsense :

So now you need not worry about your rankings in google or smart pricing on adsense or getting banned from any network.You have worked hard and generated a list of 1000 e-mails who are INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY ONLINE.This is laser targeted traffic – remember that !!

3.Recurring income :

With the use of adsense,you are not going to get recurring income.But if you collect the e-mails of people who are interested in knowing more,you can make money for years to come.



No Guys.This is what many people miss.Why do you say e-mail marketing is spam?If you know about making money online and have been benefited by a product that helped you make money online,let the others know !Let them know that this particular product is nice and has been tried out by you – be serious and care about people.Those people do not want rubbish bullshit from you.Just give them value and they will stick to you forever.Throw out the idea that it is spam.

Which is the best e-mail marketing service?

One of the cheapest and the best e-mail newsletter service is this:

email marketing solution

This company provides you the email marketing software that is going to make your e-mail convert in to cash.Get serious about this iContact Email Newsletter Tool and you will see the cash in your bank account.They also have a trial period.

Again remember that e-mail marketing is one of the best ways of making money.Do not limit yourself to adsense or adbrite.

Your aim,as an internet marketer should be this:

There are people looking for solutions – i have the solution – let them reach through internet

Simple right?Make things simpler and you will see results.

Hope this post was useful to you and i made things clearer about adsense.

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