Tuesday, November 18, 2008

google presents “Myths and misconceptions about SEO” – informative slideshow

Google has been a bit active in providing webmasters and noobs tips on seo and others, for the past one month .This particular slide shows us the popular myths and misconceptions about seo .Some of the topics covered are meta tags, keyword stuffing,duplicated content and many more .Google clearly tells us that just because of keyword stuffing and social bookmarking , we might never reach the top of SERPs .

Thanks google ! go on and provide us more tips .It would be great if you give us the google algorithmic factors ... Lol .

And you could see in the slideshow that google has clearly stated that there are over 200 factors in google algorithm.i had initially thought it might be just around 100 .

" Google also uses over 200 other factors. " - IN SLIDE 13 .

Wordpress tags are very important for blog traffic

Wordpress is the best platform as far as blog creation is concerned . Its due to the amazing resouces of templates available in the web and so many other factors.many people are also engaged in free wordpress blogs although the count is a bit less than the blogspot .

But as far as the traffic is concerned , i would say there is a major advantage in these wordpress blogs .Its because of the wordpress tags.In every post , you might seen an option  for the tags related to your post . certain people understand the importance of tags .But other just leave them blank or fill it with unrelated keywords .

But let me show you the importance of wordpress tags :

have a look at this snapshot :


wordpress tags importance


As you could see above , i made a search in google for “womanizer lyrics “ and the SERP shows the page for “wordpress tags” at the ninth position in the first page !!

Wondering how much is the search volume for “womanizer lyrics “ ? . its just 36 .

but wait donot underestimate it. as far as traffic for blogs is concerned every single keyword is important .there are high chances that you may get 5-7 visitors via those wordpress tags .



And the “wordpress tags” page for the search query lands on the first page , at the seventh position .

And the search query is “pamela anderson b**bs” .iam sorry about that search term .. because some of you might be pam’s fans and may not like me talking that way .. but dont hate me guys .i did it only to explain the importance of tags .I could not think of any other search term getting nice traffic from wordpress tags .

here is the snapshot :


sshot-1222 copy





So , do you agree with me guys ? wordpress tags are very important than some of you thought it was.so in your next blog post , take a much longer time to think about the wordpress tags you could use .or just do an analysis on adwords and then use them .

Google gives tips to all webmasters and site owners on search engine optimization – releases a pdf file

This is the hot topic in the web – google atlast giving some nice tips  on seo .But the fact is ,  for those who are already involved in a bit of seo , it may seem very very boring.The same tips about the alt tags,header tags , meta tags … blah blah blah .

But for those who have just learned the expansion of the acronym SEO , it might seem interesting .

So here is the link to the pdf file :[ 548 KB and 22 pages ]


Go through  it thoroughly because every point is important .

How to embed or add videos from youtube , metacafe or any other video sites to your blogger blog

This question might seem very silly for so many bloggers and webmasters .. but i had very huge problems in adding videos to my blogs.i did not know where to find the procedure to add videos to blogs .But that happened when i was a blogging noob and now i think iam a bit knowledgeable about blogging …. ummm …. yeah iam !

So here is the procedure :

1.go to “youtube.com “ and click on your favourite video

2. the video will now start playing .. meanwhile look at the right side of the video .you may see a little rectangular box containing these :






Do you see it ?

if there is any difficulty have a look at the below snapshot :

youtube video embedding

Look at the right side of the video in this snapshot  .. do you find “Embed” – just above “MORE FROM :usman99 “ .

click on the box and press “ctrl+c” to copy the text within the box .


1.Sign into blogger

2.click on “new post”

3.now just paste the code there [ use “ctrl+v” ] .

4.visit your blog and you may see the video has been embedded in to your blog :)

How to add meta keywords and meta description tags to your blogger blog

As far as the meta tags are concerned there are several rumours that google does not consider the meta tags as important anymore . some say its a major factor in the google SERP [ search engine result pages ] . But whatever it is , adding those meta tags does not take 40 hours .just takes 1 minute 5 seconds [ hee hee … well that includes your ‘sign in’ time in to blogger . its slow these days now  you see ] .So here is how you must add meta tags for the blogger blog – it also applies to any other site :

1.login to ‘blogger’

2.visit the ‘blogger dashboard’

3. click “ layout” for the blog to which you want to add the meta tags

4.goto “edit HTML”

5.after “ < head > “ in your html file , you must add these 4 lines ::::



<meta name='keywords' content=’ seo,search engine tricks,blogging tips ,blog tools' />
<meta name='description' content=’ get blogging tips and tools for your blogger and wordpress blogs' />

BUT WAIT ……………. Dont add the same lines as above .you got to do a bit of editing .

as you could see those lines contain words like “seo,blogging tips” – these are good meta tags for my seo blog .

So suppose your blog is a celebrity blog , you may use it like these :::


<meta name='keywords' content=’ hot wallpapers,pictures,pamela anderson,angelina jolie' />
<meta name='description' content=’ get hollywood movie stills and wallpapers , celebrity gossips and pictures everyday ‘/>


Similarly modify those lines depending upon the topic of your blog [ we usually call them ‘NICHE’ ] .

Google seems to be updating their backlinks index

As you all know google regularly updates the backlinks index which tells us about the number of backlinks our blog/site has . So there have been many discussions in several forums regarding this update .i dont see any updates for me but you better look at them to see if there are any improvements for you .To check it , follow this procedure :

1. go to google

2. type “link:http://www.domain.com” in the search box and hit enter .

here type your ‘blog / site name’ instead of “domain” .

example :


But wait ……. dont worry if there are too few backlinks because you cannot rely on this search .The best way to see your backlinks list is to use the google webmasters tools .

To use google webmasters  :



2.then visit “links –>  Pages with external links “

there you may find the number of links you have got for each blog post along with the post url .

when you click on the number count , you will also be shown the urls where you have your backlinks .

cool features , arent they ?

You could also go to “ links –>  Pages with internal links “ and see if your internal linking is correct .remember that internal linking also plays a role in seo .we call them the “on-page optimization “ seo is not just about keywords and backlinks .Its a collection of factors together .

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