Tuesday, December 2, 2008

google algorithms and their changes – how many factors are there in google algorithm ?

I just went crazy on hearing a statement in one of the website . do you want to know what it is ? wait till i tell you something more about the google algorithms. google’s founders page and brin developed a superb algorithm named BACKRUB and it is the main factor ….. blah blah blah .i know you know about them already .thats why there were so many blahs over there.

But nobody knows how many factors  are there totally in the google algorithm .And i also came to know that google algorithm was tweaked about 400 times last year !! But this isnt the statement that made me crazy . Because this isnt a surprise to me since google has always competed with itself.I dont think there will ever be a competitor to google search ever in the history of web .




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atlast -  this is the statement that made me crazy :


I really dont know what those might be . If you have any idea , just list them out [ excepting the usual back links ,age of domain etc ,. ]

But i think that the initial algorithm developed by page wouldnt have contained so much of them .May be that they developed only later on when there was so much competition in the web for every possible niche . you know : “necessity is the mother of invention ”

Whatever be it  -  Google , you are rocking ,bot !


Linn said...

yes, google is amazing, i actually had a post about google and its technology too..

it's fantastic how much google has developed for the search engine, they are the best in the industry.

blogger said...

google will always remain at the top of search engine industry , linn :) they deserve it .

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