Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gain three way links easily to develop authority

Gaining One-way links is hard:

One way backlinks are the best way to develop inbound links to your website.But the problem with these links is that they are hard to get.How many article submissions do you think you can do everyday to gain one way links?People might start writing articles enthusiastically to increase their inbound links – but after writing for hours,they will lose their patience and interest.The other way to gain these links is to outsource it.This will make your job easier and you can relax while the service provider gives you links from other web pages.

Opt for the best offer:

A major disadvantage in the one-way link building is that it is going to take a lot of money in the long run.Thus you need to get a better solution than these links – wondering what it is? They are the “three way links”.

How to gain three way links?:

Gaining three way links is not going to cost you much since you just need to find a partner who agrees for a three way exchange.But there is a problem in gaining these links.You would be spending all day in finding a relevant partner who would want to do a 3 way exchange with you.You might have used this time to concentrate on other promotional work.This is why i recommend the service of 3waylinks which makes three way link building very simple.You just have to sit back and relax while your website gets the inbound links.

Buy SEO book to gain perfect knowledge about optimizing your websites

Optimizing your website is a skill that every webmaster must develop so as to grow their business.There is no way you are going to increase the sales of your product with just word of mouth.Word of mouth works – but for how long?To cover a greater part of the society,you need to use the SEO skills well.Or you can also use the PPC to gain benefits much more quickly.But doing good PPC campaigns is gonna take a lot of time unlike the SEO.PPC is all about the trial and error.You need to tweak the ad campaigns again and again until you remove all the bad apples from the good crowd.Eliminating the keywords that do not bring leads/sales is going to be your ultimate goal and mastering this skill is going to take a lot of time.


Why buy traffic while you can get it free?

But my question is …why do you want to spend money to get the targeted visits when you could have got them for free.And this is not going to take you a lot of time.It might take 3 to 4 months provided you are optimizing your website in the way it should be done.Many people are still thinking that gaining links from all the web2.0 sites,random blog comments etc,. is going to bring you to the top of the SERP.The truth is different.


What is the truth behind the perfect SEO?

It is very hard to explain in just a few paragraphs.This will require you to spend reading lots of link building and SEO websites or you can also buy the SEO Ebook so as to learn the techniques much more faster.I recommend this e-book to all the webmasters as no other book is as good as this one.

Is SEO changing?

There are always talks about “SEO is dead” and “SEO will be dead” -  i am tired after hearing so many things related to Internet marketing and SEO.Regarding the SEO,do you really think that search engines will be able to depend on user experience or user recommendation to decide the best relevant pages for the search queries.Maybe they may introduce the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to the public [like those available for personal use  currently once you are logged into Google]and tell them all to vote on the best relevant results.May be that would work – but for how long until SEO start hiring people to vote on those stories to play the game again…LOL….I do not think that any search engine would be able to depend on the user experience or the user recommendations to decide the relevant results.

But i agree that Google has done a great job in the recent years and is the best among all search engines.No other engine can come close to Google.Especially with the floating data center patents and lots of other modern technologies under its belt,no one could beat them.So as i said earlier,do not stop your SEO techniques after hearing people say “SEO is dead”.It is not – it will not be dead at least for a couple more decades.

So you can either do SEO yourself or hire services from since there are lots of packages available for you to choose from.Good luck.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheap web directory submissions – The best way to gain one-way links in the web

There are lot of link building techniques used by the link building experts – web 2.0,link buying,blog commenting and the latest Angela Edwards backlinking methods – its going viral nowadays!But yet one of the oldest one way link building technique still remains the most used by almost every webmaster.Wonder what?Here it is:


Cheap web directory submissions

There are lots of directories that you can gain 1000’s of backlinks in a single month – some wonder whether it is bad to gain so many links within a short span of time.But the truth is that there is no harm in doing too many directory submissions quickly.This is due to the fact that the directory owners are going to take a little time to approve your listing – thus the listing will get approved slowly.You need not worry about google penalizing you for aggressive link building due to huge directory submissions.But whereas if you plan to buy 1000’s of links through blog posts then that might be a little concern especially for the newest blogs and websites.


Use the Sandbox period well:

Recently Brad Callen,the creator of SEO elite software sent a superb e-mail content to his subscribers where he had clearly unraveled the mystery about the SANDBOX period.He had said in the content that those sites which had gained good amount of links during the sandbox period started to rank well after sandbox.That was so good to hear.And how do you think you can gain the one way links easily?You can do it only through the dir.submissions.


Here is a directory for you to submit now:

submit your website to Cheap web directory for cheap one way links .You can submit links to more directories and gain lots of links – remember that it is gonna take a lot of time for the search engines to pick up your links.So do not check the yahoo site explorer everyday and get disheartened.Just submit and get approved – you will see results as your website ages.

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