Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free flash menu,text,clocks for blogger blogs – ditch the same old menus

Blogger blog templates have really improved since a few months – thanks to people who have did a great job in converting some of the wordpress themes to blogger templates.But still don’t you want a better menu for your blogger blog?May be a flash menu would be cool,right?So here is a web site offering flash menus and lot more flash animations for you.I am very sure this will be a lot useful for web masters.


You can get menus,texts,banners,buttons and clocks for free.Try them out and let me know how it helped you.Click the below link to get there:


Hope you are aware of the mac desktop.You know the wave like buttons appearing in that OS,isn’t it?The same effect can now be given to your menu bar through this flash menu:

“One-sixth of the total traffic is completely new every given day” – says Google's Udi Manber

This is surely a jaw-dropping news from Udi Manber, Google’s vice-president of technology for core search.I was very amazed at him saying this statement:

If you look at all the unique queries we get in a particular day, about a third of them we’ve never seen before. One-third of them every day are unique. If you normalize for traffic in any random query … still about one-sixth of the total traffic is completely new every given day.


Forget the google adwords keyword tool.There is just so much potential which,unfortunately,nobody is using to its maximum.How is anyone going to use it?Still depending on the keywords tool data?People definitely need something else.


And here is the entire article on businessweek which is an interview with Udi Manber:

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