Saturday, December 6, 2008

readair – best software to manage all your feeds

Readair is a software built using the Adobe Air platform for managing all your feeds easily .

To run readair , you need to have the adobe air installer and the readair application [ .air file ] .This is really a cool software that can be synchronized with your googe reader account .

Although the web google reader is nice , i hate the small screen it provides but this particular application could be expanded to have a nice view of all your feed posts .

here is a screenshot showing how “readair” looks :



As you could see the feed post titles are at the top and the feed posts are at the bottom ; the size of both those windows can be adjusted .

here is the link to download the readair application :

And if you dont have the adobe air installer , you have to download and install it first before installing the readair .download adobe air installer here :


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