Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blogging tool – Memo keys – create shortcuts for frequently used words

memo keys


I just came to know about this tool via the problogger and wanted to share it with you . Memo keys is used for creating shortcuts for words you frequently use during the blog posts or in the comments or in any social sites .

You just need to give a shortcut and a word and the software will save them for you.The next time you want to use that word , just use the shortcut you had given in memo keys .

But for all this to work , you need to have the software running . Dont worry it just takes 5.216 MB of your precious ram .



Friday, November 14, 2008

Traffic for blogs – are they harder to get ?

I have seen so many blogs with barely 1 or 2 visitors everyday –  shocking of all is that i have even visited some blogs where the posts are so good [ even better when compared to mine …….. just kidding ] but the optimization is very poor .Unbelievably poor ! I  always try to inform those bloggers who impress me by their posts , about their poor optimizations .Some listen to me but others ……. hope you might know how to complete that sentence .

So why dont  these bloggers just take some time to analyze the strategies in building up a good blog .Here are some tips that you bloggers can follow in bringing traffic for your blog : participation in forums and blog networks :

This is what many bloggers miss .Developing an active community regarding your niche is very important for niche bloggers .It might be a superb idea if you plan to create a new group in the blog network for your niche and share your ideas .

2 .keyword analysis for your post titles :

I always stress this in almost 50% of my posts that my regular readers might find this tip boring . Always take time to visit the “adwords”  website wherein you may get the keywords for your niche .

note : But do not post after selecting the post title – just blog about what appears in your mind – let it be natural .But yeah it is also important to have Pillar posts in every blog [ pillar posts are ones for which you rank the top spot in search engines ] .These can be much easily attained by means of deep keyword analysis .

3 . Appropriate keyword density in post body :

Make sure that you place appropriate keywords in the posts – sometimes it is even more better if you mark the main keywords as “bold” .

Remember that google takes  lots of factors in to account while ranking sites for keywords – so you should have a lot of patience in using every oppurtunity so that some day your blog appears at the top spot for your niche keyword .

Importance of long-tail keywords

I just started a celebrity blog [ almost 2 months old ] and have just been receiving organic traffic from google . But the problem is i have not yet ranked for any major keywords – the traffic i receive are all long-tail keywords .when i logged on to google analytics today , it showed that i have received traffic from almost 1500 keywords [ and they are all 99% long-tail keywords ] .So that means , i have almost got  4000 visits from long-tail keywords in 2 months !

interesting isnt it ? This is what  i recommend to all my fellow bloggers , just do not concentrate on the competitive keywords – some of the bloggers might not even know that they are constantly using the competitive keywords .They just think that by posting regularly they would be considered highly by search engines – regular posting does matter but your blog has to be visible to the web .if not then all your posts are going to be wasted .

So the next time you make a post make sure that you think patiently for the best post title – keep this in mind ::

“ if it takes you 30 minutes to write a post , take atleast 3 to 4 minutes to think about the post title” .

By being lazy about thinking a good post title you are missing out 100 ‘s visitors everyday which you could have gained if you had concentrated on the title and the appropriate keywords for the post .so think twice before hitting the “post” button , bloggers .

Is there any disadvantage in using long-tail keywords ?

Initially when i was using competitive keywords  , the CPC was quite good [ for a celebrity niche ] .But when i started  using long-tails , the CPC became quite low .So this is a little bit of a disadvantage but iam ready to sacrifice a few dollars as those  long-tails are sure to bring me 1000’s visitors to my blog one day .

Too many ads equals too many $$$ ?

MY ANSWER  : NO ! too many ads might not give too many $$$


The title is very cool , isnt it ? When i was a blogging noob , i actually thought that why not people just fill their websites with maximum possible number of ads ? why are they restricting on the number of ads ? It was days later that i came to know about the reason in one of the SEO forums .

Initially i thought that the blog/site admins were concerned about the aesthetics .yeah it might be the reason in some of the cases .But the main reason in most of the blogs is this ::

when you have too many ads [ ad slots ] , the CPC bid for a particular slot becomes  less .so how much ctr you generate really doesnt help you in earnings .But where as when you have just one ad slot , the CPC bid for the top position is very high [ compared to when you have 2 or more ad slots ] .Hence the earnings definitely increase .

So always try experimenting with the number of ad slots and the position of ads plus the colour blending of ad slots .The colour blending has increased my earnings to about 200% in one of my celebrity blogs.So dont think that iam just giving you a  lame advice .


Tuesday, November 11, 2008 – seems interesting !

Well everyone knows that the celebrity niche is the worst of all adsense niches and gets the least eCPM .But this website seems interesting as it provides the publishers video ads – definitely clickable ads !!

But the website has just started and has a limited amount of advertisers in its bag.But it definitely looks promising .As far as the earnings are concerned , the site claims that it’d pay 15% of the earnings  it receives via us .i have just added the code and  i will be telling you how much i earn via it ?

Currently the channels available are [ as on 11 nov.2008 ] ::::


fashion tv

bollywood hungama

zoom  and a few more …..




Show a “ thank you ! ” message to your readers after they leave your blog

Well , you can use this code to show any message – a simple “THANK YOU PAL :) ” message or you may also use it to alert the reader to register or to subscribe to your blog/site.The message will be shown in a small window after the reader clicks the "close button" in the browser [ i.e., immediately after leaving your blog ] ..Here is how you should do it ::::

1 . sign into –>go to “layout” –> “edit html” ,

2 . find this piece of code in the html :::::


3.replace this with the below code :

<body onunload=’alert(“I THANK YOU FOR VISITING ”)’>

note : you may change the message to whatever you like .

4.Its a very simple script but yet very effective – isnt it ?

Top repeated questions regarding adsense and blogging in forums

I like forums a lot since i find them a place where we can exchange our ideas about everything we have always wanted to discuss with the world . But people always  waste their time by asking the FAQ in the forums . too lazy to search , arent they ?

So here is the list of questions repeatedly asked [ or should i say stupidly asked ? well is there a word in the dictionary - “stupidly” – oh i see its an adjective ] ::::

1 . how to get traffic from google ? – THIS IS THE most FAQ  ON EARTH , I THINK .

2 . Very low CTR .Please help guys !

3 . how can i increase my adsense income ?

4 . earn $1000 from adsense now ! [ although this isnt a question – this is FPT in all forums ]

wonder what is FPT – > frequently posted thread ; i coined that term .cool isnt it ?

5 . how can i increase my eCPM ?


so the next time you think of posting any of these threads in the forums , please use the search bar and then think of posting  them .bcoz there are trillion billion trillon …. questions out there like these !!

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