Friday, January 16, 2009

More Resources for Blogger blogs from Mashable

Mashable author Sean just released a good resource for blogger blogs.It mainly consists of the blogger templates and some additional blogger tools .Check it out below :

How to track blog visitors or add a counter to blogger blog

Histats is one of the cool sites that tracks site visitors.It provides a script and when pasted in our blog it could track every site visitor we get – it would tell us how many visitors came per hour and how many page views we have received .There are more cool features that would be helpful to you.So lets add a counter to our blogger blog.

STEP 1 :

visit this site :

Fill all the required details in the registration form and register .


counter blogger

After clicking on continue , you will be given a series of options – select which counter you need and click on it.For example in the figure below i have selected ANIMATED COUNTERS .


There will be 2 more steps in which you need to click on continue – in the fifth step you will be given a counter code to be added in the blogger blog which looks like below :


couners blogger 2

copy the code presented above and save it in a notepad file or just have it in the clipboard – it is also possible to hide your counter in case you want others to restrict seeing your stats – this can be done by selecting “HIDDEN TRACKER CODE” option as shown below :


couners blogger 2 copy


STEP 2 :

Our job is over in the histats website – just have a small job in the blogger before we get that cool blogger counter to track visitors.So login to blogger blog and goto “EDIT HTML” section  of your blog.

sshot-2 copy

sshot-3 copy


sshot-4 copy 

sshot-5 copy


Remember the code you copied in the histats website paste it here [ in the place as shown below ] :

sshot-6 copy

After giving a title for your widget click the save button.Thats it.You now have a cool counter in the blogger blog tracking your blog / site visitors  .


Hope the tutorial was clear to you.Bye .

Top Blogger templates – Best themes available currently for blogger

Blogger has been the top preference for all bloggers.The wordpress platform is the best but the problem is that advertising is not enabled in the free wordpress blogs.But if you are going to develop a professional blog then you have to learn how to use wordpress,A big disadvantage in the blogger blogs is that there are only a few blogger default templates – although there are so many of them being released everyday ,i find most blogger blogs using the default templates.Iam not sure why – but maybe they are unaware of the availability of cool blogger templates.So iam giving you a big list of blogger templates here .Make sure you backup your blogger template file in notepad or wordpad before you do any changes .


The blogger template of my blog [thanks to Mr.Antonio , the designer of the blog template ] :


You can learn about how to add a new blogger template here :

How to change blogger templates

How to create “read-more” link in blogger blogs

I just came through a great blogging resource where this particular feature to add a read more link in blogger blogs  had been explained.I dont think there is a need to recreate the article here because the article is already well written and hope it is very clear to all my readers.But if it causes you any problems do not mind sending me an e-mail stating your problem.So here is the link :


This is one of the best Blogger How-To’s i have seen .By doing this blogger trick you will be showing a few lines of excerpts in the main page.So that will help in giving you a short hint to your readers about what your blog posts are.

How To hide or remove the Blogger Navigation bar – cool blogger hacks

It is very easy to hide and remove the ugly navigation bar that blogger provides.It could be done via a simple css technique.

Just add the below lines of code in to your blogger template within the style tag in your blogger template .



#navbar{display:none; height:0; visibility:hidden;}

Where To Add the Code ? :


You have to add the code in the blogger template file – just login to blogger account and come to the “EDIT HTML ” section  and see the figure below – it would show you where to add that one line of  code :


hide navigation bar blogger


The code can also be added anywhere within the style tag.No problems with that .So atlast you have successfully removed the blogger navigation bar .

How to add Social bookmarking buttons to blogger blogs

The best way to share your articles with others is using a social bookmarking button “Addthis” button makes this process easier to blogger.Making viral posts is the primary and best way to make your blogging successful and the best way to achieve it is via this button.So stop being lazy and signup for this button.Little things do wonders , remember ?

This is the website :



The process is very easy , so i dont think it might be helpful to you if i make a lengthy post about how to add the button.Signup and you will be given a script and it would tell you where to add it in the blogger template .But if you still have doubts DO NOT hesitate to contact me .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Insert multimedia easily in Blog posts using

I came across this service in a popular web design blog.At first i thought this was not of so much importance to me because there are already 4 to 5 scripts in my blog like those i have in the sidebar [the apple accordion effect] or the tabs effect in the main section in my blog.So i thought i should limit myself to such scripts as it causes slow loading time.But no i was wrong.Because provides perfect widget to give your readers a little more knowledge about things you mention in the blog posts.It is one of the best blogging tools .


What does that mean ?

Say you mention the term adwords in one of your blog posts – you could either link that term to the wikipedia article or to thehome page of adwords.But my option would be to show the reader just a paragraph of what it is , in the blog post itself.To know more just hover mouse over the link below :




How was that ?


The process to add apture widget is not a complex one.Just signup and add a script in your blog template.Then visit your blog and press “e” – the editor opens up.Now you can edit the terms for which you want link to a wikipedia article or any other url or a video.

It is also possible to add a video and more multimedia in between articles after you publish a blog post .

To know more visit that apture website :


Blogging tool - multimedia

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How To create or install Recent Posts widget for Blogger blogs

You could have seen the recent posts widget in my blog .It is cool isnt it ?It helps your readers in effective navigation and it is a superb blogging tool.When i was a blogging starter i did almost 60-70 google searches to get this functionality but i never understood the background stuff going with the web design,blog design etc ,.So it was very tough earlier.But later on i learnt basics of web design then learnt javascript and the process is going on.But dont worry !Iam here to explain you how to install a recent posts widget for the blogger blog.shall we start ?


login to feedburner and goto the “publicize section”


recent posts widget


now click on the buzzboost section and activate the service .




give the necessary settings – i have given the no. of items to display as 10 in my blog – but its your choice .

Now scroll up and copy this section [the script ] in a notepad file or any other editor :




There is no work in the feedburner after copying the above section.


Login to blogger and come to the “EDIT HTML” section .

find this line there : style type='text/css'>

And paste the below code  below the above line  :


width:300px; margin:20px 0px 20px 20px; font-size:11px;
padding:6px 0;
background-color: #E8F1F3;
    .recent-post li {
        border-bottom:solid 1px #d8d8d8;
        background:url( no-repeat left top;
    .recent-post a:link, .recent-post a:visited {text-decoration:none;}
    .recent-post li a:hover {text-decoration:underline; color:#555555;}


see the below picture if you are not sure where to place the code :





The major part of the job is over – just a little more to do to get the cool recent posts widget .

Remember the script we copied in the feedburner website  to notepad ?

paste it in the blog template whereever you want the ”RECENT POSTS” Widget to appear .Its your choice.Now a last thing to do :

After pasting the script of feedburner you need to add two more lines –one above the script and other below the script – see figure below :How was that ? Hope i made it very easy for you bloggers .Bye :)



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to highlight important points in your blog post

A good blogger provides things useful to others ; the best blogger makes sure the reader remembers the most important points in his blog post topic.You might see how well Darren Rowse of Problogger does this.This guy is the best in writing blogging tips.Anyway so here is a tip that you could use to highlight the most important points in your blog.


There are two ways highlight the important points in your blog post :




This is an important point !



This is an important point

That was cool wasnt it ?

Here is how you should do it :

To highlight the important points you just have to do two things :

1.paste the following code in your “style” tag in the blogspot template


.blockquote1 {
    margin: 1em 3em;
    padding: .5em 1em;
    border-left: 5px solid #fce27c;
    background-color: #f6ebc1; }


Now everytime you want to highlight a point just make the following changes in the blog post :





As you could see there is an extra code like this :

class=”blockquote1” . This is what makes that beautiful effect 

Use Article submission sites to increase traffic to blogs

Article submission is the process of submitting your articles to certain sites in order to increase your backlinks, inturn increasing your pagerank and authority.Mostly it is completely free service.All they need for approval is a well-written article [by well-written i mean certain amount of keywords of about 250 or 500 words.Excellent articles are not a necessity.A moderate article is sufficient for approval ].

Why is it needed ?

You might have read so many articles stating “content is king”.yes it is.But it is not the only factor for you to top blogging.It is one of the factors.There are so many factors other than a superb article – one of them is LINKS .Just google for one of your favourite topic and see how many irrelevant articles are there .Why are they present?Because although the owners of those sites might not be great article-writers,they are all good SEO-ers.Or atleast they have the idea of hiring an seo specialist.How did they get that google SERP position?It was only because of proper links !And the best way to get links is article submission [ actually writing viral posts is the most important thing but a very very difficult one ].


How should i use it to build backlinks ?

Every article submission site will allow you to include your backlinks.Just because it allows you to , do not spam the article.Use the following guidelines :


1.Link the article with your blog homepage with a proper anchor text [ think atleast for 30 seconds before you use a anchor text ].

2.If there is any article in your blog related to your submitted article , link back to the blog post.

3.Always remember the KEYWORD PHRASE that you used to link earlier.It is best to write the keyword phrases that you used to link to your blog home page  or your blog post .

It is best to write down the keyword phrases [in a small paper or note book ]that you used to link to your blog home page  or your blog post .

4.Never use the keyword phrases again and again.If you do that , you are sure to get banned.I have no doubts about it.Never ever think of doing them.



There are lots more here :


Always remember to use different sources to get backlinks – and remember to use different keyword phrases.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Google has more than 1 million advertisers … phew

Google’s supremacy in the world wide web is never going to end.It was always a mystery for people about google’s processes.One of the things that i have always wanted to know is about the google’s advertising.Fortunately nytimes just released reliable piece of info about google that Google had over 1 million advertisers in 2007.can you believe that? I doubt how much it is now .

Here are some excerpts from the nytimes post [bolded paragraphs ]:


Interestingly, each advertiser, on average, spent a little more than $16,000 a year on Google. That figure changed little between 2003 and 2007.


So that means more money for adsense publishers !


Ben Schachter, an analyst with UBS, said he expects the current number is likely to be between 1.3 million and 1.5 million. Google declined to comment on the current size of its advertising base.


Here is the full post :

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top Blogging-related sites you SHOULD follow to top blogging



This is the best blog i have ever read in www related to Blogging and other monetization tips.But as a blogging beginner you might be expecting tips on how to increase earnings and how to get more traffic or blog optimization ;although Darren Rowse [author of problogger] does not give those tips frequently nowadays , you can find a lot of them in the older archives.There are tonnes of them and you must read every one of them.Every sentence gives you an edge over other bloggers.


Although i recommend this blog , it is not fully a blogging-niche blog.But the blogging related articles are definitely worth reading.


This blogging site tells you more tips on online marketing and social media – a must for blogging nowadays .



If you want to know ways to make money out of your blog i recommend this guy’s blog.He is simply superb.Never hesitates to give the tips and tricks he knows on how to make money.And every tip he gives definitely brings you dollars – thats the most important thing !



Although articles are not published frequently in this blog,you might find a lot of valuable information  in courtney’s blog.Always remember to read atleast the blog post titles in the archives of a blog – so that you may find the actual thing you wanted to know about and read that particular article atleast .

Although these blogging sites make you knowledgeable about current blogging trends, you might never succeed in blogging unless you remember how to knit all those things you read in those blogs with your own articles.So make sure you dont do that mistake.Reading about blogging in blogging sites is just 1% of what you need for top blogging , the rest is what you do in your blog posts !

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