Tuesday, December 2, 2008

google pigeonrank ? what is that ?

Iam always in search of some nice topics in the web .i get easily bored at home – so i have dozens of feeds in my browser – check them almost every minute  for updates .But since i could not find any updates , i just googled “ google technology " and tried to see if anything new has come in the web regarding Google .

I came across this particular page :


I could not understand what it was .pigeonrank – > oh my god ! is that the real name of  “pagerank” ? i was astonished initially . But when i scrolled down this is what i found – “………………….” .Hee hee . see it for your self by visiting the above url .

Just look at these sentences - >

“Brin and Page were the first to recognize that this adaptability could be harnessed through massively parallel pecking to solve complex problems” .

Ha ha .i have never ever come across such a joke .hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …. [ uncontrollable laughter ]


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