Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blogging for Dollars

I have been blogging for about a year and have learnt several things about blogging –thanks to the vast resources on blogging in the web.So i just thought of giving you some tips on blogging for money .It was great to receive the first cheque via the web , from widgetbucks . Hope you too find success in blogging along with me .


blogging for money


To earn via blogging there are following networks ready for you to accept and give you their client’s advertisements :


This is the best program according to me – it works perfectly unless you dont try to cheat them like fraud clicks etc ,. .never ever try to cheat google .its a very bad idea .


I havent tried this but heard of several positive reviews in the digitalpoint forums and in the blogcatalog .


I have personally tried this myself and its superb . It gives you a very high CPM ,almost comparable to adsense .But the only problem is that the sites have to meet certain high-requirements like pageviews etc ,. Otherwise its great .Try it out guys .


There are so many affiliates in the web which you could google and find them .One affiliate i would suggest is AMAZON .


These are well-known networks in the web .but the problem is that the CPC is very very low that you would start hating it right from the first day.people always keep this as a secondary earnings to the major adsense account .


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